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24 years.. story not forgotten Holly..I hope you are found  I hope your mother gets answers and if someone has hurt you that they get what's coming to them.

Sadly his family updated their Facebook page last evening to confirm that remains found just 3KM from the hospital where he was last seen are that of Owen.. I can't copy and paste on my current device but this is what Sharon Rooney posted in the "HELP FIND OWEN ROONEY" FACEBOOK GROUP

"We were notified a few weeks ago that human remains were found at Hardy Mountain BC..3Km from the hospital that Owen went missing from. We have come together as a family to receive the news via a phone appointment, the DNA results have confirmed it is our Owen. Emotionally digesting this news is a challenge. We take solace in the fact we can bring him home to us. Our resolution has been given. Many people have shared Owen's short and fulfilled life. He is well loved. We have no further information until we hear from the coroner.  We are so grateful to everyone here for your positive love and support. This has given us the ability to continue our connection, preservance and strength till this day. We thank the Grand Forks Search and Rescue for their bravery and diligence in bringing Owen home to us. For all of those with missing family members, may you find peace in your heats.. ambiguity is not easy and we send you much love.  A very grateful Rooney family XO""

Very sad but a relief for the family to have some closure finally. Wising them all peace while they grieve the loss of their beloved.

22 years today... I really wish there could be a resolution for her family and justice for those who have harmed her if that is the case.

Canadian Serial Killers / Re: Karla Homolka
« on: June 01, 2017, 10:24:09 AM »
We can thank Bernardo's laywers for hanging onto those damn tapes for so long and not surrendering them, had he done that they would've known Karla's true involvement much earlier and we wouldn't even be having this discussion she'd still be in jail.

It's a horrible horrible situation and I'll never be able to understand how she can take 3 lives and yet be blessed with 3 children nothing seems more sickening and unjust than that. breaks my heart.

Does it not strike anyone else as odd Emma and her mother didn't speak for a year? I can't fathom that length of time going by without speaking when there was no apparent riff...

Toronto / Re: Nicole Morin: Missing (Toronto, 1985)
« on: October 08, 2014, 12:19:31 PM »
Police officers are searching an area northwest of Barrie, possibly connected to the case of missing Nicole Morin.
From News Talk 1010:

She was just 8 years old when she vanished from an apartment building in Etobicoke.

The case has never been solved.

In the past, friends and acquaintances have been cleared of any wrong doing in the case.

With this search, the OPP would only say they are helping with an investigation, but it's one that is being led by Toronto Police.

Toronto Police meanwhile, wouldn't say what case the investigation is connected to.
- See more at:

Toronto / Re: Nicole Morin: Missing (Toronto, 1985)
« on: July 30, 2014, 08:19:28 AM »
From Toronto Police:

Police seek information into 1985 abduction of Nicole Morin,
Police re-enactment video released

Broadcast time: 09:45
 Wednesday, July 30, 2014

 22 Division

 On Wednesday, July 30, 2014, the Toronto Police Service released a re-enactment video to raise awareness and gather new information on the 1985 abduction of Nicole Morin.

On Tuesday July 30, 1985, Nicole, 8, was abducted from her apartment building at 627 The West Mall in Etobicoke.

Nicole had made plans with a friend to meet in the lobby of her building to go swimming. At approximately 11 a.m., Nicole said goodbye to her mother and left the apartment to meet her friend. Nicole was never seen again.

What resulted was the most intensive and extensive police search for a missing person in Toronto Police Service history. Over 15,000 man-hours were put into the investigation, including the creation of a 20-member Task Force. Over 900 community members joined the search for Nicole.

To recognize the 29th anniversary of Nicole's abduction, the Toronto Police, in partnership with Toronto Crime Stoppers, have released a re-enactment video. This video can be viewed on the Toronto Police Service's YouTube channel by clicking here and can be seen in Mac's Convenience Stores across the province.

For media, the re-enactment video has been created in broadcast-quality 1920x1080 HD and hard copies will be available in both .MP4 and ProRes422HQ versions.

In addition, Twitter and Facebook accounts have been created under #FindNicole and members of the public are encouraged to visit these sites, often, for photos of Nicole and updates on the investigation.

Investigators are hoping anyone with any information about what happened on July 30, 1985 will contact police at 416-808-2200, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at, text TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637), or Leave A Tip on Facebook.

Nicole Louise Morin, was born on April 1, 1977. At the time of her abduction, she was 4'0", 51 lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes. Nicole had a birthmark on the right side of her forehead, protruding ears and a gap between her front teeth. She had pierced ears. She was wearing a peach one-piece bathing suit with coloured stripes on the front, a green headband and red canvas shoes. She was carrying a peach-coloured blanket and a purple beach towel.

For more news, visit

Toronto / Re: Simon Wilson - Missing January 29, 1975 from Rexdale
« on: May 07, 2014, 10:45:32 AM »
Hmm.. odd that they wouldn't just wanted him listed anyways on child find etc. is there a cost to the family for listing the child? To each their own but I'd think it would be more answers some way, someone may have seen something they never reported etc. Sad.

As far as I know this case is still open and they did suspect fould play.

Actually to my understanding it was the guy who moved away to the UK.. I won't put his name here just in case but the woman I believe at least a few years ago still resided in Toronto... they interviewed her for Crime Files cold case edition and she flat out refused to be involved anymore in the case citing year of harassment.

theplumber thanks for joining the conversation.. I am always worried this is just lost in people's minds. I grew up less than a block away from where Holly was living so i have always felt a connection to this case.

You are certainly right.. people are not saying what they know and I stand by the fact people generally don't go around giving out their pin numbers to people, so this is all fishy.  I really hope this gets solved so her mom can have the closure she deserves.

Toronto / Re: Marie Elizabeth Bain | Missing | June 1990
« on: March 20, 2014, 01:27:13 PM »
sorry jellybean you are right better to cut and paste

NOt sure if bernardo was ever cleared, I remember wathcing the videos where they question him about it.. I feel like I recall reading somewhere the timeline they would have had to commit this crime they were at a commitment with Karla's family but I could be wrong.. its hard to tell becasue he goes into such a tangent. I would love nothing more than to hear he and Karla commited this one and she could be behind bars again.

Toronto / Re: Jay Boyle | Missing | PICKERING | 1995
« on: March 20, 2014, 10:13:04 AM »
yea I was dumbfounded that they wouldn't want to close the case by testing with dna.. more do they make the ID otheriwse? visually by family? How many false bodies have been identified this way then?

Toronto / Re: Jay Boyle | Missing | PICKERING | 1995
« on: March 19, 2014, 11:19:09 AM »
After 19 years there is finally a break in this case. It may be as simple as a DNA test to confirm if remains found in the Niagara river are that of Jay Boyle..

support this family by signing this petition so that DNA testing can be conucted on remains found to see if they match Jay

For more info:

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