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There is indeed an interior door from Printing Plus to the stairwell, as well as a 'freight' elevator at the back from Printing Plus to the upper hallways.

In today's testimony the forensic sergeant said that in March 2014 it was his idea to compare the foot print photos from before and after the removal of Dick's body, but in cross examination a defense lawyer shows the court an email from the previous trial's crown prosecutor to this sergeant stating that the footprint issue will come into play in trial, and that he should downplay the footprint's significance. That's not really kosher. And completely coincidentally, the defense sent an email in January 2014 raising the footprint issue.   

BaySailor, thank you for the info re the accesses to Oland's office. Do you have an idea which door was usually used, eg single door, or through the double doors?

Could you tell me where you read the testimony about the foot print evidence?  TIA

Another revelation, that is news to me, is that the will found on R.O.'s desk was a genealogical will, not his personal one. There had been speculation that Dennis may have snapped if he saw disturbing changes to Dick's will.
Reported missing by his brother Dec. 30, 1981. He last spoke to his daughter Dec. 23, declining her offer to stay over during the holidays. When she went to check on him, it appeared he had not been in his apartment for some time and all personal belongings were left behind. Wilson is described as white, six-foot, 160 pounds, with blue eyes, grey thinning hair, a slim build, fair complexion and a scar on his lower lip.

Hamilton / Re: John Paul Cordeiro | Missing (Dec 15, 1990)
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John is still listed as a Hamilton Missing Person in this recent Spectator article:

Hamilton / William Ruthven, 88. Last seen Feb. 24, 1994. Missing.
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An experienced pilot who worked for Peninsula Air, has been missing since Feb. 24, 1994. He rented a single-engine Piper Cherokee 140 airplane with call sign #CGX GC to take aerial photos. He was flying from Mount Hope to Brampton when, around 1:45 p.m., he said over the radio that he had been injured by something that hit the plane and he could not read his instruments. An air and ground search did not find Ruthven or his plane.

Hamilton / Re: Darcy PUDDICOMB - Missing (January 7th 1997)
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Darcy has not yet been found, as reported recently by the Hamilton Spectator.

Hamilton / Phillip Mullen, 91. Last seen Oct. 4, 1998 - Missing.
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Last seen leaving his family home Oct. 4, 1998. He drove to Niagara Falls. Mullen has Parkinson's disease and did not take medication. Described as white, six-foot-two, 220 pounds, with white hair, blue eyes, and glasses.

Hamilton / Re: Dana ZELIC - Missing (August 30, 1999)
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Dana is still considered a Missing Person in Hamilton, as noted in a recent Spectator article.
Hamilton / Re: Mark EDMONSON - Missing (October 3rd, 1999)
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Mark is unfortunately still a Missing Person, as reported in a recent hamilton Spectator article.
Hamilton / Re: Susan GOURLEY - Missing (August 31, 2002)
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Susan is sadly still a Missing Persons case in Hamilton, as noted in a recent Hamilton Spectator article.
Hamilton / Diane Yates, 46. Last seen Oct. 28, 2002 - Missing
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Went missing from her family home Oct. 28, 2002. She struggled with mental illness and is believed to have died by suicide, but her body was never found. Her glasses and purse were found by the edge of the Niagara River that flows into Niagara Falls. Described as a white, five-foot-two and 106 pounds.

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