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I had this in my documents and I can?t find information on whether this 12 year old girl was found ? Reanne Kathleen Vukic from Airdrie, AB. Does anyone remember this post and if the dad found his daughter?

Hello Folks! 
My family and I are having a family crisis and we could really use your help. I have a daughter that has gone missing and I would like to get her picture circulated via the internet to any one that you know that has internet access.
I have attached a couple of pictures of her that are a couple of weeks old. My daughter Reanne and her friend Ashley were seen in Airdrie at the Mall at about 6pm Friday March 9th with a teenage boy 16-19 yrs old. They were all spotted again sometime Saturday March 10th early afternoon in Crossfield at the Bigway foods by one of the cashiers, and this is the last sighting that we have heard of. We do have the police involved as well and they have no leads as of yet.
My daughter's Name is Reanne Kathleen Vukic and she is 12yrs old. Her friends name is Ashley she is 13yrs old and looks similar to my daughter but with longer hair.
Thank you very much I really appreciate it!
Send these pictures to anyone you know and especially if you know anyone with email in Edmonton.. We heard that the guy they are with is from Edmonton. Contact the City of Edmonton or Calgary Police or RCMP if you have seen her.
Thank you very much!
Mike Vukic this is the dads email address.
Man the poor dad.
Mike Vukic published the above in the March 22/07 edition at the above link.
Still don?t know if this girl is found as of October 21, 2007.


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Re: Reanne Kathleen Vukic - March 10, 2007 - Age 12 - Missing - Airdrie
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Yes, I believe this was solved. I do recall a girl from Airdrie being found.