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Approaching another anniversary and still not solved. It's sad all this time gone. Someone knows more then they have said, I'm hoping as more time goes by their guilt eats away at them and they feel the need to make inner peace with themselves and tell the cops the truth.

Thanks for that JustAnotherNobody, the area freaked me out when I went into it and that was during the day, I was too afraid to venture deep knowing about the quicksand from posts, I can't imagine it at night :(

So I was on a trip to Orillia this weekend so I decided to check out Midland and this wooded area and let me say that is it is hard enough to navigate in the day, I can't imagine doing it at night, drunk. It would be very easy to get disoriented/ fall. With that in mind Jake probably knew the area and was more "woods" oriented than myself, but still, my husband wouldn't venture far in not wanting to get disoriented or fall in the mud, still no idea what would've happened it was a bit cold to thouroughly search and as I said hard for an outsider to navigate.

Canadian Serial Killers / Re: Karla Homolka
« on: January 29, 2013, 11:24:50 AM »
In respect the Paula Todd's book, I've got to stay there was nothing profound in this, anyone with a brain and google could've known this info, I've been aware of her trail for years and was dissapointed the book revealed no more than sleuthing would. Also TBH it is kind of weird doing what she did but that JMO.

Other Locations / Re: Young mother of 2 found dead --- Etobicoke
« on: January 22, 2013, 11:01:19 AM »
This is what outrages me about "bonds" essentially if you are rich enough or can get your hands on money you can temporarily avoid punishment for your crime. Honestly if he hadn't gotten out of jail on a bond this woman would still be alive... Seems the only people with RIGHTS are the criminals.

@dale PLEASE regardless of whether or not you thin the OPP may have the info please take it to them. Her poor mother posts about her daily and how nice would it be if this one tip, they take a second look at this person and it's the key to it all! Closure for her mother could change everything. I compell you to please come forward to the OPP with this, there is a reward in the case too, they can help you if you don't feel safe with it, but I beg of you to bring it forward!

Toronto / Re: Holly Painter - Unsolved Murder \ Missing - Toronto (1995)
« on: November 08, 2012, 10:53:31 AM »
Its so sad there are still no answers.. when Felicia Florianni's case was solved it renews the hope that cases like Holly, Melanie Ethier, Jake Just etc. make have answers.. I think of these daily.

I can definately see what you mean.. there is a resemablance.

@jobo it's funny I thought the same thing when going through the OPP site, how do they have so little security that these people clearly who are mentally ill in one way or another are able to wonder off, their state may mean they can't find their way back, won't find their way back or may in fact be capable of hurting themselves or another (not every case but some I am sure!) it's sad. There needs to be BIG changes to the mental health care system in Ontario!

Wow I'm so sickened and shocked that just because a mother abducts a child we want to assume there was good reasons. Last time I checkd mom's murder there kids too, mom's can be abusive, mom's can also be bad parents and I'm not saying any of that happened in this case but you can't simply assume that because a mother took the child that it was for a good reason, I know plenty of women who can be spiteful after a breakup and I could easily see doing something like this to a man who is a decent father. Sometimes people are terrible spouses but terrific parents... divorce courts can certainly back that up.

So please don't assume that dad MUST have something wrong with him that's just wrong on SO many levels!

Child abduction is child abduction I hate that people seem to think it's less of a crime when a parent commits it, unless there were signs of abuse/ neglect which there are NOT at all in this case. It is extrodinarily wrong to deny a parent the right to see the child. I do know Joe, not extremely well, but have been in touch with him RE: Sigi numerous times and all I can tell you is that he is an extrodinarily kind man with a huge amount of love for his daughter. He's literally been around the world looking for her spent countless amounts of money in this search and no matter you may want to spin in this mother is wrong.

This abdution came out of no where they were broken up but were working things out for the best interest of their daughter and had a custody agreement in place. Clearly if the courts decided they had joint custody there was NOTHING wrong with the father so having the mother steal 18 years of a childs life from the other parent is a crime! A truly terrible crime and sure she may have been raised well, taken care of and be a great student etc. but she as had a huge and very important chunk of her life stolen from her, she could have also been a very gifted musician (as Joe is) and could have had the benefits of a brother looking out for her.

So please consider everything that she did have ripped out from under her before hoping the courts take it easy on her! She's hurt a huge number of people with her actions including her daughter!

unless they Kill her after jobo... or have her in the trunk and take the risk.. they clearly aren't all that smart having used the card..which can obviously be tracked...

Apparently they had the remains for a whole year but with held it fearing it would interfere with the investigation. Sad thing to keep from the parents who've spent 12 agonizing years not knowing!
Agreed, but what is the lesser of two evils, letting the parents know and possibly compromising an investigation , or waiting until an appropriate time.  It is horrible the parents have had to go through the ordeal but there are procedures that must be followed during an investigation.  I am sure the parents would rather have a better investigation rather than knowing there daughter was found 8 months earlier..  I dont think the polices intentions were to be hurtful to the family.

No I never said that the police did have bad intentions I just think it's sad the parents had to keeping wondering every night where their child was, what was being done to her etc. rather than being able to just come to terms with the fact she had been gone... I've got nothing against the police. I would have figured though that given the circumstances the arrest that followed the announcement of the body being found might have actually resulted in charges being laid.

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