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Other BC Locations / Re: Destiny Rae Tom - 21- murdered March 23, 2013
« Last post by Sap1 on April 15, 2017, 01:36:37 AM »
8 years and 4 months.

A man has been sentenced in the death of Destiny Rae Tom.
27-year-old Garret Steven George has been sentenced eight years and four months.
It was on March 23, 2013 when Tom’s badly beaten body was discovered outside a home near Fort Fraser.
George was arrested two years later in February of 2015.
George pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

There was household money kept in a box, and M did not take it.

A family's agonizing search for missing Yorkton girl Mekayla Bali
By Courtney Markewich  July 6, 2016 - 6:18am Updated: July 6, 2016 - 7:31am
Missing persons poster for Mekayla BaliFamily friend Mary Baron, Rhonda Bali and Paula Bali continue to search for Mekayla Bali.Missing persons poster for Mekayla BaliFamily friend Mary Baron, Rhonda Bali and Paula Bali continue to search for Mekayla Bali.
COURTNEY MARKEWICH/CJME NEWSFamily friend Mary Baron, Rhonda Bali and Paula Bali continue to search for Mekayla Bali.  1 of 2 

A Yorkton home that used to be filled with the sounds of a happy family enjoying the music of violins and piano has been silenced by the disappearance of Mekayla Bali.

The living room has been turned into a command centre as the Bali family searches for the girl, who hasn’t been seen since the morning of April 12.

“April 12 was just a really regular morning in our house. I think of the difficult things was just how regular of a day that was, and that nothing was out of the ordinary,” Mekayla’s mother Paula Bali said on Tuesday, nearly three months since the girl’s disappearance.

As usual, Paula’s mother had dropped her off at work before driving Mekayla to school.

“She, for whatever reason, didn’t go to classes that day,” Paula recounted. “(She) walked downtown, did a few things, and then approximately 1:30, they believe, is when she went missing.”

It wasn’t until the end of the school day that the family learned Mekayla was missing. Her grandmother went to pick Mekayla up, but the 16-year-old never came out of the school.

Mekayla’s family refers to her as their “princess”. She was active in drama and music lessons. Paula says Mekayla never broke curfew, and despite her young age, one of Mekayla’s favourite activities was making homemade noodles.

Paula says she instantly felt something was wrong when she learned Mekayla hadn’t been at school that day.

“You raise a kid from the time they’re born. You know them so well. And for this to be the situation, I just knew instantly that something – something was amiss.”

She tried texting her daughter, but soon Paula found herself at the RCMP detachment reporting her daughter missing.

"When I came home to grab some pictures to take the RCMP station, to look in that box where I always keep cash for emergency situations. It wasn't locked and Mekayla knew where it was. To see all that money sitting there ... just to be sitting there, not taken - I'll admit it, I had a freak out right there."

The months that followed have left Paula feeling distraught and terrified. Along with her sister, mother, friends and children, Paula has paused her life to search for Mekayla. The family sleeps in their living room in shifts, making sure someone is awake to answer the phone should it ring.

“They just play such beautiful violin and piano. And Mekayla is so talented … Every day you hear her playing and playing. And then suddenly one day it’s quiet,” said Mekayla’s aunt, Rhonda Bali, of how life is in the home now.

“She’s got a brother and a sister, and they don’t get it either … they stopped playing instruments too because they can’t play until she gets home.”

Between searching online, communicating with people on Facebook, traveling around the province, writing letters and making calls, Paula dedicates every moment to looking for her daughter. The family recently had to mark Mekayla’s 17th birthday without her.

Friends help the family as well, with one effort being a GoFundMe page which aims to raise a reward for information leading to Mekayla’s safe return home.

While the three months since Mekayla went missing have been agonizing, Paula refuses to slow down, saying the hardest part is having no clues as to where her daughter is or what may have happened to her.

"I don't want to overly rely on mother's intuition, but in my heart, I feel that she's alive. I feel she may not be safe, but that she is alive."

Paula puts out messages to Mekayla often, including the following one in her interview with CJME:

“Mekayla, if you hear this, we just want you to know how much we love you and we care about you. We just want to make sure you’re OK. And we just need to know that you are safe, wherever you are. And just know that you are loved and missed dearly by your family.”

 Twitter @cjmarkewich
I actually get the feeling that Mekayla is still alive and disappeared on her own accord, jellybean.
And...hopefully it is a good story like the one in Quebec.
This is just a theory of mine.

Re:  guy with tattoo.  I have a feeling that this man was sent to Yorkton to get M to bring her to see someone.  Someone who lives in Saskatchewan.  This someone could not be seen in Yorkton, as he would have been recognized - so he prearranged for M to meet up with the guy with the tattoo. This is just a theory.

 The meeting place and introduction was the Yorkton Bus Depot.
There had to be a further meeting place. at a later time during the day in Yorkton in order for both (M and tattoo man) to re-connect at a secluded place to leave unnoticed.

Cops did say that M did not buy a bus ticket.
In addition, with the general description of the man, they would also know if the "tattoo man arrived by bus".  I'll bet that he did not!!

I have a hunch that this guy with the tattoo is into motorcycles. and so is the person who was waiting for her to be delivered.

I would take the pic of the tattoo and take it to every car dealership and or motor cycle place in the main cities of SK.  Cops listed a few, but did not mention Saskatoon.  Why?
Each police force could do  a one day blitz - including town newspapers,  and I'll  bet you they would end up with a few good leads as to who this guy could be.
This tattoo is most unusual, and the general description of him is clear enough.

Sometimes, a cop with a pic and a description can get more answers when speaking face to face with a person,  than any TV appeal.
They would be talking to mechanics in dealerships and motor cycle shops.
Mechanics would notice that tattoo, and they have a remarkable ability to recall certain bikes or vehicles.  they also keep records, (invoices) with names of owners.

Cops believe she is in SK, and they might have a good idea as to why, but at this point cannot locate her.

There was a case in Quebec, where a 15 year old girl disappeared. A massive search took place, her missing was talked about for a good number of years.

It turns out that she was about one hours drive away from her parents home.  Had lived in a small village for a number of years.  Was known in the village under another name of course.
She had left her home on her own accord, and for one reason or another was perfectly happy in her new life with a boyfriend, and wanted nothing to do with her own family.

History does have a way of repeating itself.  A different face, a different name, a different year..... but this may be the case with Meykala.  There is always hope!!

General Discussion / Re: Sex offenders ... several ... released within past year
« Last post by Sap1 on April 13, 2017, 02:05:15 PM »
We are supposed to be humane to humans I guess, even when they aren't as well mannered as wildlife and domestic animals.

I don't care if he has Canadian citizenship, he needs to go back and face his justice from where he fled! IMHO!


The man alleged to have had sex with underaged Calgary girls while being HIV positive was denied bail Thursday evening.

Provincial court Judge Bill Cummings concluded at the end of a lengthy bail hearing Apay Ogouk had not established grounds for his release.

The hearing, which lasted more than four hours, in part because evidence and submissions were translated into Arabic, was the subject of a publication ban at defence lawyer Peter Ward’s request.

Cummings agreed with Crown prosecutor Meagan Blake there were grounds to detain Ogouk, 28, who faces similar charges in Winnipeg.

An arrest warrant was issued against Ogouk in late 2010 alleging five offences involving four girls he is alleged to have had sexual relationships with.

The charges are related to incidents between 2006 and August, 2009.

They were laid after Ogouk turned himself in to Calgary police at that time on outstanding warrants relating to the Winnipeg allegations and local investigators asked anyone who might have had intimate encounters with him to come forward.

Police said all four complainants were under 18, including one 12-year-old girl.

Ogouk faces four charges of aggravated sexual assault and a single count of sexual interference involving the youngest alleged victim because she was too young to consent.

He also faces similar charges in Winnipeg involving three alleged victims, including two who claimed they tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS after having unprotected sex with him.

Although he turned himself in to Calgary police, Ogouk was transferred to Winnipeg before warrants on the Calgary charges were issued and he was only recently returned to Alberta.

He has not yet applied for bail on the Manitoba allegations.

If convicted of aggravated sexual assault he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Ogouk, originally from Sudan, has lived in Western Canada since 2006.

He was diagnosed with the potentially life-threatening virus which causes AIDS in May 2006, according to a Calgary child abuse unit staff sergeant.

His case returns to Calgary court on Feb. 17.
The mother is focusing on Vancouver in search for her daughter.

RCMP believe that M is still in Saskatchewan.

To date the search has included Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, B.C. and even the U.S., focusing on cities like Regina, Prince Albert, Calgary and, most intensely, Vancouver.

“It’s been an excruciating year for this family,” Ebert said. “Two-hundred tips is great (but) we only need one. We need the right one that’s going to lead us to Mekayla.”

“It has been the saddest year of my life,” Mekayla’s younger brother Joshua told the assembled cameras. “My life has changed so much. I miss Mekayla and cry for her every night.”

RCMP repeated Wednesday that they have no reason to believe Mekayla has left Saskatchewan, but Paula has followed the tips as they have come in.

Mekayla Bali, 17, was last seen at a bus depot in Yorkton, Sask. on April 12, 2016. Staff at the depot said she did not buy a ticket.

Police said on that day, Mekayla left Sacred Heart High School shortly after arriving, then briefly stopped at a pawn and bargain shop and at a bank.

She then went to Tim Hortons before returning to her high school before noon. Bali left Sacred Heart High School and went to the bus terminal where she bought lunch at a restaurant. She was seen leaving the depot around 1:45 p.m. CT.

Timeline of Mekayla Bali’s whereabouts on the morning of April 12, 2016, with the exception of approximately one hour between 10:45 a.m. and 11:55 a.m.

(Where was she during that hour?}

Paula spoke about Mekayla’s interests, including books and baking, while asking for people with information to step forward.

“Mekayla was an emotionally stable teenager and had career aspirations to be a kindergarten teacher.”

General Discussion / Re: Just in Case You Need Some Hope Today
« Last post by Concerned on April 13, 2017, 08:02:38 AM »
Sometimes there's an app for that...

Hope sometimes comes in the form of new and exciting technologies. They spread slowly... perhaps a law enforcement entity hasn't heard about it yet, or can't afford it, or just doesn't have enough time, resources and energy to develop an approach that might not be helpful to the bulk of their cases. These men and women are busy, for sure. Sometimes, I just want to develop a depository of technology, information and resources so that when a case comes up... these busy men and women, departments and academies can just put the information into the database and the tool will be at their disposal at the time needed and at the reasonable price - maybe free.

It is because of a technology called Reuters CLEAR program that 11-month-old Savanna is alive today. She was taken to her doctor's office by her foster mother and accompanied by her birth mother. Savanna has sickle cell anemia and it is imperative that she receive medication for survival. After the doctor's appointment the Foster mother was the driving birth mother home when the birth mother asked to be let out of the car at a certain point. When the car stopped, the birth mother opened the door to kiss Savanna goodbye, but instead she bolted with the child. This is considered a parental kidnapping.

It was urgent that the child receive medication that the mother did not possess, so there was a time stamp on finding the kidnapped child. Detectives used this new CLEAR program that allows Law Enforcement to identify those connected to the individual. Retired Police Sgt. Jason Sloan and Officer Robert Bolden quickly prioritized the contacts and started knocking on doors. At one location, a person let LE into the house to discover the mother and the child sitting in a room.

“There’s no doubt that the fast and accurate and timely data that ... Sloan had at his disposal was the reason why a life was saved,” Police Chief James Craig said. “Had it not been for CLEAR, who knows what we’d be talking about right now.”  The officers were recently honored with the Thompson Reuters Everyday Heroes Award. The mother skipped out on her court date and hasn't yet been found. But, the baby is able thrive in a safe and supportive environment.

I wonder how many technologies are out there that could help solve a case if available to the appropriate sources, when needed?

General Discussion / Re: Sex offenders ... several ... released within past year
« Last post by Long Gone on April 13, 2017, 03:29:07 AM »
   This here Creepoid ,Apay Ogouk , is walking crime. Why was he not put away for an indefinite time?  If a Bear, mountain lion or rabid dog was seen lurking in town and deemed a threat we know what would be done..
General Discussion / Re: Sex offenders ... several ... released within past year
« Last post by Sap1 on April 13, 2017, 02:18:24 AM »

A 33-year-old man with a long history of sexual offences against females, both children and adults, will be released Tuesday in Alberta and is expected to move to Winnipeg.

Apay Ogouk will be released from Grande Cache Institution, Alberta after completing his sentence for three counts of aggravated sexual assault.

His criminal record shows five counts of aggravated sexual assaults that happened in Winnipeg and Calgary between 2006 and 2010, according to police. The victims in these incidents were 13, 15 and 16-years-old.

Ogouk was convicted of aggravated sexual assault in 2014 after having sex with three Winnipeg women without disclosing that he was HIV-positive. Two of the women became infected.

READ MORE: Man with HIV gets 7 years for not telling sex partners

Ogouk will be subject to a lifetime weapons prohibition order.

Police said he has participated in “some sex offender programming but is still considered at risk to re-offend in a sexual manner against all females, both adults and children.”

Anyone with information regarding Ogouk is asked to call the Manitoba Integrated High Risk Sex Offender Unit at 1-204-984-1888.

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RCMP mark 1st anniversary of Mekayla Bali's disappearance
Yorkton teen disappeared from bus depot on April 12, 2016; may have been in British Columbia
CBC News Posted: Apr 11, 2017


It has been one year since the disappearance of Mekayla Bali.

Bali was last seen on the afternoon of April 12, 2016 at a bus depot in Yorkton.

Her family last saw her that morning, when Mekayla's mother, Paula, dropped her off at school. The Bali family learned she was missing when Mekayla's grandmother went to pick her up from school and she was nowhere to be found.

​Mekayla's family will join the RCMP at their headquarters in Regina this afternoon as they discuss the disappearance.

The hope is that someone with information on Mekayla's whereabouts will contact the RCMP and provide the crucial details needed.
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