Author Topic: Get out of jailRapist, alleged sex crook free to go while awaiting deportation  (Read 1123 times)


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 December 6, 2007

Get out of jailRapist, alleged sex crook free to go while awaiting deportation


Matthew Clinton Bynum faces charges in Colorado. 
The day after it released the so-called Callingwood rapist, the federal Immigration and Refugee Board agreed that a U.S. man wanted on child-sex charges can walk free in Edmonton.

At a hearing on Monday, an adjudicator with the IRB ruled that Samuel Martin Luin, 23, can get out of jail while federal authorities attempt to deport him. The move to send him home comes after Luin, a refugee from Sudan, finished a two-year sentence for raping a 19-year-old woman on her way home from work in September 2005 near Whitemud Drive and 175 Street.

Also eligible for release is 23-year-old Matthew Clinton Bynum, who escaped arrest in Colorado earlier this fall for alleged crimes that include five counts of sexual assault on children and one count of luring a child. According to documents obtained from the IRB, border officials refused him entry to Canada at Coutts on Sept. 17, after which he apparently got into the country illegally. He then came to Edmonton to stay with his girlfriend who, officials say, wasn't aware of his charges in the United States.

For the lead investigator on Bynum's case in Colorado, news the wanted man can go free is dismaying.

"That's not good for me," Bob Heffernan of the Larimer County sheriff's office said yesterday. "He is basically being charged as a sex predator on numerous counts for assaults on young girls."

In both cases, the Canada Border Services Agency, which handles deportations for the federal government, argued to have the two men remain in custody.

"We want to remove him as soon as we can," CBSA spokesman Lisa White said of Bynum. "We wanted to keep him detained because we feel he is a danger and wouldn't appear for removal."

Police originally charged Luin in November 2005, six weeks after three separate attacks in the Callingwood area led them to issue a warning about a possible serial sexual predator. They accused him of committing two attacks - including the rape of the 19-year-old, which he pleaded guilty to. A judge sentenced him to two years in jail for what the Crown prosecutor on the case called a "particularly heinous assault."

Karen Smith, the executive director of the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton, remembers the Callingwood cases well. She said her organization worries when people like Luin and Bynum go free.

"Our concern certainly is public safety," she said. "If there are people who pose a threat to our community, their being released certainly does cause me great concern."

On Monday the IRB withdrew a requirement that Luin put down a $1,000 security deposit an adjudicator had earlier ordered him to pay. Nevertheless, his release conditions do include a stipulation that he report to CBSA officials twice a month. The next step in the process is to get what's called a danger opinion from Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, something that's required in order to deport refugees, White noted.

For Bynum, the IRB on Tuesday ordered him to put down $7,500 to go free, an amount he hasn't yet come up with. As a result, he will remain in custody until he finds the cash.

Meanwhile, he'll appear in court Dec. 19 for an admissibility hearing to face the government's bid to send him home.


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Who is accountable if this guy commits another sex crime while wondering about? Does anyone think that criminals facing deportation will just show up at the airport and wait to be sent back home?

This is really really upsetting.