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Capeheart, your words and thoughts are appreciated. I believe the police honestly want to find the missing, and we want them to. If only we knew what kind of equipment they were lacking, what kind of laws would better assist them, what kind of community support measures are helpful, I think it is worth every effort we all make to pay it forward.  I can't help but think if more businesses, homes and intersections had more surveillance camaras details of crimes would be pieced together better. ONE national directory, publicly accessible, about crimes, missing, murdered would help connect people to patterns and crimes. Required public disclosure of offenders residents would bring about awareness and appropriate measures for the public to take to protect themselves and their loved ones.  I think the public is owed the respect of being able to be aware and to be concerned when in the presence or vacinity of a known criminal, not to mention it may prevent crimes.  Delays in notification to other policing authorities are unacceptable. For instance, when a child like Ms. Stafford goes misisng, border patrol and surrounding police authorities should be alerted that moment, not wait two weeks for local authority to investigate, then wait two weeks for OPP to announce possible foul play. This is procedure now, but if we look at it with open eyes and hindsight could a difference have been made if all the authorities were alerted immediately? Are we wasting our legal authorities' time by waiting an inappropriate amount of time before helicopters, all-terrain, water and ground patrols are called in two weeks after, when statistics are telling us that the crime may have been committed  within the first few days? If so many bodies are being discarded in fields and Canada's vast stretches of farm land and woods are troublesome in find the missing, then what better technology exists to find the people in these circumstances?  Is it acceptable to have so many people being found dead in our rivers and our beachfronts.  What if we had national registries for food banks, homeless shelters, the missing and unidentified, as well as registries for those that rent cabins and cottages or motel/hotel rooms?  These databases could be used to help be more efficient in looking at travel patterns and in finding missing.

More sophisticated computer technology and access to technology, might, for instance allow the OPP to better research the internet date Desespere mentions.  If they had access to Penny's computer and knew of an internet date, for instance, why can't they seek all access to his computer and his online communications in the site and other dating sites or emails he may be on. Talk to the dates he went on and see if they were comfortable dating him. 

Also, more needs to be done to research what actually happens to the missing so that more can be learned and more pocedures and investigations can be made to prevent them from taking more  community members in the future. For instance, some abductions seem to be drug based, some seem to be random sexual crimes, some are serial, some come from repeat offenders that have a circular pattern of repeat assault, some seem to be part of a group of traffickers.  Are the sentences long enough? Rehabilitation successful? Is enough being done to prevent escalation, prevent crimes?  What role can the public take.  How can we raise our children better? How can we get helpf for those that display inappropriate behavior before it escalates? What task forces can be created to look at these issues, research the best practices worldwide, and instill these practices so Canada is number one in detrring its growing number of those that go missing or those found dead.

And lastly, we have to look at ourselves. Are we feeding the drug trade? Are we feeding the sexual trade? Are we not addressing behavioral problems in people that develop to believe that sexually assaulting or abducting someone is OK? Are we letting perpetrators off too easy? Are there better ways of finding perpetrators and we aren't changing because we didn't pursue technology, prevention, changes in public policy, etc...  Or, we were too busy to care.

When we are affected by a missing person, we realize how very important it is to care. How important it is to make a difference. There are no words to explain the pain of tryng to find someone you love. Where do you look? What if they need you? What if they are being harmed and helpless? What if you didn't do enough to find them? What if you never find them? What if you find them and its too late? Why are we watiting to find them, they shouldn't have gone missing in the first place.

If this is so, how safe are area residents if they can't find those responsible for Penny missing. How safe is Penny. What chance does she have of coming home. How often does this happen. Why isn't there any word on her. Someone has to know something. Are we suppose to just accept that people go missing? What better equipment. What better ways to investigate. What better ways to find someone sooner. What better ways to prevent. What can be done so others aren't found missing without a clue. What can be done. Penny is a kind person. She deserves to be found.

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