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Northern Ontario / Re: Unidentified Female Remains Kenora June 2009
« on: December 22, 2012, 10:50:19 AM »
Attached is an article dated 18 June 2010 that I did not see when initially posting this thread.  The OPP claim she died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

So was a vehicle at the site after all?  Could it not be traced?  Did she die of carbon monoxide poisoning at that site?  Is there some other way she could have generated carbon monoxide other than car exhaust?

Yes you can generate carbon monoxide by other means. In this case I would seriously consider a propane tank. I also see stated below you can be poisoned using clothing like underwear. I am not sure if they ever recovered underweare. I have copied a clipping from sources of carbon monoxide


Concentration   Source
0.1 ppm   Natural atmosphere level (MOPITT)[37]
0.5 to 5 ppm   Average level in homes[38]
5 to 15 ppm   Near properly adjusted gas stoves in homes[38]
100 to 200 ppm   Exhaust from automobiles in the Mexico City central area[39]
5,000 ppm   Exhaust from a home wood fire[40]
7,000 ppm   Undiluted warm car exhaust without a catalytic converter[40]
Carbon monoxide is a product of combustion of organic matter under conditions of restricted oxygen supply, which prevents complete oxidation to carbon dioxide (CO2).
 Sources of carb,on monoxide include cigarette smoke, house fires, faulty furnaces, heaters, wood-burning stoves, internal combustion vehicle exhaust, electrical generators,
 propane-fueled equipment such as portable stoves and gasoline-powered tools such as leaf blowers, lawn mowers, high-pressure washers, concrete cutting saws, power trowels, and welders.[17][32][41][42][43][44][45] Exposure typically occurs when equipment is used in buildings or semi-enclosed spaces.[17]
Poisoning may also occur following the use of a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) due to faulty diving air compressors.[46] Riding in pickup trucks has led to poisoning in children.[47] Idling automobiles with the exhaust pipe blocked by snow has led to the poisoning of car occupants.[48] Generators and propulsion engines on boats, especially houseboats, has resulted in fatal carbon monoxide exposures.[49][50] As part of the Holocaust during World War II, German Nazis used gas vans to kill an estimated 700,000 prisoners by carbon monoxide poisoning. This method was also used in the gas chambers of several death camps.[51]
Another source of poisoning is exposure to the organic solvent dichloromethane, found in some paint strippers,[52] as the metabolism of dichloromethane produces carbon monoxide.[53][54][55] In most light aircraft and some cars the cabin heating system comprises a shroud around the exhaust.[citation needed] Any perforation between the exhaust manifold and shroud can result in exhaust gases reaching the cabin. In caves carbon monoxide can build up in enclosed chambers due to the presence of decomposing organic matter.

There is a sketch at the bottom of the women in glasses. The hardening part is the information on the person profile almost a match exactly. Her age when calculated would be a match. She would 56 in 2009.

Summary   On October 3,1996, Audrey Desjardins dropped her friend and co-worker, Flavie Grenier, at her residence in Welland after working a night shift. Desjardins was driving a red four-door 1985 Ford Crown Victoria. The car was in excellent condition, and there was a Canadian flag bumper sticker on the left rear bumper.
Case #   20080062NRPS
Date Last Seen   03 Oct 1996
Age At Last Seen   43
Date of Birth   28 Oct 1953
Sex   Female
Race   Caucasian
Height (cm)   160 -
Height (Imp.)   5 ft 3 - ft
Weight (kgs.)   52 -
Weight (lbs.)   115 -
Build   Slim
Hair   Blond; Shoulder Length Dyed Blonde   
Eye Colour   Blue
Eyewear Description   
Clothing   Desjardins was wearing a light blue jacket with 2 brown stripes on the front going to the shoulders, and with a belted waist; light blue blue-jean pants with a belt; a salmon-coloured sweater, and black running-shoe styled work footwear. Desjardins was also carrying a black, short-handled purse.
Personal Property   
Location   Welland;
Agency   Niagara Regional Police Service

The remains found are    The remains of a Caucasian female were found in a wooded area in Kenora, Ontario on June 17, 2009 in a small, one-person tent. The investigation revealed that the deceased experienced extensive reconstructive jaw surgery, which was well healed and likely done in a major centre. It is also likely that the deceased wore braces into adulthood and there was staining on her lower teeth suggesting that the decedent may have been a smoker. It is believed the female had been in the tent for approximately a week before being discovered. OPP investigators believe foul play was not a factor in her death. Found in the tent was a hard-cover, used copy of "A Long Way Down" by Nick Hornby, and it included a bookmark from McNally-Robinson Bookstores. (For more details select Unidentified Remains and enter case 20090051OPP)
Case #   20090051OPP
Date Located   17 Jun 2009
Age (Estimated)   35-55
Sex   Female
Race   Caucasian
Height (cm)   160 170
Height (Imp.)   5 ft 3 - 5 ft 7
Weight (kgs.)   47 - 52
Weight (lbs.)   105 - 115
Build   lean, fit

If this is Audrey it would be baffling how she got there. Her car has never been found. The shoes are similar to shoes she would have been wearing to factory job. I also wonder how she would having been living all this time without family contact, in less she felt they could in danger if she would have gone back home or made contact. I have contacted the police but they have not responded to me. Please take a look and let me know what you think. case 20090051OPP AND  compare it to case 20080062NRPS.

*edited to fix quote

I can not help but wonder, with the recent arrest of Mr. Russell William who served at Trenton and had a home in Trenton may have had something to do with this women. I am unsure if they have ever found all the women he had sexual relations with and later murdered. I do know he had scared the life out of other women who could not testify.  He was into younger women and an assortment of women to best of my knowledge. I urge the family and others to question him about this women specifically. It is unknown to best of knowledge all the women he may of killed.  This women seems to fit the profile of his victims. We can only hope they will be able to update all the women this man may have murdered.   

I came across this article and wondered if anyone had an update of the items they had found during the search,or if anyone had any updated information on this case.

I have come across the case of Darlene Yvonne Tucker and noticed disturbing similarities in both persons.  I know it is unknown what Darlene was last wearing. She did go missing in 1983. She had dental work done to numerous teeth. The photo I came across she dose seem to have a sense of style. The size in both women are similar. The age approximate is similar as well.  This is the information I could find on Darlene take a look and let me know what you notice. I know the hair color is off, but I wonder if the hair color could have been changed or turn lighter with the body braking down.

Winnipeg - Before 1990 / Re: Lloyd Schnurr 1972 murder
« on: December 18, 2012, 06:32:53 AM »
Thank you so much for you time,its greatly appreciated.I will look into archives. Do you know if the police department will release information to extend family such as a grandchild.?.

Winnipeg - Before 1990 / Lloyd Schnurr 1972 murder
« on: December 16, 2012, 12:19:15 AM »
I have been seeking information about the murder of my grandfather in 1972 after moving to Manitoba.  I have been unable to find any information pertaining to this case.  Here is what the family knows.
  My grandfather was known to frequently visit local bars. After picking up his pay in 1972 he was badly beaten to his death, to the point he was I.d by dental records.  His body was returned to the family and is now resting in the Fermosa Ontario cemetery. It is not known how many people were involved in his death or why. We assume it was to rob him of his pay.
I am his granddaughter and my grandmother refuses to talk of the case as she has never found closer.  I was wondering if anyone remembers this event. Or how I could find out further information on this case. His name Lloyd Schnurr died in 1972. Manitoba police force responded to the discovery of his body.  I appreciate any help you can offer.

dose any one know if they have tried to find links between this women and Christine Ann Ziomkiewicz. Both women were small. Around the same weight and around the same hair color. I am sure with a smaller women she could seem younger then she would be.  I know there is a 6 year gap but could the remains have been there longer then stated?.  Their height is also similar.I have only seen one photo of Christine and not sure if she had dental work done. I know Kingston is close enough to travel to Napanee to ditch a body.   

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