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Have Faith
Although LE may have caught some Freudian slips in DO's interview, I think he became the main suspect (other than being the last person to see RO) because of his confusion in where he parked his car, and what streets he used driving to/from RO's office.  This is where he is grilled intensely and repeatedly.

Yes, of course, I agree 100% HF.  The detective also grilled him over what he did between 5 and 5:30.  Somehow, the detective  wondered about  his story about going up the stairs the first time, turning around and leaving, and then coming back.  For some reason he was quite suspicious about that.

And then when asked as to what he was wearing on that day, he said a navy jacket, and described the shirt as blue and white.  That would have been in terms of what did you wear yesterday?  I have put that down to generally being rattled due to the whole situation, but he answered quickly without thinking. Richard wore a navy sweater and a blue and white shirt.

He talked about a blue book that he got from the library dating back to I think it was the 1700's regarding his family.  He said that he had forgotten that book at work,and wondered if he should return to his office and get it.

Yet, we see a video of him leaving his workplace bldg, with text books in hand and one of them is a blue book.

All of these are very odd things.  Hard to say if he is , generally speaking an absent minded person, a person living in his own bubble or perhaps both.

There should not be any reason to have his father's dna on his brown jacket. Diane had answered the question of Richard's scalp condition, and the defense did not cross examine  her. Her testimony refuted Maureen's claim. Why this jacket was examined multiple times, one has no idea....

And then we have the ping at 6:44 from Diane which bounced off of Rothesay (sp?) tower.

Jury is still out with me....yet I wonder. If he did this, considering the time of day, he may have been very lucky in not getting caught in the act, or he may be  smarter than we than we think.


Vancouver / Charles Chatten, 46 - murdered - June 1959 - Vancouver BC
« Last post by PandaBearKitty on November 20, 2015, 09:17:49 PM »
Charles died from laceration of the brain & fractured skull caused by multiple blows from a sharp edged instrument such as an ax or hatchet by person or persons unknown.
He was murdered on West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC approx June 17, 1959.

Charles is a relative of mine.   Is there anybody here with access to newspapers or library in the area that can help me find more information?   Please and Thank you.
I have tried contacting Vancouver Police but no word back from them.


Although LE may have caught some Freudian slips in DO's interview, I think he became the main suspect (other than being the last person to see RO) because of his confusion in where he parked his car, and what streets he used driving to/from RO's office.  This is where he is grilled intensely and repeatedly.

Without knowing DO, it is very difficult to judge if he is being evasive, or if his confusion and forgetfulness is typical for if he is known to appear preoccupied and a bit ditsy.  He also knows these downtown streets like the back of his hand, and that may explain why he drove and parked with little thought or attention.  I have done that in my home town on many occasions, and that is why I could relate to his statement that he can drive somewhere and not even know how he got there.  Also, if DO caves under pressure, it is certainly possible that his mind went blank, as he said. 

It is odd that DO did not show any outward emotion--no grief, no anger, but again, it's possible that his family wouldn't expect that from him under the circumstances.  The bottom line is I don't know him and therefore can't say what his typical behaviour is like.  I wish someone who knows him well could give us their opinion on his behaviour during the interview. 
Vancouver / Re: Elaine Allenback | Missing | March 1986
« Last post by PandaBearKitty on November 20, 2015, 08:16:55 PM »

Elaine Allenbach was known as Lisa Morrison in Canada

She also occasionally used the alias Nancy Boyd

White female, 5 foot 6 inches (168 cm), 135 pounds (61 kg), dark brown
shoulder length hair, brown eyes, faint acne scars on both cheeks.
Allenbach is a know sex trade worker and last seen March 15, 1986
when she was supposedly going to leave for Seattle.

Elaine was born April 26, 1965 and was 20 years of age
at the time of her disappearance in 1986. She was last seen
in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. Elaine traveled
extensively between Seattle, Washington and
Vancouver, BC. She is one of 69 missing and
murdered women listed in Vancouver's Eastside
missing women's investigation.

Please forward any information:
The Vancouver Police Department (Canada),
Missing Persons Unit
(604) 717-2530 or Crime Stoppers (604) 669-8477
File # 86-019762
General Discussion / Re: REMEMERING THE MISSING
« Last post by jellybean on November 20, 2015, 06:53:44 PM »
Many families still waiting - wondering - searching for answers

Edmonton missing persons cases include:

Jason Freedom Adam, missing since Oct. 21, 2007.
Eunice Antoniuk, missing since June 2, 1972.
Corey David Bannerman, missing since Nov. 26, 2007.
Mildred Batoche, missing since May 26, 1967.
Karl Heinz Behr, missing since Dec. 25, 1981.
Alexander John Belcourt, missing since 1991.
Delores Dawn Brower, missing since May 13, 2004.
Lara Danielle Brown, missing since Aug. 29, 1998.
Maggie Lee Burke, missing since Dec. 9, 2004.
Marie Carlson-Hill, missing since Feb. 15, 2012.
David Michael Creaser, missing since Nov. 19, 2004.
Shelly Tanis Dene, missing since Aug. 1, 2013.
Jon Michael Donohue, missing since Sept. 1998.
Darryl Darcy Dubitski, missing since Dec. 5, 1982.
Melissa Jeannette Ekkelenkamp, missing since July 6, 2011.
David Joseph Gibson, missing since Feb. 2004.
Diane (Daya) Gregory, missing since Feb. 26, 2006.
Wayne Albert Hansen, missing since Dec. 20, 1996.
Michelle Jeanette Harmer, missing since Nov. 15, 1995.
Roxanne Isadore, missing since Sept. 2007.
Dale Edward Mark Jackson, missing since June 28, 2010.
Gayebrella Daisy King, missing since 1978.
Dylan Steven Koshman, missing since Oct. 11, 2008.
Jason Todd MacMillan, missing since Dec. 10, 2002.
Larry Ray Matis, missing since March 10, 1983.
Jeffrey James McArthur, missing since Aug. 27, 2001.
Eileen Gail McCarthy, missing since Nov. 14, 1971.
Dustin Ryan McMillan, missing since Sept. 30, 2010.
Michelle Mercer, missing since Feb. 9, 2006.
Leseriani Mollel, missing since June 22, 2007.
Dean Curtis Mortensen, missing since Jan. 23, 1992.
Tania Marie Murrell, missing since Jan. 20, 1983.
Kenneth Myatt, missing since April 7, 2007.
Corrie Renee Ottenbreit, missing since May 7, 2004.
Stephen Kiley Payne, missing since Oct. 4, 2002.
Craig Brian Rain, missing since Oct. 2000.
Bobby Richards, missing since Jan. 26, 1981.
David Henri Rocque, missing since March 5, 2010.
Linda May Scott, missing since March 3, 2000.
Kate Carol Sieben, missing since Nov. 3, 2006.
Calahan Cihnzay Vandermint, missing since June 5, 1995.
Cynthia Beryl Weber, missing since July 1981.
Joseph Thomas Zerk, missing since Dec. 1, 2001.
Quote Blueriver:
He also spoke of 'someone who couldn't take it anymore'.

Here is a picture of the accused leaving the church right after Richards funeral.
Ever pleasant, ever accommodating.

click on link.

I only watched the interview once. Struck me as odd how very calm Dennis was even jovial a few times and since he now knew his father was dead, showed no signs of emotion imo. He did refer to his father in the present tense most of the time "the guy is" for example. Thought it interesting too that he spoke of a crack head doing it for $20 out of a wallet and perhaps, if it was Dennis, he took the phone for that reason. But there were other items there that should have been taken, ipads for example. He also spoke of 'someone who couldn't take it anymore'. I have wondered, if Dennis did this, if he could have left the house at night after his wife fell asleep (she was taking cold/flu medication to my knowledge) and disposed of the weapon, bag, phone or any other evidence items. Not sure who else was in the house that night. I read she has a son and his children were at his ex-wife's.

Whoever took the cell phone made a big mistake in not turning it off immediately as that ping identified where the phone was at that moment. Can't help but ask, who made this mistake?
If Mrs. Oland's property was searched, jobo, it was never made public and of course another search warrant would also have been required for that.

In addition to other evidence I would think they would be searching for the cell phone while conducting the search at Dennis' home property, during the search of the waters around the Renforth Wharf and the yacht club in Millidgeville as well as during the search of his wife's boat.

I'm sure whoever took the cell phone would have destroyed it quickly for fear of discovery and the fact that it could have been traced.
Someone who is an expert could probably find many "odd" comments made by Dennis during his Police interviews.  Jellybean, you have mentioned some I didn't know about, so they just add to my list of what I consider to be odd.

Also, I wonder how hard they looked for the cell phone.  We know Dennis went and f the log book in his Moms back hall sometime before the next morning when Dick was found.  Did the police search both properties?  Dennis's and Dick's?
I am revisiting interview between DO and detective.  There is lots to take in.  I could never figure out why he became a suspect in the first place, after viewing it for the first time.

I found a number of things in his statement that contradict what we know through trial.

He appeared to be very tired.  Needed a good nights sleep. He struck me as having a very late night.

Not finished watching it. 

My own interpretation so far, is that RO was feared by his family.  Simply put, they had a strong dislike for him.   When talking about possible mistress, and discovery of viagra, DO used the term "Dirty Pig"

Leaving the actual discrepancies and his confusion as to where he parked, etc. aside.....

There were a number of freudian slips.

DO was told by the detective that he did not know the details as to how his father his died.

Dennis appeared to accept that...... and settled right in.  Although he did make a feeble request as to what happened to his Dad, twice in the interview.  It was a mild request.....

Not once did he say that he needed to speak to someone in the department who knows...... not once did he say that if not, he would get his lawyer to find out for him..... and we know that he had a family lawyer.

His tone was  pleasant, almost social, with a few harsh laughs thrown in.  As if there was some humour to it.  No tears whatsoever. No words of shock, words that one would expect.

We know that RO died of massive head injuries with a hammer type tool.  When asked by the detective who could of done this, DO suggested possibly Crackheads wanting $20.00. 

The detective became very interested in that suggestion, and they went over that.    In fact much later in the interview the detective went back and revisited that comment with him. I wondered why... I thought that the detective was trying to flush out  a drug problem.

DO also said that he can't see his father having "a heart attack and falling on his head."

Perfectly innocent sounding, but crack head, when viewed as individual words, and "falling on his head".  And when discussing mistress, he said "I feel guilty" not telling my mother
about her.

Yet earlier in conversation, he said he wasn't 100% sure that these rumours were true, and talked to RO's accountant to tell his father to stop it.  Why would he feel guilt, if he was not sure?

At one point DO mused that he could not think of anyone who would harm his father, except the mistress, but he doesn't have proof etc.

 Not once did he ask, was my father murdered??

These were a few odd things that struck me.

This man may be completely innocent, and might just be an odd duck in the flock.
It might be as simple as that.

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