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The disappearances in which water ways were a known or potential factor are some of the most difficult to analyse and deal with. The potential alone can pre-empt or delay any other investigative steps. Even in instances where water was a definite factor in a persons disappearance, not all bodies are found. No wonder serial killers etc gravitate towards water disposals.
Toronto / Re: Andrew Kinsman-49-Missing-June 26,2017-Cabbagetown- Toronto
« Last post by wellwell on April 06, 2018, 05:21:07 PM »

I can't copy and paste this one, but it talks sbout all the gay men who went missing from the Village in Toronto decades ago.

One of the men was dumped up near McArthur's home town.
I wouldnt quite narrow things down too far as to just tradesmen, lots of people, myself included wear stuff from Marks and have nothing to do with a trade. Upon looking at my own steel toes, they are Dakota's (size eight, no one get too excited). But ya, for casual wear stuff I have quite a few things from there and Im musician thats been in customer service for the last decade, havent needed work boots since my weekend job in college.

The more and more I read this particular thread, as well as watching several true crime shows where there are clear clues and motives, and it seems to me that this is such an oddball situation that le would be damn lucky to piece it all together. I mean this perp has le and every single one of us absolutely turned around in circles, so much so that people in here are getting irritated with each other, and I imagine le has seen the same among officers and detectives on the case. But what Im saying is that this guy could be a white collar guy that had these boots for lawn work. Perhaps every aspect of the case is coincidental, right up to motive. A lot of stock has been put into love gone wrong, work enemies, stalkers and so on. But maybe no one is even close on that, maybe its such an obscure chain of events that lead to her death and disposal that its the kind of thing no one could have ever guessed. Im just throwing this out there, and in no way am i cutting down anyones ideas or trying to step on toes, just stating my own opinions, and I just get the feeling that everything about this is abnormal, and thats why LE are still drawing blanks on everything. If you were to throw in a completely unusual suspect, that is not really known to Sonia, that itself sets back the investigation so much because of LE eliminating the usual suspects. It only gives the real killer time to think, time to plan and time to destroy any evidence. I really think theyre looking for a needle in a haystack here. I hate to say it, and hope that im completely wrong, but i think this one will go unsolved, unless there is someone out there that knows something. But it is possible that the perp got so lucky, that he did go undetected.

So far, Matty's prediction is right.

Possibly, he may never be found.  And for the reasons that were stated.
All talk from the opp, and nothing.  They returned the file to the Orangeville police..
Fat chance that anything will be done now. The city cops tramped through the murder scene scratching their heads.  Contamination and disruption was very possible/  Her car sat in the heat with doors left open.  Forensics from Toronto called in around two days later.   And on and on it went. Who knows, the bloody boot prints could have been left by the cops.  Many cops buy their boots from MWW as they are more comfortable than cop department  issues.

His remains could have been swept down stream, if the current was fast, and his body could have been lodged in an ice flow

Great to have volunteer searchers.  They were just walking along shore, and to my mind not really searching.  It appeared to me they were looking, not searching.

Big difference.  Binoculars would have been helpful, to look out over the lake.
Also, the police should have been there to show them how to search.

Just my opinion.  I will add it was very wonderful of these people to go out there to help.
I just wish they had a talk from professional searchers as to how to be effective.
A person could walk two feet away from a missing person and not see it. 

As one long time poster, who was a professional searcher said.
Searching is more than looking.  Look for something that is out of place, and scan.
the area.  You might see a glove covered in snow, with just the tip of it showing as an example.

Those were not exacly his words, but I got the point.


General Discussion / Re: Finally an Inquiry - untimely death of Betty Anne Gagnon
« Last post by Sap1 on April 05, 2018, 05:07:25 PM »

Snipped for repetition:

“The last few months of Betty Anne’s life were tragic,” the report said. “The couple employed abusive, even torturous methods to deal with the behavioural issues.”

Collinson said in her report that the Scrivens asked for help, but they either didn’t follow up or weren’t persistent in their requests. It also suggested there were many chances for authorities to intervene that might have prevented her death.

Minister of Community and Social Services Irfan Sabir called Gagnon’s death a heartbreaking tragedy.

“We owe it to her to take all needed and necessary actions to avoid similar tragedies from happening again,” he said in a statement. “Albertans deserve to see real action.”

Collinson’s report makes 13 recommendations including ensuring adequate funding for programs, immediately addressing crisis situations and reviewing supports for people with disabilities who live in rural areas.

Sabir said the province has already made changes to improve the Persons with Developmental Disabilities program including increased staff training and prioritizing those with urgent needs. He said they are also launching a provincial helpline to report suspected abuse or neglect.

The province said it has also increased funding for the program by $150 million to ensure more have access to the support.
Other Saskatchewan Locations / Re: Happy Charles, one year missing
« Last post by debbiec on April 04, 2018, 10:36:21 PM »
You're welcome Danno  :)
Other Saskatchewan Locations / Re: Happy Charles, one year missing
« Last post by Danno on April 04, 2018, 08:17:11 PM »
Thanks Debbiec once I get to a computer I will upload some more stuff
I am with the family, I don't think Ariel would go to the water, it was cold and icy that day. I wonder if maybe he was at the water earlier and then was walking and the car was following him. Not knowing the area, maybe he was at the water first and the video of him walking is after the woman seeing him.  It's just a thought, but I don't know the lay of the land there.  :o :o :o :o :o :o
USA & Other / Re: US Family of four vanishes in Mexico
« Last post by capeheart on April 04, 2018, 03:16:13 PM »
Mexico is a place that is not to be trusted in any way. I wonder if this is really the cause of the deaths of these people. I never heard of it before, carbon monoxide poisoning is a cause, but this is a mystery. :o :o :o
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