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I remember quite well when this young man went missing and thought it was a real mystery.  It was never made known if he was into drugs or hung around with persons who were doing drugs. It just seems as if someone was waiting for him on that day.  I really feel that maybe a psychic investigator could have helped in the beginning.  There are several in Canada, I have seen them on programs and they have solved many crimes.  This must be terrible for his family, not knowing what has happened to him.  The fact that he called from a pay phone, he should have asked for help if he was in trouble.  Another case that I sure someday will be solved and maybe more information should at this time be given to the public here in Nova Scotia.  Obviously everything hasn't been made known to the public. Hope the matter is solved.  ??? ???

Has anyone checked to see if he could have gone to Europe and maybe put his missing person's face on the news over there?  I think he just wanted to have adventure in his life, because he withdrew sums of money and he did not go to work.  He knew he was going to do this, I feel that.  I feel sorry for his girlfriend and all the family, but I believe he did this himself and he could have gone to meet someone. He was quiet, he could have had a secret girlfriend or boyfriend, who knows, these days this happens.  I sure hope that you find out what happened to him.  He is a handsome man and maybe he wanted adventure. Hope he comes home.   ??? ::)

Toronto / Re: Patricia Real | Murdered | Etobicoke | July 17, 2000
« on: May 27, 2008, 04:24:49 PM »
So sad this has happened to this woman. It sure sounds like the ex had something to do with this. Especially if he did not want the affair to end.  I hope every stone was unturned in relation to his alibi. He could have made arrangements with someone to do this and paid them off.  Maybe if a close look was taken he had paid for a hit on Patricia. Not enough was done to solve this crime, for sure. The person definitely wanted her dead and did not touch the person with her.  Someone definitely should be talking by now.  Maybe a re-enactment on TV would bring something up.  Do it sometime on the news, keep it on for a week.  Just a thought from an armchair sleuth.

When you have a gut feeling about something, follow it.  The family is very likely right, she did not go jogging. Something happened and somebody is covering it up. These people should all be taken separately and questioned about her disappearance. That is why some of these cases go cold, initially the police just take the stories with a grain of salt. If I went camping with someone and they never came back with me, I would never be able to rest until I found out what happened to them. These people should be grilled extensively on Christina's disappearance.  Hope you find out what happened to her, all the best to the family and HER REAL FRIENDS.

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