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they still don't have a clue who did this. it will happen again soon


they seem to be basically saying this is a completely random attack by some knife wielding nut.

from what i have read in the papers, they seem to think it was random

i truly hope this person is caught. this was a random act in a seemingly safe street and 7 am with witnesses around. to me this just seems so depraved and brazen. i think the suspect is very dangerous and needs to be caught ASAP. please, if you know this person, call the police!

this article gives you more information. apparently there was a witness who fought off the guy


i wonder if they will ever catch this serial killer? that think he is the same man who killed Kimlyn Tolgyes in Burlington

sorry, also forgot as for the waves, i couldn't guess what the waves were like at that particular time of day when he might have fallen in , but as we all know lake ontario can get quite fierce at times and i have seen some huge waves and that particular area is not somewhere most people would be out on a stroll if the waves were huge on that particular day.

sorry for the late reply.

yes, jobo you are totally right about the area and i have walked that area many times in my years living here. i have always had the suspicion that he was out for a walk along the beach as many people do around here and slipped on some rocks and fell into the water. those two walk ways are quite wide i would say close to 10 feet wide and there is also a concrete barrier that you can hop over and get closer to the water if you want.

I don't think Terry committed suicide. I have a suspicion that he fell and hit his head and went unconscious or possibly drowned in the cold water. He had been down town visiting friends that day and probably went for a walk in the afternoon. This is what i have thought from the beginning.

just heard the bad news guys, Terry's body was found in Burlington Bay today =( RIP Terry. heard the info via lets find wilkie group on facebook if anyone is interested.

does anyone else think it is possible that this crime was committed by some one who maybe chose her randomly, like maybe she was out shopping and the perpetrator chose her and followed her home and maybe as she was trying to get in her home, he intervened.

 i also think that maybe this person was inexperienced and panicked which could be the reason he made the decision to attempt to hide her body. maybe he took her in her own  vehicle because he got to her place on foot. perhaps she was out on a walk and he followed her home? just a thought

still no sign of Terry =( hope his family is coping with this around Christmas this is horrible. i hope he is found soon.

Terry has been missing almost 3 weeks now

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