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Dangerous perv in T.O.
« on: December 08, 2007, 11:39:41 AM »
December 8, 2007

Dangerous perv in T.O.
'High risk to re-offend,' child predator sent to halfway house


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A notorious pedophile who fears he may act out his fantasy of taking a little girl as a sex slave and killing her has been released to a Toronto halfway house, the Sun has learned.

Christopher Goodwin, 26, was moved to the Keele Centre yesterday after completing a 21/2 year lock-up in Kingston for the shocking assault of a 6-year-old girl in a Scarborough mall in 2003, sources said.

In October, the National Parole Board ruled Goodwin remains a "high risk for reoffending," despite having undergone intensity sex offender treatment.

Ontario Opposition leader Bob Runciman said last night he will call on the government to do an immediate study to ensure the public is protected.

"What is this system doing, dumping a scary bird like this back in the heart of a Toronto neighbourhood flooded with registered sex offenders?" an irate Runciman said.

In the 2003 attack at the Cedarbrae Mall, horrified shoppers were forced to pull a crazed Goodwin off the young girl after he pounced on her ... and attempted to sexually assault her after lifting up her dress, according to National Parole board documents.


After doing time for that brazen assault, Goodwin served a 150-day stretch for distributing child pornography, according to the documents.

In sentencing, the court also imposed a long-term supervision order of 10 years.

Goodwin also admitted to having sexually assaulted six children, the documents say.

"Most disturbingly, you have stated a number of times that you fantasize about holding a young girl prisoner as your sexual slave for a while and then killing her. You have indicated that you fear you may carry out these fantasies," the documents read.

Goodwin had originally been assigned to the Portsmouth Centre halfway house in Kingston, but a police alert there enraged the community. He was thrown back in the clink after Correctional Service of Canada cited alleged breaches of his conditions.

The Keele Community Correctional Centre, located on Keele St. just south of Dundas St. W., has in recent years drawn the ire of residents and councillors, who described the facility as a warehouse for the "worst of the worst" criminals. Security has been criticized as being too lax at the open-door centre.

Yesterday, Keele staff would not confirm whether Christopher Goodwin was a resident. Nor would Janine Chown, of the Ontario region of Correctional Services Canada (CSC).

"We at CSC can't disclose where an offender is located," she said.



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Re: Dangerous perv in T.O.
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2007, 12:15:00 AM »
What Kind OF System Do We Have????????

This type of offender should be locked up. 5 months for child porn? 2 and half years for jumping a child in a mall?

No one is allowed to say where he is at?

The British system of justice that we have was meant to be open so the community can feel confident in it. By protecting the offender, they are eroding that confidence.

ALberta is putting together a plan in which these type of sexual offenders can be held indefinetly under the mental health act since there actions are a danger to people.


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Re: Dangerous perv in T.O.
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2007, 12:03:04 PM »

This is not right! This guy has already assaulted a child in a mall, admits to having assaulted six other kids, and fantisizes, about kidnapping a child and keeping her.When he gets tired of her, he will kill her! And they let this sucker OUT?

                                Horrific! Crazy, and Wrong!!!