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The judge said it was a quick event...Hmm.   4 years for murder. Has a hollow ring that does not sound like justice at all.
Other Alberta Locations / Re: Lyle and Marie McCann part 2
« Last post by jellybean on March 11, 2017, 05:10:08 PM »

The Alberta man sentenced to life in prison for the manslaughter deaths of St. Albert couple Lyle and Marie McCann will go to trial on charges racked up while out on bail during the double murder trial last year.

Travis Vader, 45, faces charges of break and enter, possession of property obtained by crime, as well as multiple breach of conditions and failure to comply with court order charges.

The charges were laid in the midst of Vaderís spring 2016 trial for two second-degree murder charges. At the time, police said Vader breached his bail conditions by allegedly failing a drug test and contacting a Crown witness from his murder trial. Police also alleged he was involved in a copper wire and truck theft at a west-end industrial park when they arrested him.

At a hearing where all evidence and testimony were protected under a publication ban, Vaderís bail was revoked. He remained in custody for the duration of his court proceedings. He is now serving alife sentence in a federal institution.

Vader did not appear during the hearing Tuesday.

Vaderís lawyer filed an appeal of both the conviction and sentence.
ps/ Why wasn't his girl friend charged as accessory to theft of truck and copper wire??
She was caught with him at the time.  I sure would like to know!!
Other Alberta Locations / Re: Lyle and Marie McCann part 2
« Last post by jellybean on March 11, 2017, 04:48:02 PM »
Berube - this name is so familiar to me (can't quite place him). Not - Travis's case.
Something else - years ago.... in the papers.

Man linked to Travis Vader case hurls accusations at judge during outburst

More from Paige Parsons
Published on: February 3, 2017 | Last Updated: February 3, 2017 6:34 PM MS

A man linked to the RCMPís investigation into Travis Vader lashed out a judge during a brief court appearance Friday.

Thomas James Berube was appearing in provincial court so that his defence lawyer, Peter Royal, could withdraw a mistrial application related to forgery charges. While Royal was addressing the court, Berube swore loudly and accused the judge of corruption. When he refused to quiet down, he was led out of the courtroom by a sheriff back to the holding cells.

Following the outburst, court heard Berube has run through a number of lawyers while his case has moved through the system, and that he has been in custody for the past two years.

Berube also appeared in a different courtroom earlier in the day on a slew of charges, including numerous counts of public mischief, possession of stolen property, break and enter, possession of property obtained by crime and one count of making explosives. He also faces a number of obstruction and evading police charges. He is set to appear in court Monday to deal with that matter, while the forgery-related charges are to be heard in mid-March.

Beginning in March 2013, Berube spent 495 days in protective segregation at the Edmonton Remand Centre due to his involvement in the investigation of Vader in connection to the disappearances and presumed deaths of St. Albert seniors Lyle and Marie McCann in July 2010.

After being found guilty of two counts of manslaughter, Vader was sentenced to life in prison in January.

Berubeís segregation came to light when he was sentenced to a two-year term for theft in 2014. However, heíd already served his sentence thanks to pre-trial custody credit received for his time in the Remand.

Vader named Berube in a lawsuit filed in February 2014 related to the investigation, along with several RCMP officers and Edmonton’s chief Crown prosecutor.
USA & Other / Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
« Last post by Sap1 on March 10, 2017, 02:43:50 PM »
In the beginning I also felt she would return, but later when Joran started telling his story to a detectives "plant" a lot of what he said really made it sound like he was there when Natalee died.
There were a lot of detractors working on Joran's side and most did not want Aruba to get a bad reputation as their livelihood and that of many others was, in their minds, in danger, if Aruba got a bad rap. 
When he killed Stephanie in SA, some of his supporters began to see the light, except for a small group of conspiracy theorists who tried to say Joran was set up by FBI who were friends of Beth.  ::)

I followed this case in discussions on a forum and there were tons of forums in that time frame. Joran had a particularly nasty following who would go to any lengths to find out who the negative (to Joran) posters were and would try and find anything on them and make it all public. I guess it was about this time also that I began to realize that not all the crazy people were not in mental institutions. It's odd how some of these cases affect people who have absolutely nothing to do with them.

Beth found herself a niche to help her deal with all the hurt and she is a strong woman because she did have a lot of adversity to face and through it all she stayed well. Dave on the other hand jumped at every mention of Natalee and would fly off to Aruba with great hopes only to be pumped down again. He had a heart attack and had to learn to let go to an extent.
USA & Other / Re: Natalee Ann Holloway
« Last post by Concerned on March 09, 2017, 09:30:56 PM »
It's hard to believe that it's been nearly twelve years since Natalee Holloway went missing. She remains unfound. I've always felt she was alive, I don't know why, it's just the energy I get when I think of her story. But, then again, I hang onto hope for a long, long time. I ran across an article about her friends and how they've gone through the last five years missing her. I admire Natalee's mother even more once you hear about her efforts. Something I'm sure we would all do. She really didn't have a choice, but to feverishly look for her child. Bless her.

"What We've Never Told Anyone About Natalee Holloway," visit

I hope Natalee has a chance to come home some day. It's a prayer.
CTV News - NB
N.B. appeal court explains why it overturned Dennis Oland's murder conviction

The Canadian Press
Published Thursday, January 12, 2017 6:45AM EST
Last Updated Thursday, January 12, 2017 7:39PM EST

FREDERICTON -- The jury had enough evidence to reasonably convict Dennis Oland of murder, but was improperly instructed on what was needed to get there, the New Brunswick Court of Appeal says.

The appeal court quashed Oland's second-degree murder conviction in the death of his multi-millionaire father in October, but did not give its full reasoning until a written ruling Thursday.

Writing for a three-judge panel, Chief Justice Ernest Drapeau said the verdict was not unreasonable, but the evidence was not so overwhelming that it undoubtedly would have withstood the trial judge's legal error.

N.B. Crown to appeal ruling overturning Dennis Oland's murder conviction
No new trial date yet for Dennis Oland in murder of his multimillionaire father

"No accused is entitled to a perfectly instructed jury. However, the appellant, like all who elect to be tried by judge and jury, had the right to a properly instructed jury," said Drapeau.
That error related to what appeared to be the key piece of evidence against Oland: a brown Hugo Boss jacket.

Oland told police he was wearing a navy blazer the day Richard Oland was killed, July 7, 2011, but later said he was wearing the brown Hugo Boss. The Crown portrayed the statement as an intentional lie, while the defence said it was an honest mistake.

The brown jacket was later found to have minuscule blood stains and DNA matching the profile of Oland's 69-year-old father, who had been found bludgeoned to death in his Saint John office.

The appeal court said the trial judge, Justice Jack Walsh, erred because he told jurors they could use the "lie" as evidence of Oland's guilt, without adding they would also have to decide that it was concocted based on other evidence.

"Vigorous objection is voiced regarding the trial judge's failure to specify what 'circumstances' had to exist before the appellant's 'lie' could be considered probative of his identity as the murder," wrote Drapeau.
The prosecution suggested in both its opening and closing statements to the jury that Oland lied about the jacket, and the argument may have been the clinching element for the conviction, Drapeau said.
"The deliberations lasted some 30 hours, and the 'bare' lie may well have provided the argument that brought to the Crown's side one or more wavering jurors."
The appeal court ordered a new trial.
Drapeau rejected a defence bid for an outright acquittal, saying it disagreed the verdict was unreasonable despite the absence of a "smoking gun" and the gaps in the prosecution's evidence.
"The jury's guilty verdict is neither unreasonable nor unsupported by the evidence," Drapeau said.
The Crown has 10 days to review the ruling before making its planned application to the Supreme Court of Canada for leave to appeal. The defence has said it may ask the top court for an outright acquittal.

Richard Oland suffered 45 blunt and sharp-force blows to his head, neck and hands, although no murder weapon was ever found.

Dennis Oland, who is currently free on bail, is a former financial planner and a scion of one of the Maritimes' most prominent families, the founders of Moosehead Breweries Limited. His uncle, Moosehead executive chairman Derek Oland, has repeatedly proclaimed his nephew's innocence, as have other family members.
By Rob Roberts in Halifax
Now, I can understand the urgency  the family felt  in "getting Dennis out" as soon as possible.

I do not understand why he would have been placed in a max security prison in the first place.
Prisoners are supposed to be assessed as to where they should be placed.

Mid-level security in my opinion, would have been more suited for a person  whom, in my opinion, has a placid milk toast personality, such as Dennis Oland.

In my opinion, not all murderers are equal.  Not all killers would ever repeat it.  His was upfront and personal, and we have been told that patricide (the killing of one;s father) is very rare.

His violent attack on his father in my opinion, was caused by pent up rage built up over years of psychological emasculation  and bullying by his father , coupled with deep financial troubles, and fearful that his father would divorce his mother and marry the gold digger.

I am not making excuses for what he did - and my own view was never brought up at trial.
The above, is the way that I saw it, and only then through glimpses, by way of reporting in the news. Another factor was watching the videoed  police interview and listening to Dennis speak about his father in his own words.

Therefore, if my reasoning carries any weight, then sadly I can completely understand it. Never condone it - but understand it.


ps - the following article below this post gives an explanation as to why the guilty plea was overturned.
This is. by itself, very interesting.

Halifax men accused of assaulting Dennis Oland behind bars due in court

The Canadian Press
Published Thursday, March 9, 2017 12:01PM EST
MIRAMICHI, N.B. -- Two Halifax men charged with assaulting Dennis Oland in a New Brunswick prison are expected to appear in court this afternoon.
Convicted killer Cody Alexander Muise and Aaron Marriott, who was convicted in a 2008 drug shooting, allegedly attacked Oland at Atlantic Institution in Renous, N.B., on July 31.

The 48-year-old Saint John financial planner had been jailed for 10 months after a jury found him guilty of second-degree murder in the 2011 bludgeoning of his multi-millionaire father, businessman Richard Oland.

Two men charged for alleged prison assault of Dennis Oland at N.B. jail
N.B. appeal court explains why it overturned Dennis Oland's murder conviction
N.B. Crown to appeal ruling overturning Dennis Oland's murder conviction
No new trial date yet for Dennis Oland in murder of his multimillionaire father
Oland was released on bail in October after a court overturned his murder conviction and ordered a new trial.

Muise was convicted of first-degree murder for killing Brandon Hatcher in December 2010 in a gun battle in suburban Halifax, and is serving a life sentence.

Marriott was sentenced to 15 years for a 2008 drug shooting outside the IWK Health Centre in Halifax.

Vancouver / Re: Kimberly Lynn Hallgarth May 14 2009
« Last post by Sap1 on March 08, 2017, 08:39:49 PM »
I do also believe he is the perp. Someone lied for him apparently if he has an alibi.
I doubt that he will ever survive - unless he is kept in isolation for the remaining of his natural life span.

It looks like Prisoners have their own  code of "ethics" and sense of justice. It does not matter where they send Garland, he will never be safe.

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