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Cops say DNA IDs child rapist
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December 14, 2007

Cops say DNA IDs child rapist
Justice documents claim pedophile's blood ties him to decades-old attack
Canadian authorities who want a convicted American child rapist tried for the sex attack of a B.C. girl almost 30 years ago, say DNA links him to the unsolved case.

In Canadian justice documents obtained by the Sun, Mounties make the case for extraditing Wilbur James Ventling to Canada to face charges of rape and causing bodily harm for the 1979 attack of a nine-year-old girl in Vernon, B.C.

Later, RCMP investigated the attacks of nine girls aged eight to 13 in the Calgary area in the late 1970s, all now linked to Ventling, 62.

The documents, which go into graphic detail of a sadist's brutal attack on a girl who offered to help a stranger find his kitten, outline how a bloody fingerprint left on a fast-food napkin found at the Vernon crime scene helped cops finally break the case.

Authorities say the DNA evidence, analyzed years later, matches a sample taken six months after the Vernon attack from a man arrested near Taber regarding a Calgary investigation -- and provide a compelling argument to extradite Ventling.

"The estimated probability of selecting an unrelated individual at random from the Canadian Caucasian population with the same profile is 1 in 170 trillion," the documents state.

That fact, combined with other evidence, means there is a "substantial likelihood of conviction" should Ventling face the charges in Canada, the documents claim.

An extradition hearing to bring him to Canada will be held Tuesday in Nevada.

In excerpts from a November 2007 statement taken from the victim, now in her 30s, she stated how she was scared after agreeing to help a man who took her to a secluded area to look for his cat.

When she said she wanted to go home, he pushed her to the ground, pulled her red sweater over her face and threatened to kill her.

At one point she threw the sweater off her face and punched the man but he said he would "kill her, smother her and leave her there."

The documents say the terrified child, bleeding profusely and in extreme pain, ran to a nearby house for help.

She lost at least a litre of blood and needed surgery to treat injuries a doctor referred to as "extremely severe."

U.S. officials arrested Ventling in October at his Carson City, Nev., home after Canadian cops said they were looking at him as a suspect in a 1979 B.C. rape case.

Ventling was already on the state sex-offender registry after being convicted in Nevada in late 1979 and sentenced to 40 years for kidnapping, lewdness with a minor under 14 and attempted sexual assault.

He was released on appeal in 1997.

Vernon RCMP media relations Const. Cathy Scott has not returned numerous calls over recent months to comment on the case.

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