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Calgary / Re: Sandra Mykytiuk-Evans - 56 - Missing - Dec.29, 2012
« on: January 25, 2013, 04:46:50 PM »
SAP, I wholeheartedly agree... people who are trying to cope with mental and physical health issues can often feel like they are being a burden if they express how they truly feel so often they suffer in silence.  I hope for Sandra and her family's sake that she is okay but I don't think she is.  There has been such a noticeable lack of publicity in this case so either the police/family know something that they need to keep quiet in order for her to come home or they believe she is no longer alive.

Calgary / Re: Sandra Mykytiuk-Evans - 56 - Missing - Dec.29, 2012
« on: January 22, 2013, 06:02:28 AM »
The idea of Sandra going for a walk has always seemed strange to me.  Also, most people have certain winter items that they were when they go outside and they don't deviate much from that unless they have an endless wardrobe or a shopping additiction so the statement the family made about not knowing if there was any clothing missing has always bothered me too.  People that live together generally see the patterns/habits of others around them.  I don't have a good feeling about this case at all!

The "Loved and Missing" site posted yesterday that Marshall had been located and was safe so they removed all information pertaining to him from their site.  The pages that his mother started have also been removed.  Here's a screen cap of from Mr. Smyth's page explaining his side of things (I scribbled over the other name to protect the person) :o ....

The Vancouver Sun recently did a Google map showing all of the murders in the Vancouver area between 2009 and present.  It would be interesting to see if a map of the missing men from BC would have similar clusters.

Here's the map -

Other BC Locations / Re: double murder investigation - Vanderhoof
« on: January 20, 2013, 04:14:28 PM »
My understanding is that Vanderhoof has a lot of drug activity going on and that goes hand-in-hand with violence and/or deaths.

Jellybean, the man you are referring to is Fribjon Bjornson and his murder and Madison's disappearance were months apart, Madison disappeared in May 2011 and Fribjon's remains were discovered in January 2012.  The TV show 48 Hours started that bit of misinformation as well as a whole lot more.

He has been safely located now.

Calgary / Re: Sandra Mykytiuk-Evans - 56 - Missing - Dec.29, 2012
« on: January 20, 2013, 08:55:37 AM »
According to what I've been reading on another forum, dogs were used at Edgworthy Park, helicopters were used around the park and the neighborhood where Ms. Mykytiuk-Evans lived, police divers have checked out the river that flows through Edgworthy park.  The searches were done in the beginning of January and nothing official has been done since then.  Posters are slowly going up but there has been little mention in the media since early January.

According to a family member, the last time Sandra was seen was approx. 6 pm on Saturday and when the family member returned home the following morning around 8am, she was gone.  The house was locked and the family cannot determine what clothing might be missing, if any.

The weather was cold and the sun was down...not an ideal time to go for a walk without boots, jacket, mitts, etc.  I've attached a weather report from that day.

There is a FB group set up but there is not much activity there either.  How can someone just disappear off the earth like this and why are people not gathering to search?

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links to another forum where this case is being discussed but there is more information at (moderators - please remove the link if it is against policy).

Calgary / Re: Sandra Mykytiuk-Evans - 56 - Missing - Dec.29, 2012
« on: January 12, 2013, 07:50:45 AM »
Calgary Police Service news release video -

Another news story -

Still no sign of missing Calgary motherFamily holds vigil for missing Calgary woman

Calgary / Sandra Mykytiuk-Evans - 56 - Missing - Dec.29, 2012
« on: January 12, 2013, 07:44:27 AM »
First article/video...

Family of missing woman issues emotional plea for return (with video)
 By Clara Ho, Calgary Herald January 3, 2013
Read more:

Carol's case has always haunted me and it needs to be solved!  I have no personal connection to Carol but her story is somewhat familiar.

My mom was married to a psycho who stalked her for a year when she left him.  He was investigated and charged with uttering death threats and his many weapons were confiscated by the officers at a small town SK RCMP detachment.  My mom's ex had become friendly (drinking buddies) with some of the officers and they let that friendship interfere with their jobs every time my mother called them.  He terrorized her and the police wouldn't take it seriously because they thought her ex was "such a nice guy" and an "upstanding business man".  He was so nice that they even gave him 1 rifle back so that he could go hunting that fall.  >:(  Living in a small town often means that professional boundaries get blurred because everyone thinks they know one another.  I have met many officers over the years that I wouldn't trust with my life because they were unprofessional and had too many relationships within their communities.  That being said, I've also met wonderful officers who I respect in every way.

Asking for someone to review the RCMP actions is a joke because they police their own people and it's difficult/impossible to be objective.  It would be interesting to know if DC spent any time socializing with the local constabulary...

The placement of the monument required special transport and equipment to move it.  I don't understand why that part of the case hasn't been solved.  How many monuments have been produced that look just like that one?  You don't just go to the corner store and buy them, usually they have to be pre-ordered and a deposit made.  Someone has to know something about it!

Another news story I found with a bit more information -

Man says he's been unfairly targeted by RCMP as a potential suspect in slaying

The latest update I could find:

Five years later, RCMP seek tips in woman's killing
Diane Paul was shot in her Dauphin-area home in March 2007

I was born in this small city and I visit my Grandma in Dauphin every year.  We go to Thunder's Restaurant for supper each time we visit and my Grandma mentions Mrs. Paul.

 This murder is still being whispered about but no one has come forward with information to lead to a conviction yet. This lady was a well known in the community and my Grandma and some other family members knew her.  I forgot about her story until recently so I'm adding her case here in hopes that someone might be able to add something relevant.  Here is her story:

Mayor's wife slain, Manitoba town abuzz

Regina / Re: Matteo Joseph Toscano - 39 - Missing - December 9, 2012
« on: December 29, 2012, 07:32:20 AM »
A sad update.  My condolences to his family.

Missing Regina man found dead

Regina / Re: Tara Fawn Chartrand (Shingoose) - Murdered - Sept. 16, 2012
« on: December 23, 2012, 07:56:51 AM »
There is another woman missing from Regina this fall?

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