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Cassandra "Tula" Do | Unsloved | Toronto | 26-Aug-03
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Cassandra "Tula" Do
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Re: Cassandra "Tula" Do | Unsloved | Toronto | 26-Aug-03
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I read along while back that the TPS made a DNA match to a sexual assault that had occurred, as linked to Cassandras homicide.

Cassandra's killer was found to be;
Black Male
30-40 years old.(2003)

(see if i can find the rest of these details)


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Re: Cassandra "Tula" Do | Unsloved | Toronto | 26-Aug-03
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A woman trapped in a man's body, Cassandra Do was also caught up in the sex trade.

The 32-year-old became a sex worker after she was fired from her job as a nurse's aide at a seniors' home in Kitchener. At the time, the then-18-year-old man whose given name was Bi was transforming himself into Cassandra right before their eyes, says a friend.

Do spent most of her money on cosmetic surgery and French antique furniture. Over the last years of her life, the raven-haired beauty, who stood 5-foot-2, spent thousands of dollars on breast implants and a delicately reshaped nose.

It was a difficult transition for Do and many like her. She mentored other transgender people, even making a documentary a year before her death called Skin Deep.

But Do told friends she couldn't get out of the business until she'd made $30,000 for a radical sex change and to put herself through nursing school.

Do's entire life was a series of uprooting events, from culture shock to gender change.

The son of an American soldier and a Vietnamese mother, Bi and his mother escaped Vietnam as boat people in 1980. They fled to Canada to meet Bi's new stepfather, a former South Vietnamese soldier. Do's brother and sister followed later.

Like many sex workers, Do was constantly afraid of "bad dates."
In the months leading up to her death, she had received "nasty letters" from a jealous transgender sex worker after taking part in a transsexual strip night at a club in Little Italy.

At another point, Do, who liked going to goth bars in the west end, escaped the clutches of a threatening client by moving from the west end to downtown.

Until then Do had been careful about her dates, asking them to contact her from a phone booth, then arranging to meet them at a nearby caf? before taking them to her Gloucester St. apartment.

"Cassandra was almost notorious for how she screened people.... She had a system. That's why her murder really stunned people," says Christina Strang, a close friend who now works as a counsellor at a women's shelter.

On her last day alive, she had a "date" before 7 p.m. and had arranged to meet her brother and sister later that evening.

When she didn't answer her door or her cellphone, they asked the superintendent to let them in.

Do was found face down in a bathtub full of water, strangled. It was 10:30 p.m. on Aug. 25, 2003.

Using the national DNA bank, police linked Do's slaying to an assault in 1997 on a Toronto sex worker who had managed to escape her attacker.

Do's friends feel that, because of her lifestyle, society basically forgot about her.

"If Cassandra had been somebody else ... something this violent (done to her), left to die upside down in a bathtub, I think police would have set up a task force," Strang says.

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Re: Cassandra "Tula" Do | Unsloved | Toronto | 26-Aug-03
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I don't understand that after police have dna that suits a man from a sexual assault 6 years earlier, they cannot put a name to the perp!