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Thomas Robert KELEHER- Highfield NB November 7th, 2007
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18 year old Reported Missing, Highfield, N.B.

On November 7th at 10:38 pm an 18 year old male from Highfield, NB was reported missing by his uncle. Thomas Robert KELEHER has had a history of going missing however new information suggests there is a strong possibility he may have gone into the wooded area behind his home. Greater Fundy Ground Search and Rescue has been called in to assist. The young man was last seen around noon on the 7th wearing blue jeans, sneakers and a blue hooded sweater (hoodie).

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Sgt. Don Allen
Sussex RCMP
(506) 433-7700


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Re: Thomas Robert KELEHER- Highfield NB November 7th, 2007
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'Missing' teen Thomas Robert Keleher given probation
November 14th, 2007
page A4
HAMPTON - The Highfield teen who caused his family to worry for four days was given six months probation yesterday with curfew orders for his disappearing act.

Thomas Robert Keleher, 18, lives with his uncle, aunt and their four children in rural Highfield, northwest of Sussex. When he went missing last week, the family believed he had gone into the woods and become lost. Greater Fundy Ground Search and Rescue combed the woods for three days and a RCMP helicopter searched the area. The search was called off Saturday when Keleher turned himself into police.
Keleher Keleher said he went to meet a friend and got "sidetracked." He apologized to his family.
Judge Henrik Tonning had some advice for the teen. "If you do take off, would you mind making a phone call?" he said.


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Re: Thomas Robert KELEHER- Highfield NB November 7th, 2007
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I hope the family sees this as a cry for help. It is obvious that this teen has been through a lot. Children, as a rule, are not troubled. But, when they do get sad, troubled, or showing outward signs of requiring help...that is sometimes their only way to say... hey, I really need some help. They require attention, they go into a shell, they sometimes needs space... but it is usually a sign. I hope someone hears his cries.

And, I hope he somehow finds out that we all cared about his wellbeing. I'm glad he is safe. He has the world ahead of him. He just needs to dream and then work his best to make it happen. I'm sure he is amazing in his own way. I hope we get to see it some day. Rise above and take care of yourself, Thomas.

And, we should all remember...he came home. That's a start.
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