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I came across a theory I've been sitting on for a bit only because the woman I think this woman may be I can't seem to find an actual missing person's report. I did call the police and they don't seem to have a record for her and it seems out of character since the police do not know where this woman or her kids are but the kids are listed as missing.However I only came across her because she is attached to two missing kids and cross examining other remains found I came across the kids. Looking at the bottom you see a small blur about the mother.  Her name is Joyce Pattison and she's linked to her kids Ashley and Andrew Pattison. I almost didn't even look twice at the mother but for some reason I thought of the remains found in Bowmanville 2006. I took a closer look at the mother and it struck some kind of cord in me that had me come back to this case. The ties I can make between both is as follows.
Joyce Pattison is known to be 5'9" tall weighing only 114lbs. So tall and skinny. D.O.B is 1970 she was known to have scars and a heart shaped tattoo, however the remains found in bowmanville were skeletal so I doubt they know of any scarring as they have very limited info on the actual remains found.  Not even height
However I do know that since the day Tip top stores opened yes they sell prodomentaly men's clothing, however they also staff every store with a tailor. In the 90's I know all too well myself that 5'7 is considered tall and most clothing for women sold height wise are made mostly for the height up to 5'7. Any women taller would need to buy men's jeans as I did often and had them tailored. It wouldn't be uncommon for a women 5'9 or taller would need to shop and buy mens clothing and have them tailored. The perfect store then would have been tip top tailors. Now of course designers make clothing up to 6' for women, not just because of tall women but also men who like to crossdress.  However in the 90's there was still a "certain" women type and most manufactures didn't make clothing for tall tall women.
The fact Joyce is so tall and so skinny could suggest she has/had animea. She had kids could explain the ribbon, and she was born in the 70's so by the 80's could have her own watch.... I do know her last so called contact was in 94 when the kids were reported missing not her just the kids, and the police believed she had abducted her own kids, which is why she hasn't been reported missing by the police and her family or friends have ever reported her as missing. ??? However know one knows where the kids are or her.  I find this extremely odd.  However I do know the shirt was made a small period of time 95/96. She went missing at least since 94 from Hamilton which can't be confirmed. The age of bones and discovery could possibly fit Joyce. The ring could have been sold to her or someone else in 94 the apparent last known time she was alive if say she did abduct her own kids.
After speaking to the police and bringing up some questions they agree with me, it's odd someone that reported the kids missing didn't give any details like they went missing from home, park, school etc. Also that person didn't report the mother as missing. They have very little detail about what the kids were wearing or even a time of approx time they went missing. Again is odd.
I do wonder if the kids could be in the care of someone and the mother is the one missing. It's just an odd case and you can view it using the link at the bottom. I do see some similarities in Joyce's photos and the photo of the unidentified. Even tho Joyce's photo is blurred you can still tell by her smiler she has large front teeth and a small gap in between the two front ones and an overbite.  Take a look here and let me know what you think.  Remember this is just a theory and until we find out more about Joyce we may never know. I do know she may have ties to the U.K but again the police has never been updated of sightings, kids in school etc. However if these kids were raised before the age of 5 they may not remember their real names, or know of their mother. They could have been told anything growing up. We know very little about Joyce like if she a nasal fracture or so one what kind if any jewelry she wore etc.

Northern Ontario / Re: Unidentified Remains Near Webbwood Ontario
« on: September 16, 2017, 01:14:31 AM »
 WAWA, Ont - A forensic pathologist has been sent to the Montreal River Harbour area of Lake Superior to assist the OPP investigation into the discovery of human remains.

The remains were found late Sunday around the southern tip of Lake Superior Provincial Park.

OPP say they are using their unmanned aerial system at the investigation site.

The investigation is led by Detective Inspector Rob Matthews, major case manager with the OPP Criminal Investigation Branch.

Jb I admit going over and over this case the same theme comes out Eddy doing most of the talking/planning. 
First they were to take Eddy's Toyota but NO that was unsafe for the trip. K right here red flag why in the world would he plan to make this trip in the first place knowing his vehicle couldn't make the trip????. So Christina's mom offers her CRV.

Don't get me wrong as a teen even into my early 20's I did a lot of road trips and barely made it past Barrie. People going on a getaway weekend trip don't drive 16 hours. Maybe 2-4hr Spend that time Vacationing and getting back home. ( like going to montreal like they originally planned)  Also Christina was working to support her mom aswell so I image expense were something Christa managed well.
I don't think something happened in that tent but more Eddy luring her out of the tent, taking advantage of her curiosity which we all know kills the cat. I do think sometime early morning happened, she did mention she had to pee or maybe he brought it up. Perhaps he walked with her there to the comfort station but didn't bring her back. Her Cousin (Faith) and Jason were sound asleep from approx 2am until 10:30-11a so they say. The exact time the only accounts taken place were by Eddy.  Also the only one mentioning something kept waking them up. Until they got up early apparently went for this jogg.
Honestly being there NO way in hell did she make that hike, and it doesn't make sense that  Eddy brakes off the jog with Christine because she wanted to stay in the park and jog up to rainbow falls, while Eddy Hike's the Trans can trail to Rossport, he can't even make the hike, writes all their initials in a rock at a picnic stop, returns then around 1pm notifies staff they are going to drive to rossport to see if Christina jogged the entire way he couldn't...... A man who has been training to be a firefighter thinks that Christina could have made a jog he couldn't even with her foot the way it was...  Sending all kinds of red flags.  I feel this may have been more a couples getaway....... but why getaway so far away and why in a place even more isolate than a southern trail they all just recently got lost on???.  I feel this started before the trip when they got lost on a local trail. It's ironic to me they get lost together, head to rainbow falls, and Christina gets lost alone. I'd even take them all going for an early morning swim or late night one when something happens. Perhaps it was all an accident but honestly Christina's family deserves to know.

debbiec Thank you. I always try to give as much detail as I can.
I'm working on getting an underwater metal detector. I was surprised in Christina's missing report there is no mention of jewlery but I know she was wearing earrings, and possibly other jewelry. For some odd reason tho they ( o.p.p) don't list that with items she was wearing. I also don't like the fact that she was with her cousin who was really close to her. Why in the world wouldn't you wait for her to wake before going anyplace???.  I'm going to try and post the pic of the campground map and photos of the falls.

Cana_nomad sorry to take so long to respond, I believe she is a match to the remains found by Napanee

I know at first the span of her missing and the est time of the body found is quite a long time. However I know forensics was nothing then like now. I believe they could be off a few years and the body could have been there sooner than 84/83. however this is the exact type of clothing Theresa wore, the body references are very close weight, height, etc.  Including dental both have extensive dental work some of which may be a match to Theresa.  However if they don't check records in Alberta they won't make a match or since they don't feel she could be a match they won't even try taking a second look.  I have spoken with the Napanee police, Edmonton police, and have contacted the doe network as well. Also I find the bone structure on both to be eerily similar. If you do a side by side of the photos you can actually line up Theresa watermark photo with the remains they are pretty much dead on.  Plus going over the files and old road records. With her missing around the time the CN Tower was just constructed being a journalist I feel would have drawn them to stop by T.O on the trip out. They could have taken the 401 to approx Napnee and with their car not in the best shape may have needed repairs. HWY2  was still used most of the time from Napnee going east as the 401 was still being worked on. 73 was a big year for ontario is terms of expanding. On their trip out I think she would have been building up material to have once they arrived out east for her journalism.

We made a trip to Rainbowfall p.p this Long Weekend (Labor day) We arrived at the park same gates as Christina. We stayed in the same campground area. We camped in site 67 which isn't far from site 88. I have to say since visiting the same park and going to the same places Christina was last known to be I have to say I have some concerns for sure.  I honestly at this point wouldn't rule out any possibilities now that I have spoken to as many people as I have.  However if I was to rule out any possibilities first it would be that she was attacked by a bear.  Yes this park is very North and surrounding areas have problems with bears the park it self really doesn't. Plus they have measures in place such as shutting down trails due to spotted bears, the staff check for activity on the trails often and communicate with locals .  This park is pet friendly and I found the majority of campers have dogs with them. My concerns arise from the last known events of Christina.  First off they change their minds from going to Montreal due to expense of a hotel and they didn't want to stay with friends for the feeling of feeling they would be imposing if they did stay with friends. First I don't think people are aware of the price just in gas to get to rainbow falls park. Gas once you get past Barrie is much much more expensive and much harder to get. Even in 2007 it would have cost them approx $280 one way totalling about $560 round trip if they got gas at 96c in T.O but once in the northern part would have cost them 106-118c/lit.  They would have had to fuel at least three times. I can totally see them running out of gas like they did by Wawa because there is next to NO gas stations on the trans can hwy. The ones that are aren't open late at night and they def cost more. The hwy doesn't have signs that state last chance for gas for 100's of km. I was lucky enough on the trip to know the stretches between sudbury and Le Sue have few gas stations and once past Le sue (Sue Saint Marie) there are few. The ones you can get are far between and even Wawa you have to exit the trans can for a short 2km drive into wawa to get gas. If you're not paying attention to signs you can easily drive right past the wawa exit hwy 101.  I'm not sure how far past wawa they ran out of gas but I'm guessing they missed the exit for it. The price they would have paid on gas would have gotten them a nice weekend in Montreal.
I have to wonder why they opted to camp since only a few weeks before even going to Rainbowfalls Christina had gotten lost using another trail with the same group of friends in southern ON. The Seaton Hiking Trail and that had her rattled. The site would have cost them about $35per night. I'm not sure how many nights they planned on staying as they arrived Sunday around noon Aug. 5 typically people are packing up the sunday for the drive back to T.O or monday if they took the Tuesday off. I'm not sure if she had booked off work for the week or a few days into it as Christina was working at a daycare and had just finished a 9 hours shift the friday of the long weekend. Then leaving Early Sat and arriving Sunday Aug 5th at the park around noon. They switched sites from 77 to 88 for the privacy. They set up camp and a photo is taken the Sunday at 2:25 in front of the tent.  Between 2:25p and 6:30p they do random things except going to the trails, beaches, falls etc and end up napping at 6:30p. They end up sleeping past 7p and waking at 10:30p in complete dark. They hang around the camp eating having a few drink and around 12:08a the last photo of Christina was taken with her around the fire with her cousin. Around 3a Eddy heads for the comfort station to shower and returns around 3:30a thinking everyone is sleeping in tent. He stays up a bit to get the damp out of his hair and enters the tent around 3:40-4a. Christina is slightly a wake  joking about taking a swim. They don't fall asleep and then wake again around 6:30a. Eddy and Christina energize decided to go for a jog just after Christina uses the bathroom at the comfort station. They walk/jog tot he road split right by the gates one heading to the falls one heading to hwy 17 rossport. Christina takes the road to rainbow falls, Eddy takes the road to the trail along Hwy 17.  This is last known confirmed reports of Christina. Eddy arrives back about an hour and two hours later the other campers wake around 9:30a around 11a they start to worry but think maybe Christina is reflecting on a trail some place. At 1:45p they pack into the car get a camp map, and plan to head to rossport when they tell the gate person their friend is missing. The gatehouse keeper tells them no way Christina would make the hike and contact the opp.
  After visiting the park myself I can only share my observation. With Christina having a foot injury NO way would she be able to hike the long walk/jog to the parking area of the falls and back. I walked the road to the comfort station the road to the falls, trails in Whitesand campgrounds, explored site 88, the falls and lake superior trail. First I'll start with the site. Site 88 is very private however just across the road and just to the left is an outhouse. The comfort station is the only one and it's on the main road. The walk is about 15min if you are a fair pace walker if slower about 20 mins. There is also an out house about 4 sites up from the site  another one just across the main road in site 60' 70's.  Even tho the sites are very private the roadways are quite active with people walking, jogging, dogs,  kids, boaters, camp staff. The park is very quite making it easy to hear people even across the camp etc singing, camp doors opening, bikers. The beach isn't packed but it's very busy with people accessing Whitesand lake for swimming, canoeing, kayaking etc. Even tho this park is busy it's very well preserved. There are main trails that as you hike them you can easily get off course, and even at times be right right along the shore of the water.  To walk the road from site 88 to the comfort station then walk to the rainbow falls road is a good 30min, then to jog from the gate road up to the parking area/rainbow falls access trail is a good 45min-60min. Once on the road up to rainbow falls there are many spots to walk/hike trails and west beach which is small but very beautiful and calm. I could totally see her making it to this point and then heading back. Once at Rainbowfalls trail there is a sign in book. When I check the book most people come from Manitoba esp Winnipeg there a quite a bit that come from T.O, Perrysound and I found very few locals that had signed into the trails including the Lake superior trail. Where they still have the sign in book from 2000. I checked all logs and didn't see Christina's name in any of them or any of the person she was with. Out of all of the trails if Christina was going to hike one it would have been rainbow falls boarded walk but even after that the trail is very rugged and no longer a board walk. I find it very hard to believe a person with a foot injury would be able to do the entire rainbow falls board walk or even walk the entire stretch just to get to rainbow falls. The terrain is very thick and the warning signs at the entrance of the trails definitely would deter a person who had recently gotten lost on a trail want to take it alone. You can access the falls off the boardwalk by using man made side trails. However I wouldn't recommend anyone who isn't experience in rock climbing or hiking to do so. My dogs even had a hard time walking in the falls. The part of the trail that takes you to Lake superior would only want to be done by people who know hiking, who are dressed for it, and know the trail system. I think a lot of people picture this short road way to the falls but it's quite a long road it would be just over 3km from road start to parking circle of the trail entrance to the falls. However if she jogged that road to rainbow falls I could see her stopping at west beach and turning around. She very well could have rested and then jogged onto the falls, but she would have been very sore walking back to the site. Perhaps even limping which could have drawn someone to stop and ask if she was okay.
 Looking at park maps on intial thought it doesn't look that far and spread out but it is. It's a very dense forest and the park is quite busy. If Christina made it to the falls I find it hard to believe she would have left the board walk with her foot injury. She definitely would have had to stop several times along the way as there are many steps and it's twisty. There are many side stops where you can view the falls without taking the entire trail. Her being a alone I find it hard to believe she would be able to do the entire jog or hike under 3 hours. Most people drive to the falls and hike from there I seen very few people walking the road to the falls. Christina was last seen with Eddy who stated she wanted to jog the road to the falls this road also has no camp grounds on it. No way would she have taken the Casque isle trail into rossport or to Schreiber(10km)  from the rainbow falls trail. She didn't want to jog along the hwy either and she wanted to stay in the park using beaches within the park which it has two but many little water access places you could easily hang out with your friends without being on a beach part. The road to rainbow falls is 2k the trail is 1.1km and the road from their site 88 to the rainbow falls road is 6km if walking roads there are side trails that take your off the main road into the camp ground circles. For someone not experienced in camping and just gotten lost not that long before going camping to rainbow falls and with a foot injury, I find it hard to believe she would have wanted to be alone at any point in or around this park. Were planning another trip back as there is just so much to explore in this park and we would like to take a closer look around the falls and the part that runs to lake superior. I also wonder why Eddy who wasn't an outdoorsmen would want to walk the park at 3-3:30a alone. Not to mention even tho temp was around 10c at night in the park it would have been colder around 5c around 3a. Thats cold to be walking to a comfort station and back with wet hair.  Our stay it got down to  4c in the park and really didn't warm up until 6-7a when the sun had been up for bit and dried the dew on the ground. I can say thank goodness for the dogs.
 Speaking to locals contrary to other reports most locals don't actually use Rainbowpark only because the old hwy 17 runs right thru Schreiber and from there they access the trails and because the land is surrounded by crown land many locals from Schreiber,Rossport, and Terrace bay crown land camp.  I spoke with Atv users and campers using the crown land. They can access that land anytime they want and don't pay for it. Many locals know the local trails, lakes, rivers etc. They all seemed very friendly and willing to speak to me. If they would have seen a woman alone on a trail they def would have stopped to ask her where is was going if she flagged them down, or if she appeared lost/hurt. Many locals do know one another and usually can pick out out of towners, hikers who are lost etc. People can take trails in rainbowfalls that wonder into crown land esp the rossport trail or Schreiber. However not a lot of people take that trail past the boardwalk because it's 10km. Many locals use those trail from spring to summer and they def would be able to spot out things that are out of the norm. Many people who use these trails around rainbowfalls have grown up in that area and they are used frequently between APR and NOV.  The locals are very aware still of Christina and many of them keep an eye out for anything that may be of help in finding Christina.
 I honestly don't understand why she would walk past 3 outhouses and not use the one right across the road ?. Why would Eddy not an outdoorsmen want to walk alone to the comfort station at 3a in the pitch dark and very cold weather just to sleep in a tent?. Why would Eddy and Christina go out exploring when they all went there to explore and they all had little sleep? Would anyone know if they had all booked the week off of work if they worked? Arriving at the p.p at noon Sunday staying up crazy late 3a sleeping then until 6a when Monday would have been the last day of the holiday there is no way they would have made it back to T.O before  Weds the earliest. I expect they didn't expect the drive to take as long as it did and for them planning just to do something for the long weekend a vacation for Christina this didn't seem like the logical place for them to go. They drove past many many many camp ground much smaller, still very north and remote to make the full trip to rainbowfalls for people not experience something just doesn't sit right. Not to mention with monday being the last day of the holiday many people would have been packing up early to head home (lots of people should have been able to call into the opp with spotting of them in the park and many people stop at the falls first thing in the morning she would have stuck out like a sore thumb walking that road as not many people walk but drive the road to rainbowfalls). Spending around $550 dollars on gas alone to get there and back why wouldn't they have just gone to Montreal?

I have been working on Theresa Pettit case for 2 years now. I have tried to get an investigator in Edmonton to take my calls, but no luck. I believe I have a possible match for Theresa Pettit. I have submitted the potential match to the O.P.P in Edmonton, however they do not always have a person working cold cases, and have not responded to the potential match. I have submitted the possible match to the Doe Network and they have confirmed that Theresa has never been compared to the possible remains that I believe are her or could be.  This is my theory and just a theory so please keep that in mind. If I have any info wrong pls feel free to point it out. :)

On June 9 in 1973 Theresa and Ron loaded up to make a wedding happening in Montreal which was taking place on the 16th. From there they were to hit the maritimes to find work and re-establish a life. We know they made it to Dryden ON from Brandon MB today would be a 6 hour drive, however than more like 8h then as speed limits weren't as high as they are now. I believe 80k was the speed for the trans can hwy then. After that there is nothing except a potential sighting of them outside Sudbury with a broken down car ( however hasn't been fully confirmed it was them) with another male unknown who that could be.

My theory
First off I have to go back to 1973 what happened in 1973. Well just that Feb the CN tower was constructed and it was a big deal then.  Ron and Theresa were adventurous, I find it hard to believe Theresa could resist the temptation of seeing the CN tower. She was also into journalism so she would have wanted to photograph it and perhaps that would have been her first story when she got out East. T.O was the big city in ON in 73 and they could have stopped for the day to continue on travelling. Montreal would only be about 6-8 hour drive from T.O However that would have taken them to the 401 Which was still being constructed past Kingston meaning people would have to travel on the 401 and then at Napanee take Hwy 2. I believe the remains found in 84 by Napanee could possibly match Theresa. I have sent the potential match in already. Everything from hair color, build, dental work, clothing type all seem like they could match Theresa. This would explain why the dental records never matched in Ottawa, Quebec, or Montreal because Theresa had extensive work done to her teeth, they would need to match records out west in Edmonton or where she lived as a child.  Suzy Shier opened their first door in 1966 but had already expanded by 68 into 22 stores across Canada. The jeans may have been sold out west. Also Theresa had nice style since she was journalist. I certainly don't know if she shopped at Suzy Shier or not but then it was the go store for professionals. Also Sudbury one of the exception small towns got a store too, she could have purchased the clothing in ON or out west.  However in 73 The net wasn't like it is now, same with phones. She sent post cards because mail was the easiest way to send messages.  I think more then likely they meet up with foul play around T.O. Chops shops were well operating then which would explain why nothing of theirs has ever been located. It would have been sold privately or sent to hock shops. T.O, Napanee, Kingston areas are known for high crime rates. The body found outside of Napanee was badly beaten in the head that the left side was caved in. This would explain why the sketch isn't clicking with most people because the sketch makes her look like she has bad teeth, but the dental spot tells you she had extensive dental work done including fillings, root canal and so fourth.  I know I had seen a photo of Theresa and she was wearing jeans, we know that Jeans is something or type of clothing fitting Theresa style.  The kicker is how long between her missing and the remains being est TOD. (time of death). I think the TOD is wrong. Living in Kingston now I know Napanee and Kingston areas don't have winter like the rest of Ontario. We don't get nearly as much snow, it's usually still warm into Dec and really doesn't snow until the end of Jan,Feb, March and april/may we're able to work the soil.
It's believed the remains were dumped there,  and were in skeletal state I believe more thank likely TOD should be earlier around 77-82.
Ron we know is the eldest of 6 boys and he was farm raised. I know personally the farm life Ron would have been taught mechanic skills, and he would have been used to adapting to weather, terrain etc.  As I understand from all the writing Ron was used to the beetle, he would have known how to steer it to a safe stop and he would be used to the car going out of "control" basically knowing how to keep control. Neither Ron or Theresa had intimidating builds making them a good target with a fully loaded car. Also being a teacher before leaving he prob had a route in mind he wanted to take. However being adventurous I'm sure they planned on making lots of stops along the way. I have no idea if they were to stay with friends/fam while travelling, or staying at hotels/motels.  Not being from Ontario and having Alberta plates would make it even more tempting for a criminal to target them. Someone simply could have seen a fully loaded car with Alberta plates and  thought they struck gold. More than likely they weren't forced to a bank because ATM's didn't exist then, they physically would have a had to go into the bank to take money out. Being away from their normal branch would have meant showing all Id, account book etc. With everything they had their attacker never would have had them clean out their account. Banking was more personal then and a bank then never would let you just clean out your savings. If you wanted large amounts you had to talk to a bank manager and usually had to come back in a week or so for the funds. You had to tell them all the why's what' when' how to get the money out or the bank never would give it. It would just be easier to cash in the car and all their stuff.

This also explains why No one recognized the U/K (unknown) women because she isn't from Ottawa, Montreal, or Quebec. She's prob from out of province where a photo never would have circulated unless a person from ON took a paper out with them. Or unless a journalist caught wind of the remains and decided to do an out of province story. We know then newspapers ran a strict budget where they really only wrote on local stuff. I think to find any of their things you'd have to know what kind of books they had, jewlery etc and hit antique stores to find their stuff that has been split up, sold, and given away that could still be circulating.

To those of you that have been volunteering your time don't be discourage by the police. First off the O.P.P don't have a full time cold cases detective. I've hear it all but by far the best is " we don't work with PIs". You have to contract each branch and find an investigator that's in the mood to listen to you. Edmonton station is horrible I sent this into to them 2 years ago, and I don't think anyone has ever look into it. The detective noted on Theresa poster isn't in that position any more, and leaving e-mail or voice messages get you no place. Your really have to hound them. For submissions try the doe network Mary is great, and usually responds within 48hr to let you know if they have ever ruled out your potential match. Don't take the way the police treat you to heart, most don't even know how to handle information like this, and most don't even care to hear from the public. Just take joy in knowing your annoying the crap out of them while helping 1000's of families. I know it's frustrating but you can't give up.

Would anyone know if she had fillings in her teeth?

Well it's been a long two years, and even tho we have made connections we didn't have before I have to admit we will continue looking.  :-X

Thank you everyone for your dedication to this case. I have since been able get back in contact with family members and we are pushing forward. I will follow up when I can and please do not get offended if I am not able to get back to you the same day you send me message. I promise I will once I get a chance I always do.

Okay Everyone I have to admit I don't normally do this, but to be honest I have gotten a lot more information from everyone here working with us to solve this case. I can't tell you why I am posting this but I will tell you we believe we have made a connection with another girl that went missing in the 60s not far from where Noreen went missing. With this abduction two men seen a car and a good script of the man. I really need to know if any of you know weather this hat looks similar to the one seen worn by the man that was spotted with Noreen. It's called a Fedora. Also man was seen driving a car similar to a Renault.

"Two workers driving home from the nearby American Motors plant saw a man in a dark blue Renault station wagon or a small or compact size European model, dark blue or black in color, with a chrome section across the back. This man was at the side of the road talking out of the window to a little girl in a red coat. One of the workers saw in his rear view mirror how the girl got into the car, which then drove straight past her home." End quote this is from the other missing girl case. I don't want to put her name as to alarm ppl but the OPP aren't whiling to listen yet so I really need your help.  I believe Noreen got into this car and this man is linked to both girls. I just made the connection at 3am this morning we are working around the clock on this. Please would anyone know as I know three girls seen the car that night with Noreen in it. I feel they look similar and ppl could have thought it was a Ford Prefect but it could it also have been a Renault that she got into.

THANK YOU EVERYONE YOU HAVE ALL BEEN A PART OF THIS CONNECTION. I will not say who sent me a PM about the hat bothering you but your message gave me goosebumps and I know when I get them it's a connection I can not explain. Please if you think this man could be the man involved in both cases and this hat and car very well match what was seen with Noreen that night. Also I will post the link in the cases once I get a response from this message. THANK YOU AGAIN EVERYONE

Thank you logical that dose help.
I have a photo of her but I have no physical features to go on. The only thing that would be an amazing help would be to locate a photo of her parents or either parent. Reasoning if Noreen was held captive for some time she could have aged and I may be able to put together an age progressed sketch of her. With that we may be able to match her to a Jane Doe that very well is just waiting to be ID. After much investigation in this case and many many many searches. Without putting to much out there as it's only my conclusions, but I have been able to match some things that very well may point to her being abducted that night and she could have been held for some time years maybe even. At this age everything about her would have changed, her body shape, height, depending how well she was cared for very well would have changed her body type slender or obese depending on what her abductors goal were.She may have or may not have given birth ect. This would all depend on how long she was held for or even if she escaped.  She very well could have been taken anyplace especially since in 1963 our road ways  were just getting started. We barley had a 401 and trans Canada hwy was nothing like it is today.   
If anyone knows the family and can contact them pls let them know I have been trying to get in contact with them since our last conversations. :)

If anyone has physical features of Noreen could you please send me a private message. We don't have much to go on and we have been having issues getting in contact with surviving family members.Thank You

I haven't posted on here for some time simply because we are in full swing of investigating this case.  I can't comment on to many things in the open, but I will inform those interested that I have located the old Allison farm, and we are not ruling out anything at this point.   The hardest part thus far is simply tracking down people and getting them to feel confident in the research that is being done.  We have graphed a large area of Bowmanville and will continue to rule out locations as we search them.  At this point I am hoping anyone that has information we find and ask the right questions and second we can side with them and have them understand that at this point I want any information there is and I am not about to doubt anyone about what info they have. I know police are more septic but honestly its about bring Noreen home and not so much about the justice anymore.  The family just wants her to come home, and we are planning on that happening weather its tomorrow or a few more years we will continue to search for her.

In the police defense we have to be understanding of the times and era that crimes like this were happening.  We have learned so much from the lack of information collected during investigations like this one that we have learned so much from what they didn't do. Yes it makes it extremly hard to go back in time when they were unable to collect evidence simply because they were uneducated about what kinds of things to ask and what kinds of things to note. Like the body language of people they questions or their surroundings.  Police were more used to young girls wanting to be rebels and runaways then the likely hood of them being kidnapped.  Yes there mistakes especially in this case but again we have to focus on what we have learned and what info we have.

Feel free to message me privately if you want to be a part of the search or if you think you have any info weather it is straight from the source of third party we can rule out info as we research it, and I don't want to make the mistake of not taking someone seriously just because. I have no excuses for that mentality and we will continue to take all info seriously.

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