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Cape Heart,

I do not counter you on the need for a woman to protect herself in anyway shape or form! If that is what it takes then I would stand by her side.

As I noted before I wouldnt wish to see anyone murdered/killed but if one had to go it should be the abuser be it a he or a she.

You are correct I am a male, and I would go to jail defending anyone of my female friends from an abuser anyday!

As for the gps function, it doesnt actually cost anything for the GPS function to work. In the case of a stolen phone they would add a surcharge I am sure. Anything to make a quick dollar. In Search and Rescue purpose we can have them locate the cell phone using that function IF the phone is still on.

I feel I must make it known that I was in no way involved in this case. If I was I wouldnt be able to discuss it at all.

I would just like to take a second to make a few notes to members on here. Please do not take offense to anything I am saying as it is in no way meant to offend.

First off it should be noted that "pinging" a cell phone is not like you see on CSI. As you should be able to tell from my name I am involved in Ground Search and Rescue and I can tell you a few facts about it.
1. Pinging cell phones generally gives us a chunk out of a 360' circle off of the tower.
2. Cell phone companies will not set up continuous pings, which would be useful when a cell phone is off. It would get a hit when it is turned on.
3. 9/10 times the co-ordinates recieved from a cell phone 911 call are the lat and long of the tower it bounced through.

4. There is that 10th time where we do on occasion recieve exact gps co-ordinates off the phone. However it is not common and the phone has to obviously be turned on.

I would also like to comment on the posts above about women who are abused arming themselves. While yes to a degree that would "fix the problem" and save women from being abused it would not rectify the situation which you are speaking about. If women armed themselves odds are they would end up killing the abuser.... I am not saying that would make me loose sleep over  it but it would still leave us with a life lost.

As for the RCMP officer stating to one of you that you were being over dramatic... if this happened recently then I would ask that you speak with that officers superiours. No amount of abuse is acceptable be it verbal, physical or sexual.

As I mentioned aboce this post is not to offend anyone it is simply to add information about the pining comment and add my thoughts on the noted comment that women who are abused shouldarm themselves.

I would much rather see it be the abuser than the abusee which lost a life if one has to.

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