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Prince George BC sex attack files
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Street Worker Victim of John Attack

Date: 2004-17267
RCMP File #: 2004/12/02
On June 4th, a 22 yr old Prince George woman was the victim of a serious assault. The woman was picked up by an unknown male and assaulted with a weapon which left her with a broken arm and a number of head injuries. The assault took place near Pickering Road, an area located down below the Prince George Regional Correctional Centre and near the CN Railway tracks adjacent to the Fraser River. After the assault, the victim was left, possibly thought to be dead on the railroad tracks, by the suspect male who drove away. The victim, though badly injured, was able to make her way 2 kms before finding help. The suspect is described as a caucasian male, 18 to 26 yrs of age, 5'6" tall with a thin build, brown hair, brown eyes and is a heavy smoker. The suspect vehicle is described as an older red colored pick up truck with a grey stripe down the side and looked like a tow truck. The victim recalls that the suspect male made indications that he was possibly from the Quesnel area, worked in the Tekla Landing area and does frequent Prince George while travelling.

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Re: Prince George BC sex attack files
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Sexual Assault
Date: 2005/11/26
RCMP File #: 2005-40942
On November 26th at approximately 1730 hours, police received a report of a Sexual Assault in the area of Freeman Street and 14th Ave. A lone female was on her way home when she was approached by a suspicious male who grabbed her inappropriately. The male then fled towards Freeman Street. The male is described as approx 40-60 yrs of age, Scottish accent, wearing a gas mask and a hooded jacket.

Suspicious Male
Date: 2005/10/12
RCMP File #: 2005-34961
On 2005-10-11 at approximately 3:00 pm, RCMP received a report of a suspicious male in the area of 17th Ave and Edmonton Street. A 17 year old female had been walking when approached by the male. The male was overtly friendly and asked numerous questions. When the female advised she had to meet someone, the male grabbed her by the arm and told her he wanted to show her something. The female was able to walk away and contact the RCMP.

The male is described as a black male, 23-26 years of age with short black hair. He stands over 6 feet in height and has a muscular build. The male was wearing a white T-shirt, baggy blue jeans and a red bandana on his head.

Anyone with information leading to the male's identity is asked to contact Crime Stoppers or Prince George RCMP.

Attempted Sexual Assault
Date: 2005/10//2
RCMP File #: 2005-29860
The Police are still looking for any information in regards to an attempted sexual assault that occured on September 3rd on Hwy 16 near Strathcona Ave. A lone female was walking whenshe was approached by a native male, 18-25 yrs of age, on a bike. The male struck her and attempted to sexually assault the female when members of the public stopped to assist. The unknown male fled on a silver BMX bike. Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to contact the RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

Assault with Weapon and Forcible Confinement
Date: 2005/09/15
RCMP File #: 2005-31302
Police responded to an Assault and Forcible confinement on Irwin Street on September 14th at 11:46 pm. Police have learned that the victim was assautled with a hammer and held againgst her will for a period of time before she fled the residence seeking help. She was taken to PGRH and treated for her injuries.

Sexual Assault

Date: 2005/06/21
RCMP File #: 2005-19508
At approx 2:45 am, this date, Police received a report of a sexual assault in a parking lot along 5th Ave just west of Highway 97. The suspect is described as a caucasion male, 5'10, approx 20 years of age, with dark wavy shoulder length hair and wearing a red sweater. This male had earlier been associating with two thin 18 year old females who had fled with the victims purse during the assault.

Assaults at Moores Meadow Park
Date: 2005/06/19
RCMP File #: 2005-09178 and 2005-19088
On the evening of Friday,June 17th, the Prince George RCMP received two seperate reports of sexual assaults in the Moores Meadow Park following an outdoor party. Both victims of the assaults were female and the suspect's identity is not known at this time.

The only descriptors Police are able to provide is the suspect is believed to a non-white male, approx 5'8, short dark hair and in his late teens. One of the victims was picked up in the Foothills area by a concerned female citizen driving a blue Envoy. Police are asking the driver of the Envoy to contact the RCMP Detachment.

Sexual Assault
Date: 2005/05/22
RCMP File #: 2005-15402
In the early hours of Saturday, May 21, 2005, Prince George RCMP received a complaint of sexual assault. An 18 year old female met a male at a house party in the 400 block of Douglas Street. The male asked the female to walk home with him. The female agreed and as they headed down the alley between Douglas and Ewert,he sexually assaulted her. The male is described as caucasion, with short brown hair, between 5'9 and 6' tall, and between the ages of 22 -25 years old. If you have any information about this incident, please contact the RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

Date: 2004/12/14
RCMP File #: 2004-40101
Prince George Serious Crimes Unit are now confirming that Melanie Dawn Brown, 31 yrs of age, was found deceased in a basement suite located in the 400 block of Olgilvie Street at approx 4:00 pm on December 8th, 2004. The cause of death cannot be released at this time. If anyone has any information, you are asked to call Cpl. Lynch at 561-3161 or Crime Stoppers.

Attempted Abduction
Date: 2004/11/24
RCMP File #: 2004-38669
At approx. noon today, a lone 14 yr old female was walking home for lunch on Westwood Dr. A van pulled up from the corner at Vance Rd and stoppped across from the youth. The driver of the vehicle engaged the youth in asking for directions to the local hospital. The driver then exited the van and produced a map asking the youth to go over the directions to the hospital again. The driver then linked his arm into the females arm and began to walk her to the passenger side of the van. The youth pulled away and ran home. The male did not pursue the female and no further conversation took place. The youth called police and has been interviewed. She is shaken but physically unharmed and has returned to school. The suspect is described as a caucasian male, approx 50 yrs old, 5'8" tall with a large build, short grey hair and he was wearing a green rain coat with a black shirt underneath and beige pants. The suspect vehicle is described as a standard looking grey colored mini van similar to a Montana. If anyone was in the area of Vance Road and Westwood Drive at approx noon today and may have seen the van or suspect, please contact the Prince George RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

Suspicious Male Near School
Date: 2004/11/10
RCMP File #: 2004-37105
Prince George RCMP are asking for the publics assistance to be on the lookout for a suspicious male and vehicle that was observed Monday, November 8, 2004 in the vicinity of Pinewood Elementary School grounds on Campbell Ave. The suspicious male is described as: older male wearing a fisherman's hat. This male speaks with a low or deep voice. The suspicious vehicle is described as: older rusty pickup truck, mid green on the bottom and red on the top. The truck may have an extended cab. The truck has running boards and a set of white dice hanging from a rear view mirror.
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Re: Prince George BC sex attack files
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(Aielah Saric-Auger was taken February 2nd, 2006 from Prince George 17 days previous to this attempt)

February 20, 2006
In the early morning hours on Sunday, February 19, 2006, a female in her twenties was walking along Hwy 62 in the vicinity of the New Hazelton Hospital when a male driving a smaller late model vehicle stopped to speak with her. This male attempted to pull the female into his car. The female began to scream and was able to run away. The male then drove off. The male is described as Caucasian, between 35 to 45 years of age. He has long light brown hair with a full beard and is believed to be a smoker. The vehicle is believed to be possibly an import with a hatch back.[/color] It is a light color (gray, blue, or white). The New Hazelton RCMP is requesting the publics assistance in identifying this male suspect. If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please call the New Hazelton RCMP at (250) 842-5244 or Crime Stoppers at (250) 847-9666. Crime Stoppers guarantee anonymity and will pay rewards if suspects are apprehended for this or any other crimes.


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Jan 13th, 2007 - 12:58:22 PM   File #Prince Rupert 2007-322

High Risk Sex Offender- Public Interest Notification

The RCMP has issued a public interest warning under the Privacy Act of Canada regarding a dangerous sex offender who poses a high risk of serious violence.

MCKAY, Ronald Lawrence - 43 years old
Height - 5'6" and 194 lbs
Brown eyes and Dark Brown long hair
Many tattoos on his upper body
Several tattoos on his left hand and wrist including a cross on his left middle finger

Ronald Lawrence MCKAY was released from Mountain Federal Corrections Institution on January 12th, 2007 and police believe he planned to reside in Prince Rupert, BC but his whereabouts is currently unknown. Most recently, MCKAY was convicted of three charges including Assault, Assault with a Weapon, and Sexual Assault with a Weapon.

Ronald Lawrence MCKAY is considered Highly Dangerous to the Public. There is a high risk that MCKAY will re-offend violently against a female including a sexual assault. MCKAY?s has an extensive criminal history that includes violent sexual offences and weapons related offences.

MCKAY is subject to many court ordered conditions including:

- To keep the peace and be of good behavior
- Not to possess, carry, or own any weapons including knives except for carving and for the immediate preparation and consumption of food
- Not to consume or possess any alcohol or controlled substances
- Not to attend any licenced premise or establishment where alcohol is the primary commodity for sale
- Not to be outside his residence between 11:00pm and 6:00am
- To immediately inform a Probation Officer of a relationship with any intimate partner and to consent to that partner being informed of his Criminal Record in the presence of a Probation Officer
- Not to possess any needles or syringes
- Must submit to having his picture taken by any Peace Officer at any time
- Must report to the RCMP and Probation within 48 hours of his release from custody and thereafter as directed
- Must reside in a place approved by a Probation Officer and must not change that address without prior written approval of a Probation Officer
- Not to leave the Province of British Columbia without approval of a Probation Officer
- Attend and participate in assessments and counseling as directed by a Probation Officer

Should you note any suspicious behavior including, but not limited to a breach of these conditions, please contact the Prince Rupert RCMP Detachment at (250)624-2136.

Steve Richards, Cst.
Prince Rupert Media Relations / Community Policing
100 6th Ave WEst
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 3Z3

Phone: (250)627-0700
Fax: (250)627-3013


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Re: Prince George BC sex attack files
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We have a vehicle here in Quesnel that matches the description of the one the perpetrator used in the Pickering Road incident. We are in the fourth year since this happened so the truck may not belong to the same person anymore. I have seen it around though and wondered what it is as it does kind of look like a tow truck but it's not. There is also no year given for the truck. The one here is an older truck.