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With no witness to the murder and no weapon I suppose the crown just doesnt think they have a winnable case.

I don't think the fact that someone is uninterested in selling their land is suspicious. That would make for a lot of suspicious people in Nova Scotia, including myself.

She got on a bus and was never seen again.

....Where did that come from?

Yes, that's what I'd like to know. There was never any word of her ever getting on a bus. In fact, I understood friends were picking her up. The last known sighting of Kimberly, as I understood, was in the parking lot of Canadian Tire. I never once heard that she got on a bus.

Also, I just heard on the news today that there was no signs of any remains on the property the police were searching in Shad Bay. As I understand this search is discontinued. Another failure to get information.

LE stated that they didn't find human remains but that they did remove potential evidence for examination. Not a failure yet.

He was only 16 years old and with the right guidance he can become a very successful person in our society. Some people who have experienced tragedies such as he has have gone out and helped people that have been in similar situations such as talking to kids in schools about the dangers of living on the streets. He is an asset to our country because he is a person who has been there. I don't consider him damaged goods, I consider him a person with a wealth of information that can steer young innocent kids to a life that is safe.

Well said.

If everybody online, in the paper and on the news continues in saying that the kid is damaged goods or scarred  for life etc., etc., sooner or later the kid is going to believe it. Give him a chance please, people have come through similar things before.


While loathe to argue with an august publication like the Globe I do feel it necessary to correct the writer's belief that first, Dick was the older brother; he was not, by 4 years or so, and thus Derek was not untraditionally designated as the heir apparent, and second, untraditional just plain ole aint a real word. Leastwise, not one the venerable Globe should use.       

There is no question that the Oland family have been benevolent and pro-active, and are upstanding members of their community.  In fact they are considered members of the Canadian "establishment" recognition of their "old money" status and continued success over generations.

In contrast to the "nouveau riche" who feel a need to flaunt their new found wealth, the established rich like the Olands can wear "frayed, 40-year old Burberrys", which they seem to do more often than not.  Their status is secure. 

 It goes without question, that the Olands are powerful, and have been for generations.  They have contacts and influence far beyond Saint John, so we can imagine how almost "untouchable" they are in their "hood".  This is not judging them negatively, it is just acknowleding the reality of their wealth and influence.

So when it comes to an Oland being murdered--by someone he knew--and a family member possibly being a suspect--it is logical thinking to be concerned for the police investigators and  the Crown Attorney who have to put a case together.  That doesn't mean that the Oland family is not cooperating, and it is unfair to suggest that they aren't.

The Oland's are not that different. RHO (and his brother) liked fast and expensive cars. He had just bought a new $100k plus BMW 7 series a year or so before his death, and had started competing in world class sailing events in a world class yacht. On the other hand, few of the Oland kids went to private school, most choosing public schools and having 'normal' friends, kids of accountants, or doctors, or the local minister. They could argue over wills or money or even launch a lawsuit to get it. They are pretty normal folk, but with more money than most. There is no conspiracy of the 'establishment' or the wealthy, though they do have the ability to hire a more expensive and larger legal team than most do. And, on the other hand, don't think that the crown isn't going to put their top litigator on this and spend more than they would have had the victim been a King Square bench dweller.             


Court was told that the majority of the items sent for forensic analysis have yet to be processed. I think there is little LE can do at the moment other than review the forensic analysis summaries as they arrive and hand them off to the Crown to, eventually, decide upon a laying of charges or a Declination of Prosecution.   

RHO did a fabulous job running the Canada Games project. The games ran well and on (or near) budget and perhaps even more important, the structural legacy they left for Saint John continues to this day. However, his prickly personality and impulsiveness were, I suspect, the primary obstacles to any other successes in his work life which was less than outstanding, and most likely a significant factor in his death, IMO. When one has the energy, drive, and ability to focus narrowly on a goal one can often achieve those goals, but other things or people are sometimes ignored in the process and everyone loses.   


Don't know if it has any significance but the above employment status/statement, according to a google of the firm's current active investment dealers, appears to no longer be so.

Dennis has not returned since his father's death.

There isn't a defense lawyer or defendant in the world going to trial who is not taught to say "I am looking forward to the trial...  to prove my innocence". 


I agree that the Chief of Police has read this correctly.  There would be various reasons for LE to make the determination that the killer was known to RO.  One as you noted would be the degree of violence which denotes anger, and I will assume that he wasn't robbed of money, credit cards or valuables from his office. 

They may have identified someone on one of the surveillance cameras, and received an explanation that didn't sit well with them or they have some other reason for focusing their initial attention on a specific person (s).  I think this case is a slam dunk and they need hard evidence to proceed.  Of course, my opinion only.

I'm with ya, I'm afraid. And if the hard evidence is not forthcoming I suspect the only other avenue to a conviction would be a killer who has remorse get the better of him. 

The biggest benefit wealth would have in this case would be two fold: first, the Oland family could easily afford to hire private detectives/ retired detectives etc. to seek out the perpetrator if they felt the local LE had run out of steam. Second, whomever were to be sent to trial, wealth is the great 'un'equalizer when it comes to finding quality and quantity of legal counsel. I doubt connections would play much of a role in the investigation except to pressure police to make an arrest, and I expect that is more likely to come from the Mayor's office and business community than the victim's family.   

The family was in residence that week. My understanding is that of recent RHO's not coming home at night was not entirely unusual but please note that understanding is based on hearsay.       

I went to the bar for the Moose but the lineup was too long. I'll go back in a minute. Wearing my Sebago's. Topsider's, good Lord! 

The Miramichi is a long way to go to hide evidence. LE is probably just checking everyone's movements, including RHO in the days and weeks before the murder.

I think you are quite right here.

Despite the fact that LE stated RHO knew his murderer, perhaps it was a random individual who saw the light on in the office. If the door was unlocked...  Uptown SJ clears out at night except for a few pubs and clubs most of the nightlife is at Market Square -- there's Thandi's and The Canterbury Lounge, but all the other businesses would be closed at 5 or 6.

I says uh uh. Don't forget O'Leary's right around the corner there. During the summer and Xmas holidays it's full of the Rothesay 30-45'ers. If I want to see the old crowd that's where we go. And RHO's office is only a hundred yards away.

I'm still with the LO on this. With Dick's sometimes volatile personality he certainly could tick people off and more than a few people weren't happy with him, or at least by times weren't happy with them. He was kind of a love him or hate him kind of guy, and thus it seems likely to me that the killer knew him well and was angry. The method and circumstances of the murder to me also suggest anger (unless it was a drug addled or psychotic stranger).

R.I.P. Dick


FWIW, I knew him for an awful lot of years and he was never less than friendly to me.     

If you were the Un-Sub where might you dispose of a murder weapon in Saint John & environs?

A) Toss from the Reversing Falls Bridge
B) Lily Lake
C) Spruce Lake
D) In the bog across from Fox Farm Rd.
E) Somewhere along Water Street
F) Keep the evidence until evening and bury it away from your property.

When I If I dispose of a murder weapon in SJ I hurl that baby as far as I can into the Kennebecasis from a quiet spot. Between the tide and the river current that water moves a lot. I wouldn't do that at the Renforth Rowing Club or wharf because divers are often in there working on moorings and could find it, as could an ice fisherman reel one in from a shack come winter. If I was thinking I like the Water street idea but having just committed an amateur murder, probably in a fit of rage, I might not have my (few) wits about me. And in June, there might be cruise ship passengers and Vendors about. 

If I carried the thing with me a little further I'd toss it in the sewer treatment lagoon off of Maliseet Drive in Rothesay, particularly if that was handy to home. Few people dive in there (one hopes!).

(comment removed by poster with apologies)

(former) Rothesay Club rat


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