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Solved Cases / Re: Amber Kirwan - Murdered - New Glasgow Oct. 9th 2011
« on: October 14, 2011, 07:52:02 PM »
No offense taken, I shall make a concius effort to stop coding the entire text and go back to just coding my Sig.


Solved Cases / Re: Amber Kirwan - Murdered - New Glasgow Oct. 9th 2011
« on: October 14, 2011, 07:35:58 PM »
praying this beautiful young lady gets located soon.. hopefully safe and healthy. as time goes by, from previous cases we know this likely is not the case. but i just want to remind you all that although horrible acts have been happening - we have also seen amazing recoveries... the little boy from bc, the woman from moncton nb... theres a chance she is still safe!

i think the police know A LOT more than they are letting on, and personally am hoping the fact they did not do a ground search yesterday as a sign they received a good lead that meant they no longer had to search for answers

My personal reasoning in my mind for the lack of more grou d searching is they are burning out searchers and have little else to cover so far. I would not think that it is because of evidence at this stage but as im not involved in this case thats just a thought from past experiences.

Solved Cases / Re: Amber Kirwan - Murdered - New Glasgow Oct. 9th 2011
« on: October 14, 2011, 01:56:26 PM »
I am a first time poster but have been following the case very closely. I noticed that in Amber's profile that someone very recently uploaded a video of cats playing from  Amber's phone. I find it strange that someone 1) Multiple people (including her boyfriend) have access to her facebook account and that 2) A person is uploading a video of a cat playing and people laughing.

I do not know if this was from her phone but people are saying it is. I don't know who else has access to her facebook account except her boyfriend. However if I were her boyfriend I would not be posting messages and videos from her account.

I am not making any assumptions or placing blame. I wonder who it is in the video and if it is recent or someone just uploaded an old video from her phone as some sort of memory of her.

So many holes in this case...I hope they find her!!

Alas I find my self opening my mouth yet again.. If it is from her phone it is likely that her account was still logged in, this could have been posted in error or she could have been logged into a friends phone and someone else the owner of the phone uploaded a video they thought to their account but now find they werent the one logged in the phone.

Just the Technician in me thinking.

Solved Cases / Re: Amber Kirwan - Murdered - New Glasgow Oct. 9th 2011
« on: October 14, 2011, 01:46:19 PM »
It is disrespectful to have arguing going on in this thread. Keep in mind that there is a young girl missing here and that needs to be our focus. Please get back to discussing Amber's disappearance. That is what this thread is for.

Any further posts that are written in an argumentative manner will be removed.

So glad this has been posted as I was considering quite politely posting my final thoughts at some people and leaving. It is simply that people are looking to voice their thoughts on here, some people cant be out searching on this case.

My final rebuttle is going to be simple and DebbieC as an admin please feel free to remove it if you wish I have no need to add stress in a forum over a missing person.

It was posted above asking if I would like a fundraiser for the time I spent on here and to that poster all I have seen in your posts is abraisivness, this is a forum which for lack of a better explaination is here for open discussion of all thoughts. I posted what my expenses are because I was attempting to explain that I understand the cost of a Search way better than you as I RUN searches. I have to account for the costs the members put out for each call out we respond to and was also trying to show the lengths I go to in an effort to show that I dont hold back when I can get out there and bring a loved one home.

Im done on this forum topic unless anyone has questions regarding stuff I may be able to answer due to my experience.

Hopefully Amber is found safe and alive and is home soon.


Solved Cases / Re: Amber Kirwan - Murdered - New Glasgow Oct. 9th 2011
« on: October 14, 2011, 10:25:28 AM »
The 'family' are NOT requesting donations. this is something the kids came up with. They want to help but don't know what else to do. We had started a bit of a 'kitty' so to speak for gas money for the kids who are driving around distributing flyers, the the family never asked for donations.

People here are only getting half truths and filling in the blank on their own. It is unfortunate, but expected.

Eva, I unerstand that you are having a hard time dealing with the current situation it makes perfect sense for you to be defensive as would I.

If you re read my post all I stated was that the post further above did not make sense as most families are too distraught to think of that. I am a Search & Rescue Volunteer I train at my expense, travel at provincial expense rate(if activated by a police agency) I do not get paid for my days missed at work or get my sleep back for nights spent travelling through the most dense brush and marshes searching for people I have never met and will never truley know. I have Thousands of dollars in personal gear which I use for these events as well as I have my personal dog who is currently being trained at my expense for Tracking.

I search for Suicidal People, Hunters, Lost Children, if they are lost I search... So I fully understand the monetary implications of a situation like this.

Im not trying to battle you on here and I simply wont as we dont know each other. All I would ask is that you stop judging the intentions of the posters on here as we are discussing what could be. I can gaurantee that unless you are guilty of something to do with Amber's Disappearance then you can not tell us fact for fact what has happened either.

We are all here just to voice what we think from the events shown.


Solved Cases / Re: Amber Kirwan - Murdered - New Glasgow Oct. 9th 2011
« on: October 14, 2011, 08:59:19 AM »

Interesting that you brought this up GSAR. It is pretty much exactly what I thought upon reading this members post.

:) To be honest I thought I might get my fingers rapped by your ruler for being so blunt and straight forward about it. I am glad that others had the same instinct as me.

 I would hate to accuse but where I work LE, even if this Man or Woman is LE they are breaking protocols and potentially risking a conviction should anything go to Trial. That makes all LE look sloppy and untrust worthy, people know from my previous posts I dont speak on files im involved in unless I am answering questions about General issues and not that File.

 No Sargeant would ever list they were a SGT and put a number designed to be a Badge/REG. Number in a forum.


Solved Cases / Re: Amber Kirwan - Murdered - New Glasgow Oct. 9th 2011
« on: October 14, 2011, 07:56:20 AM »
Just my two cents... I agree with all those commenting that it is odd for a family f be requesing donations at this stage. I have been involved in all kinds of operations similar to his and never seen that until after a subject is found. Does it mean something iswrong here.. no not at all.

I simple back the notion that it is not a standard procedure for most families. What we don't see however is any behind the scenes costs they are being hit with or know their financial situations. DO NOT take that as an insult as it is simply reminding people that we don't know.

Sgt. You say you work LE and you throw in "Acts" but you sound like you are falsifying who you are. No LE I know would suggest bringing in an outside PI to muddle an investigation and work outside the law because if and i say IF someone is guilty here a PI could scrap the case by messing up the investigation. Not to mention most LE would never think if trying to contact a detachment they aren't involved in to give them advice/theories... You let me know how that one works out.

Again just my opinion not meant to insult anyone however I feel more strongly that your posing than I do that Mason could have been involved.


Solved Cases / Re: Amber Kirwan - Murdered - New Glasgow Oct. 9th 2011
« on: October 13, 2011, 08:37:52 AM »
Wow, a lot of lies in here. You guys need to brush up on your facts a bit before attempting to dilute other's minds with your on personal perceptions.

Lesson 1:
Mason wasn't raised by his godmother. (where you thought that is absolutely ridiculous)

Lesson 2:
The cops questioned Mason to have these RUMOUR starters shut their mouths. Mason was on camera driving towards Big Al's, pulling in at Big Al's and waiting. The cops are diligently working with Mason to find Amber, he is given all information from them as well. Something they wouldn't do for a suspect.

Lesson 3:
Mason is running on NO SLEEP and NO FOOD and is more than worried and is absolutely distraught due to this very very tumultuous situation that is before us.  He is the one that is out at all hours with Police and SAR helping and giving up ALL INFORMATION needed to help find her.

Lesson 4:
Just in the past 3 months, 11 and I repeat 11!!!!! Sexual offenders were released from jail within a 20 mile radius of Dooly's New Glasgow as per the Police. So take that info and shove

So to Chills who thinks that Mason has a chip on his shoulder and is suffering from little man syndrome, it's time to suck back and reload and realize that talk is cheap. You need to brush up on facts before you go off on a spiel and try to encrypt minds with your complete and utter blasphemous mindset.

I've been out there everyday searching, getting posters, getting donations. I know what's been found, I know where the progress is and the cops are "FAR FROM CLUELESS" (their words not mine)

So instead of coming in here and shooting off, get out there and look instead of pretending you are concerned. I traveled over 6 hours to be here, what did you do?

Can you tell me how you know that 11 offenders have been released in the New Glasgow area?  I am a mom of 2 small children at home and this news is rather upsetting to me.....

As noted above I work with Police on a daily basis in NB and am a Provincial Enforcement Officer which gives me Peace Officer Status so essentially a cop except dealing with different laws. I couldn't tell you if my neighbor is a sex offender or not so I dont know how the poster somehow knows for a FACT that 11 sex offenders have been released in 3 months.

Also to my knowledge we have no system like that of the US but again if we did... There would only be more violence in our neighborhoods.

Just wanted to post to bump this topic back up as Harris Hill was a hunter and hunting season is again upon us. It is almost a year since this search and a good time to remind people of a person who is still out there and could be stumbled upon.


Solved Cases / Re: Amber Kirwan - Murdered - New Glasgow Oct. 9th 2011
« on: October 12, 2011, 10:10:51 PM »
Folks, a side note on who I am and what I do.

I am a New Brunswick Search Manager who has been involved in SAR for 4-5years. I am also a Computer Technician, as well as a Provincial Enforcement Officer.( so yes I deal with criminals and interviews on a regular basis)

I post that as those that dont yet know me or my post wouldn't neccesarily know where I am coming from. I post opinions and facts not theories and am open to answering questions about my experiences. My intent is to neveroffend any other poster.

@catakil- just a note people have told me before, splitting your paragraphs up into segments will make an easier read that will get more views.

@jb- I'm sure you know from my prior posts I dont generally jump on a band wagon regarding who did what but i have to say i agree odds are that Ms. kirwan has met foul play. Personally my gut is not ruling out her live in Boy Friend but I have little fact to go on. Yes as you noted his "answers" could be legit but... Seeing him on the news tonight he didnt appear to be overly distraught. In saying that maybe he shows his emotions differently than i would however if I just lost the woman i was going to marry i would be bawling like a baby.

His point about meeting at the conveince store, makes sense because he shouldn't have been driving after midnight or after drinking and the cars inspection was due. Having worked in bars before I can gaurantee cops watch them. I worked a small town bar they were always at the nearest cross street if they weren't already tailing someone.

As i meantioned i have no fact to cast light upon him but my gut is raising red flags. I will however defend him on not remembering what he did minute for minute. None of you can tell me you could remember every detail. I've posted before when people were skeptical about how a family couldn't be sure if a pair of shoes belonged to a subject... Well I'm sorry I'm a trained Provincial Enforcement Officer... I cant telli you what pair of shoes my sister has and i am trained to watch detail and i do SAR and i know the importance of detail but still couldn't do it.

As for the questions about kidnappings and assaults. Nothing can be ruled out and that 10 minute distance is more than enough. Don't believe me see the NB Case File below:



 I apologize he has been found... Second time in 2 days that my sources are sending me articles after the subjects are located.

An elderly man with Alzheimer's disease is safe after disappearing from his Fall River home Thursday night.

William Henry, 76, was reported missing just after 8 p.m. from his home on Highway 2.

RCMP and a Halifax Ground Search and Rescue team scoured the woods and roads of the Halifax-area community. The rescue effort was based at the Saint John United Church in Fall River.

A Metro Transit bus driver spotted Henry sitting under a tree on Ilsley Avenue in Burnside at 2 a.m. He called police.

RCMP said Henry was in good shape and didn't need any medical treatment.

He was taken home immediately

Police search for elderly Fall River man

CBC News Posted: Oct 6, 2011 10:55 PM AT Last Updated: Oct 6, 2011 10:57 PM AT Accessibility Links

An elderly man with Alzheimer's disease has gone missing from his Fall River, N.S., home.

RCMP and a Halifax Ground Search and Rescue team are scouring the woods and roads of the Halifax-area community looking for 76-year-old William Henry.

Henry was reported missing just after 8 p.m. Thursday from his home on Highway 2. He is white, 6 feet tall, 190 pounds, slim build, with blue eyes and has a full grey-white beard. It is not known what he is wearing

The rescue effort is based at the Saint John United Church in Fall River.
Henry is believed to be on foot in the Fall River area. He walks slowly and is not talkative. Police said he will acknowledge a stranger by smiling. He may also answer to the nickname of "Red."

Anyone spotting Henry is asked to call police at 490-5020.

JB Sorry for the 4 month delay in response I hadnt received a notification of your question!

Thank you GSR - The term "family camp" confused me - and thank you for your clarification. I did not know if the term meant family camp (as in family unit) or family camp (a place where the family would go). - I am not from that area, and so terminology (which might be local) made me wonder. And all of your comments make sense. 

There might be some type of foul play here? ( Just a question, of which I do not expect you to answer)
Could there be foul play, at any stage in a Ground Search & Rescue Operation we assume that it could be a criminal incident and it is treated as such until proven otherwise. In this case to this day it is my understanding that all options are still open.

 - or am wondering if perhaps he was upset about the argument he had with his past  employer (which may have caused him great 
distress) , thus  he attempted to walk to his family camp for solace and reflection?
Hmmm. This is a possibility however I can only say what I last heard didnt made that sound extremely likely. Again limited on comments here I know you understand.

For what it is worth, I feel the latter.  Searches can be off by a few feet, even cadaver dogs can be confused afer a period  of time. NO? YES?  GSR, please correct my way of thinking.

As far as the searching I will again note that I was out on this one for a day and our critical separation was perfect, as well as the areas while wooded were not thickets. (see Critical Sep. Note below) Our coverage for my team leaves little likely hood of him being passed by BUT as always anything is possible.

For this event we did not have Cadaver Dogs out, we had tracking dogs which are trained to follow human scent and detect human scent be it on articles of clothing or a person themselves. I will correct my note... we did have a dog there who is training for cadaver searches. She is good since she did hit where a team of 4 dogs and handlers have located a likely area for another set of remains in another part of NB. (Sorry dont ask I cant tell) Long story short though Seeing how these dogs did so well I can say with great trust that a cadaver dog is very effective 3 years later. While talking to the lead handler she advised me that they had actually just hit on what is presumed to be a 100yr old burial site. The dogs indicated an area and ground penetrating radar has shown there is indeed soil disruption. So as per cadaver dogs they can be very effective.

Thanks again


Is it possible to change the title on this one to show she has been identified? Otherwise we could have people on here searching for their loved ones and stumble upon this thread?:)

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