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In my opinion, jellybean...the blood on the jacket is what makes me believe Dennis is guilty...
Also, he did a hell of a lot that day, eh? Here, there and everywhere, even at his mother’s late that night (can’t quite recall...didn’t he return some papers or something?)
is he always that busy?

I agree!- also he took many a trip around the office before he parked, Chicken?  I think he had taken a ping hammer out o his trunk. Placed it in his carry bag or tucked it under his belt.  He had tools that belonged to his father.   a small hammer would have done it.  Fast,sharp with little splatter on him.  Albeit on everything else. He stood behind him, and gave it to him.

Reversed his jacket to do it.
There, I said it!!

I agree Cape, for the same reasons though I don't think you will ever get anymore info from the husband.. He's prepared, you can't beat it out of him..
In my opinion, jellybean...the blood on the jacket is what makes me believe Dennis is guilty...
Also, he did a hell of a lot that day, eh? Here, there and everywhere, even at his mother’s late that night (can’t quite recall...didn’t he return some papers or something?)
is he always that busy?
There are a lot of unanswered questions, why did her husband comment that Jennifer was texting another man before she disappeared,  He would not know that unless he saw her telephone: cell phone was in the home where she disappeared. So that was a slip of the tongue and sort of nailed him to the cross, so to say.  The more he said, the more he hanged himself.  He was too calm, too matter of fact, like he had rehearsed it. But at the end of the conversation, low and behold he sunk his ship:  ("she was texting another man on her cell phone"). In my estimation, that was enough to take him in for serious questioning.  If the RCMP have not watched this news report and latched onto those comments, they all better resign from their positions.  It is open season on women lately.  My prayers to those who are trying to find Jennifer and hope this case does not go cold. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
I believed that Dennis saw the word Will and jumped to conclusions.  He had not been foretold that his father would revisit the Will.  Nor did Dick discuss with Dennis the addition or changes he intended to make to the Will.

Like Baysailor, I believe that the fear of losing his inheritance was part of the motive.

The blood on the jacket was in the lining "mostly" -  especially on the back flap and up the sleeves. No way could this have been created by Dicks bleeding fingers, or in anyway by him.  There was too much of it scattered through out the lining. 

I guess I should go back and review the pic's - memory can be foggy since I have not reviewed the file in a long time.

A thought just occured to me..... could he have removed his jacket, turned it inside out and wore it backwards.  Reversed it back to its original and walked out with a clean jacket?

However, one would think it would have been covered in blood.  It is a real stumper!!

If I recall it was the jacket used as main evidence in the first trial, that carried weight for a re-trial.

I only suggest it was a knife due lack of noise attributable to gunshots and the amount of blood for which neither strangulation nor blunt force trauma can cause. If a knife, you head more towards a deliberate act as opposed a heated discussion gone unpremeditatively  bad.. (sure that's a word) But yes the detail changes how you look at it. The trunk thing and removal of body? Still unexplained satisfactorily.
Maybe it was just easier or faster to place her in the trunk.  If a knife was used, that would change my thoughts  somewhat about the killer.
Interesting scenario that might provide an explanation for what has so far not made much sense. Originally it was suggested that the killer may have been intoxicated. Sure thats possible but in some ways that's an easy way out of finding an explanation that fits with everything else.

A side note though, it appears that Sonia was loaded into the trunk of her car right from the original crime scene at her home. Not sure an act of regret and compassion would result in that as opposed putting her in a front seat and rushing her to the hospital. Panic may or may not be involved here. It does not appear that a gun was used and given the amount of blood left behind it is likely a knife wound which often results in a slower death. There is merit to this idea Solvy imo which then goes to a bit of behavioural analysis to identify the kind of person and possible relationship of that person to Sonia.   
In the tv episode you are probably given as much information and evidence as there will ever be. The police have gone very tight lipped on this one. There may actually be good reason. Note the brief window of opportunity the nite of her disappearance. Firstly she was coerced into staying at the family house by her  estranged husband. He had keys, he knew the neighbours activities and coming and going times. He had an alibi all arranged to place him miles away. One problem with this as a setup though, a daughter lived there.

So if this were a setup for murder, was it then just coincidental too that the daughter arrived at home late for curfew that night and just snuck in and went to bed avoiding her mother unaware that anything had happened in the meantime? Or is that where the questioning needs to go. Obviously a problem area in many aspects, however I doubt Dad is going to kill his daughter to silence a witness if she were. It stinks but this girl may be the only hope left for answers.   
They live on the northern tip of Nfld. They have already gone through one brutal winter, because she has been missing for 18 months. I believe her husband is guilty of her disappearance. He is a fisherman, I do not believe they would find her body on land. I doubt if they ever will find her remains. He is as cool as a cucumber, talking about how strange it is she has disappeared. I believe they have to bring in special investigators and make this guy sweat. She should have never stayed in his home. She was afraid and she did not follow her gut feeling and she should have. I do hope they find her, but a year and a half gone by and not a trace of her anywhere. A botched up investigation at the getgo and just horrible police work on this case. The RCMP have to step it up on investigations such as this. If a spouse is missing and they know there is marital trouble there, they are not doing what they should be to solve these cases. There has been no comments on this site about this case and maybe some persons in the area do not know of this thread.  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
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