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These people were so well known in the community and maybe some jurors had their minds set, guilty, without even taking the evidence presented and picking it apart piece by piece. You absolutely have to start with a blank page and listen to every detail of the evidence, which I don't think a lot of ordinary people do.  The fact that no weapon found and no cell phone.  I feel it was premeditated, because if it was done in anger, a fit of rage in the moment, I don't think they would have thought to take the cell phone.  Just my opinion.

 I do believe Dennis is not guilty of the crime. He has gone through two trials and it is hard to believe that this has gone on for eight years, it seems like maybe two or something.  I believe the citizens of N.B. have to believe in the justice system and move on.  I did believe in this trial he would be found Not Guilty.  I mean put yourself in his place, anyone out there. No proof whatsoever of this man committing this crime, all circumstantial evidence. It could have been anyone who had an anger issue against the victim. He was a shrewd business man and known not that easy to get along with.  I stand by the Judge's decision and wish Dennis Oland all the best in the future and to his family who have endured two trials and years of going through all of this.  I hope the public accepts the decision in this matter and everyone embraces Dennis in the community.

Yes, the money laundering issue has been going on for years. There are so many wealthy people from other countries laundering money, oriental money, we all know that.  I actually believe that Lindsay saw an interaction of a great deal of money changing hands and possibly law officials or someone in a high profile situation was involved. It is so sad that she did not tell her dad the information she wanted to tell him. She was in real estate and that is where all the crime was going on.  She made a grave mistake of not confiding in someone what she did see.  It seemed she knew a lot of undesirable people in her social life.  He may be successful and I hope he is.   I do believe he should have gotten someone else to do undercover work in this situation.  I don't hear of too many cases being solved by the BC  RCMP, there doesn't seem to be great detectives and sincere persons working on the force. We've heard plenty of sad stories in the past related to police investigations.  When someone puts their faith in a department that isn't doing their job and letting things slide by the wayside, nothing will ever be resolved. We are supposed to go to police forces for help, but to be shut down or interrogated in an unprofessional way, it has to be degrading to any citizen of Canada. We do know there are great police officers out there, they do have compassion and are there to help. Also there are some not so professional officers that use their power to hurt the system and not to help it.

Today Lindsay's father was on Dr. Phil.  He claimed that the police are not doing a proper job of investigating the case. He said that he feels there is some kind of a cover-up on this case. He also indicated that he was in contact with them several times and after two years they concluded that it was being treated as a "cold case".  He said he had made such a fuss over the case being closed that then they said, no, it wasn't a "cold case".  Because if they say that, then they have to give him all the information and they are not able to do that, indicating they are still trying to solve it.  I feel he is right about this.  Victoria is quite a nice city and also easy to get around, because I lived there for two years.  I was so shocked to hear of this case and cannot believe it was not solved.  He stated that Lindsay did tell him that she saw something she shouldn't see.  She did not tell him what it was and said she would, but not right now.  When she received the call on that particular day for her appointment, she was kind of suspicious of the call, talking with a woman all the time and then with a male person.  A witness saw two people with her on that day and they were going into the home.  A witness that was driving by and knew Lindsay, they just casually looked because they were driving.  I feel also that her father is correct on this, that they are not doing anything to investigate this case.  There are many unsolved cases on the west coast and I wonder what in the heck is going on with these officers.  They don't seem to be solving a lot of murder cases.  They would rather chase someone and arrest them for a joint or something stupid. Anyone knowing anything about this case is urged to call Crime Stoppers or the police in the area of the crime. Somebody out there knows who did this horrific crime and 11 years is way too long for it not to be solved.   :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

I am surprised that nothing was ever found of all the posts from the original thread.  Maybe it was being scrutinized for some investigation purpose. Hopefully it was. Who knows, we may have hit on something with so many discussions. A long time, but it seems like yesterday since this young child went missing. A mystery, as mysterious as the Jon Benet Ramsey case, which was never solved. They were on the wrong track on that case also. The parents were absolved of any involvement. Also there was DNA found at the scene, never identified. I think the investigation got off on the wrong foot on this case and a great deal of time was lost. Prayers to everyone involved, the parents, the police and maybe Kyron is still with us. Just a great mystery.

The DNA that time was non existent so to say. I think there could have been some people who had instincts of who may have committed this crime and did not want to come forward. They may have been afraid of naming someone that they were suspicious of.  Many times crimes would be solved if people did come forward with their concerns.  I really believe that someone did know who committed this crime, how could they cold bloodedly bury someone alive and act normal, once the news story came out.  People that remember that crime today, should rehash over in their minds and jot down information that they do remember, it still maybe helpful.

It is great that we can all sit in our chairs and think about what went on or imagine in our minds the day of the crime and how we think it really happened. The jacket has been the point of great discussion. However in our minds if we think about all the blood that was spattered about the crime scene, a great deal. I saw some pictures last week that were on a TV program, W5 or Fifth Estate, not sure. I think it would be incredible if the person was not covered in a lot of blood, their skin and hair must have had blood on it. The dry cleaner indicated to remove blood from a jacket would take a special solution. So he indicated that was not the case, there was no special solution or no visible blood on the jacket, from my memory of what he said. Whoever did the crime, if it was Dennis, would certainly have to remain calm enough to remember to remove the cell phone and also to take the weapon with him and discreetly get out of the building without anyone noticing his departure, and this would all be during daylight hours.  It just is so unreal to me that nobody saw him, no eye witness seeing him leave the building. The gentlemen that heard the noises, unusual that they didn't investigate, since they knew that possibly Richard was working in his office.  It is all circumstantial.  I thought that if Dennis did do this crime, that once he was arrested that he would have folded, said yes, I did it in a rage, I couldn't take it anymore, but that is not what happened.  That is why I am feeling some doubt.  What kind of a person can be so calm, cool and collected, if they committed the crime of killing their own father, no matter what the history was. From the program I watched, it said that Richard Oland was not a well liked man and had lots of enemies.  So when you think of it, there is a some doubt, a smidgen of doubt.  So this decision is by judge alone, but if it was a jury, I believe they would find him guilty.  Of course, you never know which way the wind blows there either.  I used to work for a judge years ago and he used to say: "If he wasn't guilty, he wouldn't be here." ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Since you both are discussing this fact regarding the blood and possibly someone wearing a cover up suit in case of getting blood or DNA on their clothing, I feel that would be a crime of premeditation. However, then it discounts a murder of rage and flash anger. So that would take that theory out of the mix. I am more apt to think that this was a planned murder, maybe not a long term plan, but maybe on that very same day that the crime occurred. They would have to be in possession of a weapon. They would have to in some way protect themselves from blood spatter. We have all been told that there was blood everywhere. So that would mean, clothing, shoes, face, hair, blood would be everywhere on a person. I do believe they focused on one individual for this crime. There was no eye witness to the exact time this happened. Also the police indicated they did not check the other exit to the building, when they were doing their investigation. So someone very well could have left without being seen.  There is enough doubt to possibly find Dennis not guilty. We will have to wait and see and the Judge alone is making his decision and knows all about the rules of law and evidence. It is not like a jury, then there are 12 people who make the decision. So it will be very interesting to know what will come out of all of this trial.  I think there is a possibility that he will be found Not Guilty.  :o :o :o :o :o

I also am wondering why there has been no posting on this thread for a long time.  I certainly am interested in the photos, Lost, thanks for finding this information. Just adding to the posts, I too am with your thoughts on this Lost, I believe it was a planned meeting. I think she planned to meet someone, went to mail the letters and did not want to tell the girls where she was going, by covering and saying she was going for a walk. Well not many people go for a walk in the area she would have walked, by themselves. It sounds kind of scary to me. I would never walk alone at night at all, no matter how safe you think you are, unless it is only a block and you can see your house from where you are. I believe it was someone she knew the person.  Also it is quite interesting related to the red car.  It was such a high profile murder at that time and it wasn't solved, when they had so many officers dealing with the case. And then it could have been a person who was working in the area and just left town and moved on. A mystery that hopefully will be solved. :o :o :o :o

Well this time it's in the hands of "Judge alone", he will make the decision and weigh the DNA evidence and the circumstantial evidence and  testimony of witnesses and all the rules that come with the making of a decision. If Dennis remembered too much, it would look like he was remembering every minute of the day to cover his alibi. So if he says things that he forgot this and that, it may look normal.  He may know exactly what he did to cover up his crime. It is unusual for him to take the stand and this is kind of the last straw, he's hanging onto the last bit of hope there is and this can be the only thing he can do to help save himself from years in prison. So it will be up to the Judge in this case and I don't think it will be a flash decision. :o :o :o :o :o

jobo, I believe that this mistress was in the picture for quite some time. So his wife may have been used to late hours of his arriving at home and after all he was a very high profile business man and they always seem to work long hours and not join the supper table. It is very unusual that the person that killed the victim came with the intent to do so. I do believe it was premeditated, in the fact that if things did not turn out the way they wanted, they came with a weapon to commit murder.  They had the quick thinking to take the cell phone and also the weapon, after committing the crime. They or he may have not been aware of others in the building, below the office of Dick Oland.  Whomever killed Dick Oland, had a plan, preparing to commit murder if they couldn't get what they wanted. Most of the evidence is circumstantial in this case against Dennis O'land, no weapon, no cell phone, no eye witness. The evidence of blood on a jacket inside sleeve, is that enough to get a verdict in this new trial. You'd have to be sitting there listening to the trial and get a real feel of what was happening there. It is hard to know with tidbits of this and that what will happen this time around.  Another week or more on evidence and then that will be the defense resting it's case. It will be interesting to see what happens in this case.

Just commenting on the CTV news report today on the witness for the defense MLA gentleman. He indicated he was in the restaurant directly across the street the evening in question. He indicated he saw someone leaving the building in question. However, he did not say anything about the identity of the person.  In the fact that he and his wife dine there quite frequently, he was questioned as to if he was sure it was that evening that he saw someone coming out of the building. His answer then was, he couldn't be sure because it was eight years ago and a lot of time has gone by.  However, in my opinion only, if I had supper at a restaurant and a murder occurred the same evening, across the street, I damned well would remember it. If I found out the next day after dining out that a well known business man was murdered across the street, I would be freaking out. I certainly would try and recall the events of the evening and would surely comment on it.  I just find this out of the ordinary.  Maybe he didn't see Dennis, he could have seen some other person and doesn't want to identify him because he is afraid.  He must have been on a list before of witnesses, because he did not testify in the first trial.  It would be interesting to know what he saw.  Maybe he would agree to go under hypnosis. I know I am a real Agatha Christie here, but that would be very valuable information to the accused's case. I believe that the witness saw and knows who the person was, whether it was Dennis or someone else, I believe he doesn't want to have such an important role as identifying the possible killer, because it may hinge on his testimony of deciding the case. :o :o :o :o :o :o

Hamilton / Re: Audrey GLEAVE | 73, Murdered (Dec 2010) | Hamilton/Lynden
« on: February 28, 2019, 01:39:22 PM »
Yes, there seems to be a lot of unsolved cases and they should be hiring new eyes to look at these files.  Put someone on the cold cases and check them out and they may be able to come up with some answers.

I have a feeling that Dennis is going to be found "Not Guilty", the defense is going to take two weeks to finish it's case. So we'll see then what happens.  That's all they have to do is plant "reasonable doubt" in the minds of the persons handling his final verdict and that could be very well what happens, NG.

Hamilton / Re: Audrey GLEAVE | 73, Murdered (Dec 2010) | Hamilton/Lynden
« on: February 24, 2019, 11:39:44 AM »
I think they should be investigating the person who did receive the benefits of her estate. Did this person spend any amount of money maybe to pay someone off to kill Audrey?? They should look at a money trail to see who got the benefits.  Who knew her habits??? I do remember her premonitions and maybe there was someone who threatened her and she didn't want to say anything.  It is very odd that she had this premonition. If nobody takes up a conversation with officers on this case,  the police will lay it on the bottom of the files.  Someone should be checking on this case periodically and see what the police are doing, even a person that lives in close proximity to where she lives. They would have an excuse as to being afraid that the killer was living close by. I certainly would, if I lived in that area.

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