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Why are many people unwilling to provide tips to police that could solve a murder?

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Calgary / Re: Amber Alert declared for boy, 5, Nathan O'Brien
« Last post by capeheart on August 25, 2014, 10:45:29 AM »
Logical, I agree with the law, having worked in the court system for years. But the accused at this time should not be allowed on bail. He was ordered already to stay away from his property, but did not obey the order. So this guy should have a beeper on him or a bracelet or something. It will be too late if another person goes missing and they suspect him. I surely wouldn't want  him living next door to me, would you???? Just a thought.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Calgary / Re: Amber Alert declared for boy, 5, Nathan O'Brien
« Last post by Logical on August 23, 2014, 06:22:09 PM »
Any ACCUSED person should have a chance to request for bail, they have only been arrested and charged not yet found guilty in a court of law. Regardless if you as many are in the opinion that the defendant is guilty they are not until the courts say so. The law is structured to Try to be fair to all citizens, not to give police and prosecutors the rights to lock up any and all they "feel" are the guilty parties. We the people have rights to freedom and fair prosecution by courts of law and our peers, not media reports.

If the prosecution has enough evidence to have bail revoked then great, if not how can you say that they still have a right to withdraw his freedom?

Calgary / Re: Amber Alert declared for boy, 5, Nathan O'Brien
« Last post by capeheart on August 23, 2014, 08:53:59 AM »
The accused should not get bail at any time until the Preliminary hearing. Anyone charged in a disappearance and possible homicide should never be let out on bail. I mean the last time he was supposed to be on curfew and was found prowling around his own property at 1:00 a.m. This guy is a danger to the public. The missing three may never be found. This guy obviously had the premeditated act in his mind and knew where he was going to dispose of his crime and the evidence. The police should be looking at off roads that could be taken within about a 30 mile radius of the home. Could he have driven even into another province and disposed of the bodies????? How many miles would he have to go to do that? The police surely have their work cut out for them. This guy doesn't seem to have a conscience. Let us all say a silent prayer that there will be information come forth very soon to know what has happened to these three family members. God bless those left behind, it has to be a torture for them every day of the week. I mean we can sit here in our chairs and write words, but the anxiety and pain has to be so unending for the members of the family left to wonder every night as they go to sleep, where are they????? Prayers once again to find those three family members. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
Calgary / Re: Amber Alert declared for boy, 5, Nathan O'Brien
« Last post by jellybean on August 22, 2014, 06:00:50 PM »
I really thought about why the Calgary police would go to Mexico - specifically to the condo owned by the Likness family.
I wonder if it was for the very simple reason to check out if the Liknes fled to that area.  Very simple - but necessary to tie up any loose ends, to combat any possible defence lawyer's insinuations during trial.

That makes sense to me.

2Soccermom: I read your article with great interest.  I can see where DNA collection would be helpful in the murder of this young child.  The mobile park had few citizens and for some reason the detectives felt that the killer lived within these perimeters, as her remains were found close to the trailer park.  I believe they took 100 samples.

Thank you for pointing that out to us.  Here is a case where DNA collection was successful!!

However, as you know, the difference is huge, when one considers Sonia.  She lived in a city of 27,000 not counting the outer areas.

It was a daring gamble with the Lead Detective to ask 600 men for swabs, beginning with young men at 18 years of age, in the case of Sonia. IMO,  Back ground checks on each one had to be completed, and in all fairness this takes time and multiple resources. It would have been great, if this gamble had paid off.  I wonder what compelled him to do this? 

There had to be a very valid reason.  Such as few clues left at the three crime scenes, except the DNA.  Every professional talking head in the beginning thought that they must have a suspect.   Sad to say, so far no results.

One has to give law enforcement credit for their exceptional effort.

The $reward is offered for anyone to step forward.

If I recall the new lead Dobson said in the National Post, that often circumstances will change within relationships and they may step forward - Something like that.  And by the way, I admire her for sitting down and answering questions.  Is it Dobson, or Dobbins? 

I have heard it said before by a Lead Detective where I live word for word, (repeat - "at times life's circumstances changes and they may step forward").  Law enforcement would not say it, if in  the past  it  has not proven true in some  cases. But it appears to me - that OPP are hopeful that someone will relent and turn someone in.
It is written no doubt in the Manual.....  with backup of stats - (one hopes!)

Is this Desperation City or are they hopeful that a suspect's work mate, or family member will blow the whistle?

Capeheart you may have a valid point.  It could well of been someone from "out of the blue" who entered her home and attacked her.  (Sonia did not go to bars by herself - never)  Sadly, it is a possibility that a stranger did this to her.
However, he was familiar with Orangeville, and her townhouse, so ----?  Who knows?  That is the stumper!!

The other night, I returned to one of Sonia's websites, and read one poster who said (the discussion was about where the car was parked), that as a youth they would gather behind that area and smoke pot without fear of ever getting caught as they knew that camera's were not behind there.  So, that is also a clue.

Which poses the question,

where were the Orangeville Police, who are presently on the Sunshine List for salary!!

The killer knew that camera's were not there!  At least that is my conclusion.  Or was he just an out of towner and plain lucky?
How did he manage it?

 In the in placing of her remains, he would have been stumbling around in the dark back there, how did he manage it? 

His headlights would not of reached 50 yards away to the side of his car. Unless he parked the car sideways, to beam the headlights into that area.  Sonia's car was small, so that may have been possible. 

Otherwise,  how did he ever manage that? Unless he was very familiar with that area. And a possible full moon with some light from it.

Not to mention finding his way through her townhouse to locate her in the dark, and find her car keys in the dark.

These are, I think, practical questions that I have without any answer.  Possibly came equipped with a flashlight?  Got help of disposing her remains?

One cannot do it - in the dark without a light source, and Sonia would not exactly be light weight!!

By the way, her quilt was not found with her remains -  It was found elsewhere!! The top sheet, who knows if she was found with it or not - the reports are not clear.

-- And so -- the mystery of who murdered Sonia Varaschin continues. 

Justice, in her case, must be served.

As her mother has asked - who would ever want to kill Sonia?  Little Sonia who did no harm to anyone - but gave to her community?

Sonia was a loving person, a person who worked various shifts, a person who volunteered her nursing skills. Sonia was not a bar fly, she had close relationships with her girlfriends, told them everything about her life, including her family.

Nothing was left to secret about her life, as to where she was going, what she was doing. 

Her girlfriends, her family, knew what == her plans were for each and every day. Then just like that, she did not appear for work!!

One would think,  my gosh 600 swabs.  What was she up to!

She was up to nothing.!!

Sonia was not a loose woman, not a bar fly.

I like to believe that common sense prevails------


Because nobody has been arrested or a prime suspect in Sonia's case, I wonder in my mind if it was a random act of violence. Thinking about the imprint of the "work boot". Could this be a travelling worker, a construction worker that moves from place to place and was possibly finished his job the very next day and moved on to another city. It is very unsettling that nobody has been arrested and many persons have submitted DNA samples. I do believe the police think this is possibly a serial killer, one who moves maybe from the US to Canada and maybe even goes to Europe in his travels. Because the FBI is involved, I am thinking this guy has committed more than one murder. Maybe Sonia encountered him at some point and he followed her, home from groceries, a bar, a restaurant and picked her as the next victim. That is my opinion, because of the long period of time, four years and nobody arrested yet.  Hopefully a large memorial candlelight vigil will be held for Sonia. I do hope FBI are watching to see who attends this memorial and takes plenty of video of the event.  :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

'No closure' in 1989 vicious attack of Lesley Anne Levy

Mother hopes someone from Levy's past will come forward with information about old crime

By Blair Rhodes, CBC News Posted: Aug 15, 2014 6:33 PM AT| Last Updated: Aug 15, 2014 7:07 PM AT

On the 25th anniversary of a violent assault in south-end Halifax, the mother of the victim is speaking out, hoping someone can help solve the crime.

Lesley Anne Levy was discovered lying on the ground just outside an entrance to Point Pleasant Park on the morning of Aug. 15, 1989. Her throat had been slit and she was partially clothed.

She was 24 years old.

"It was touch and go whether she was going to live, but she did for six months," her mother, Sandra Anderson, said this week.

"I always say that day that it happened, that was the day she died. But she did die six months after that."

Levy had been seen the evening before at the Misty Moon Cabaret in downtown Halifax. She was with a man. They were spotted later in the evening on a bench inside Point Pleasant Park. They were questioned by police sometime after midnight.

Levy was found the next morning by a couple out for an early-morning walk.

"For a mother to see after it first happened and the fear in that girl's eyes," Anderson said. "It comes back to me quite often."

Anderson said her daughter never talked about the attack — not with her family or police.

"When this first happened the police had a doctor, a psychiatrist come in and they tried hypnosis on her," Anderson said. "But at the time she was so fearful it just didn't work. They decided not to try it anymore."

Levy died of a drug overdose six months after the attack.

Her mother says her memories remain vivid.

"The memories come up every time there is a girl missing or a girl's been assaulted. Comes up every time."

Kimberly McAndrew

Levy worked at the Kings Palace restaurant on Quinpool Road in Halifax. The restaurant is right across the street from a Canadian Tire store where Kimberly McAndrew worked.

McAndrew disappeared two days before Levy was attacked in the park. She was 19 years old.

Anderson said investigators told her years ago that the same man was a suspect in both cases.

"They had the person the night, the day after they found Lesley and they had him down at the station," Anderson said.  “And apparently [they] did have a warrant and they went to his home. But he lawyered up and that was the end of that."

Solving the case

McAndrew's disappearance and the assault on Levy remain unsolved.

Anderson is hoping that by telling her daughter's story again now, 25 years later, someone might remember something.

"I'm hoping that somebody will come forward from Lesley's past," she said.

"But there's not a day, hardly a day that goes by that I don't think of my daughter. And there's no closure," she said. "And there never will be any closure.
USA & Other / Re: Katelyn Markham from Fairfield Ohio - Found Deceased
« Last post by 2soccermom on August 22, 2014, 10:03:42 AM »
Here's a timeline, with internal news links associated with events in Katelyn's case, including the discovery of skeletal remains at the site she was found one year later:
USA & Other / Re: Katelyn Markham from Fairfield Ohio - Found Deceased
« Last post by 2soccermom on August 22, 2014, 09:43:20 AM »
Frank Smith, the "Cold Case Detective," has been commissioned by Katelyn's family: http://www.local12.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/cold-case-detective-now-markham-case-15951.shtml
It appears he has had some success with "cold cases" in the past. Let's hope he's the "fresh eyes" her case needs.
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