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I wanted to add to her mother who lost all her children due to accidents or violence that my heart goes out to her and to anyone who experiences these type of losses, as that is not what the Creator had in mind for our lives. Mygrandmother who died meant the world to me as she looked out for all of us as her grandchildren, and became a widow due to gun violence and the shooting death of our grandfather in the 60s, which I found out was due to a gang of heroin traffickers who ganged up on him and drugged me with the intent to kidnap me. Our grandfather was found dead on the steps of our barn a gunshot victim, and as a result our grandmother lost her cattle ranch and farming operations as a tribal member, and we all lost our home, as we lived with our grandparents.She later remarried, only to be the victim of the situation I described earlier.
For years members of our family were misdiagnosed by medical personnel and told whatever we went through was not real or did not happen when it did, and drugged and maimed by the psychiatric profession instead of being listened to, and their group apprehended before they killed again. Due to the courage of one group of people who worked hard to correct mistakes in the psychiatrict profession, our family members' misdiagnoses were corrected to show that we were the victims of a violent cult who killed to obtain our identities and property to live off of.

I just started reading about this case this past week. Since we have had the same problem with unsolved homicides on our reservation by  a group of people who are connected with supposedly investigating illegal drug use as defendants on court cases  and crooked law enforcement that keep making us pay to investigate and turn in their defendants' drug contacts instead of just relying on the DEA, and keep robbing and murdering members of our family pretending that they are someone to investigate for illegal activity instead of themselves. Tribal Law enforcement and tribal council are at times impossible to deal with as we are considered as tribal members or decendants and elderly and handicapped  less important to protect than cigarette smuggling or drug trafficking because we don't make money for them like those activities do. Our grandmother's grave was robbed on the Yakama reservation in 2006 by a group of meth addicts and their friends who wanted to pretend to be tribal members in order to try to get free health care services and our damage claims as Cascade Chinooks for sites inundated by the Bonneville Dam which had not been settled since the 1930s.They raped her corpse and rode around in a car with it taking it from place to place pretending to be our grandfather taking her out for an outing as an elder and tried to bill Sr.citizens services for providing transportation to and from the graveyard for her as an elder of our tribe, who had died in 1973. Her corpse was reevaluated after it was returned after discovering that her grave had been tampered with to discover that she had died in 1973 of agricultural chemical poisoning which did not appear to be an accident. Whatever lurks in the minds of persons who do these things, the RCMP and Dept of Justice should work together to apprehend them and not excuse the crimes based on someone 's position in life being more important than their victims' life to obstruct investigations and have justice in these cases.

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