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Now this is sad, and my thoughts are with the family of Ms. Smithson, with this very difficult news. 

I do have to wonder, though. How many women in Ontario go missing who have been suspected of "falling" into rivers? At the age of 50 it would seem to me that women would have acquired the ability to either stay away from "fast-moving" bodies of water, or know enough not to walk on the ice. It seems odd to me that so many are found in the water as if they didn't have common sense. Does this seem odd to anyone else?

Missing woman's body found

03/03/2010 4:29:55 PM

CBC News
Police in eastern Ontario have found the body of a missing woman who was suspected to have fallen into a fast-moving creek near her home in late January.

Tina Smithson, 51, a resident of Pakenham, a town west of Ottawa, had been missing since Jan. 26.

Police believed she fell through the ice on a creek close to her home. They spent several days searching the area, but were unable to find anything.

Officers in an Ontario Provincial Police helicopter located Smithson's body Wednesday.

A post-mortem will be conducted at The Ottawa Hospital.

Barrie / Re: Alexandra Flanagan - 33 - Murdered - July 2007 - Barrie, ON
« on: February 16, 2010, 06:43:37 PM »

Headlines for February 15, 2010
Flanagan Facebook Appeal

Friends and family of Barrie murder victim Alexandra Flanagan are hoping to keep the young woman's death in the headlines as the search for her killer continues.  Flanagan was last seen in June of 2007, and her remains were found in different locations in Barrie.  A new Facebook page has been set up encouraging people to post videos and comments to keep the murder fresh in people's minds in hopes of triggering new leads.

amIam, that would just break my heart to know that he would have been in charge of Search and Rescue helicopters for any of the disappearances. It makes you wonder how much involvement he had in the disappearance, assualts and/or murder cases. How much access to key information. My heartfelt wish is that he did not have the power to skew the search, the results, the evidence. It is sad enough that people and their loved ones have to deal with these tragedies, but my faith in the system will be greatly lowered if people in the military and high-ranking officials can get away with behavior as is alleged through Col. Williams. I hope every official, everyone that he served, every public representative will fully cooperate. I hope that every bright, honest and proud member of the military will rise to a level to never have a serial rapist/murderer amongst them. Now, is not a time to cover-up, but to learn , properly prosecute and forever more prevent. Any one of these lives, is one life too much.

Russell Williams / Re: Russell Williams: Timeline
« on: February 15, 2010, 09:30:27 PM »
Deborah's link here can be found at:,3223.0.html

My best prayers for her safest return.

Other Locations / Re: Russell Williams Case
« on: February 13, 2010, 11:41:53 AM »
What do we know about William's crime tags?  What is his MO? What signatures did he leave behind? Physical evidence? Time of attack?  Souveniers?  Circumference to where he attacked and where he was residing/working/visiting?  And, for all these possible other unsolved cases, what are the commonalities of these items?  Also, what was his family and relationship history like?

I found this article interesting and revealing:

Not only is the story claiming forcible confienment, sexual assault, victims bound nakid to chairs and photographed, it also confirms that of the two murders, their may have been strangulation as cause of death.  Since it has been reported that he admitted to up to 48 breaking and enterings, I wonder if the reference in the article to underwear thefts were known as the reasons?  Did he do this when people were home? It states police are blocking access to these files of B & E's in which underwear was stolen.

The article also mentions that the family of Margaret McWilliams whose daughter was raped and killed in Scarborough and whose case was disproved to be connected with Paul Bernardo, may be questioning Williams involvement. Williams, it has been reported, went to the University with Bernardo at the same time as the Scarborough killings of which Bernardo has reportedly admitted to some of them.

I also found this interesting about his reported family history:
Williams is being held at the Quinte Detention Centre, near Napanee, Ont., with his next court appearance set for Feb. 18 in Belleville.

In a statement this week, Williams' family say they are "shocked and appalled" by the charges and that they have had only minimal contact with him in recent years.

Williams was young when his father and mother split up. He continued to live with his mother and his new stepfather, Jerry Sovka, a nuclear scientist. However, that marriage also turned sour.

"Our relationship with him was broken off in early 2001 when our mother's divorce from my stepfather caused a deep rift between him and my mother and myself," said his brother, Harvey Williams, in a written statement. "We rarely had any contact until two years ago, when my mother and I tried to find a way to repair the family rift," he said.

To the family of Kathleen MacVicar, I'm sorry to hear the report that the authorities were not able to find a connection between Williams and your Kathleen. It must be heart-wrenching to have lost Kathleen. I will pray that you find resolve as this must be so difficult for your family.

My sincere thoughts and prayers to the family of Jessica Lloyd. This is not how we wanted to find another missing person. May you find peace and beauty in her memory. And, may we all resolve to try our best from all our learnings to prevent any more disappearances and senseless murders from happening to others.

My prayers to the family and friends of Jessica Lloyd as I sadly report that Ms. Lloyd, a person who went missing at the end of January 2010, in circumstances much like Penny's one year ago today has been found.  Ms. Lloyd was mentioned in a post above.  According to The Toronto Sun, Ms. Lloyd's body has been found and they have arrested a male suspect for the disappearance and the death of Ms. Lloyd. The story reported today at

said that there is a joint investigation that has led police to investigate "other incidents in (the) area...resulting in additional criminal charges. The police and deputy OPP commissioner Vince Hawkes and Belleville Chief Cory McMullan will hold a press conference at 1 p.m. Monday.  They haven't released the suspect information, but the story states the authorities were at the home of Russ Williams, a base commander at CFB Trenton since July 2009 and previously flew VIP Challenger aircraft for dignitaries like Canadian prime ministers and royalty.

The article also states that "The Ontario Provincial Police had been investigating whether Lloyd's disappearance might be connected to other crimes against women in the province."  In their Wednesday press release, the Belleville police warned "there is a safety concern for women living alone in the community, located west of Kingston, and urged them to take "extra precautions such as changing personal routines, securing premises and being in the company of others."

The Barrie Examiner reported "No sign of missing woman a year later," a story on Penny Warne's disappearance. The story can be found at .

Police are hoping media coverage surrounding the anniversary will trigger someone's memory and possibly lead to new information.  "Especially if you knew her, there could be something that didn't seem to be of importance, but now, once a year has passed and you think about it again, it registers," Huronia West OPP Const. Mark Kinney said on Thursday.  The police further disclosed there has been no bank activity or any evidence to show she could be somewhere else.  The article reports that Det-Insp. Rene Bazinet, with the OPP's criminal investigations branch is leading the investigation. The article also stated that "Police insist it's not a cold case."

Huronia West OPP Const. Mark Kinney said, "We did get information from the public and we followed it up. We revisit areas of concern from time to time."

Dear Penny, One year ago, today, you were last reported seen by a co-worker. I've tried may times to sit down and write to you just in case you are able to see this, one day. Just in case words can make a difference. Just in case you need to know, we care and many are always hoping and wishing, and yes, always praying that we will find you. We will never give up looking. But words don't come easy. What can I say if it's the only words you may possibly find? Are you still with us? Do you need us? Where can we find you? We need to find you.  Oh, we need to find you.

How do people just disappear? Why? We know you wouldn't go on your own. And, that's what makes this devastating. If it was an accident, we would have found you by now. And, that's what makes this devastating. It is so very hard to understand why someone would want to hurt you. Why someone would think hurting you is ok. Why would people do this? Why do they keep doing this? Why aren't they caught? Why can't we find you. You are such a kind and loving person. You made a hard-earned living, but you made it. You raised your children, and you did well. It was your time to be beautiful, to find joy, to enjoy life. Why can't you? You are very much loved. We are surrounded by many, many fun loving laughing caring warm kind and beautiful memories and is it selfish to want many more? I can't help but think you need us to find you, because if you could get to us, you would. And, you haven't. And, deep down, we know you would have never left on your own. And, that's what makes this devastating.

Dear Penny, I just wanted to say the world is not a better place without you in it. If there is a way to come home, come home. If there is a way to let us know how to find you, do it. You are loved, tremendously. You are missed, tremendously. We need to know if you are hurting, if you are ok, if you... we need to know.

I can only hope that where ever you are, God is with you helping you through. In his arms there has to be peace and love.

And, if Penny is not able to be with us. If someone out there knows why, please help us find her. It is so very cruel to go through the pain of missing someone you love. To watch those that are devastated by her disappearance. No words, just shear heartbreak. We need peace in knowing. Can someone just give us peace. When we find her, we will at least know.

And, if you are the one that hurt Penny, at least be humane and let us have what is left of her to love again.

Another local woman goes missing last Thursday from her home, with her car, her purse, wallet and identification still at her house--Jessica Elizabeth Lloyd, 27, Belleville/Kingston area.  It is rumored she also recently went on an internet date with a man with many names who presented himself on social networking sites for dates, or handyman jobs. Many prayers for her, her family, and friends.

Her story:
Volunteers search for missing Belleville woman
Published On Sat Jan 30 2010

A social site from various woman that have come in contact with a guy they believe she dated:

You bring me hope. Thank you.

It seems that people that abduct, didn't just start thinking about it yesterday. They've planned. They've prepared. They've likely done it before. They have anti-social behaviors. They need some satisfaction, money, or power. Their psychies are predictable. Their habits, greed and lack of compassion are noticeable. They lack morals, ethics, good character, and genuine goodness. They likely will do it again. In today's day and age, they can't go unnoticed. And, if under the radar, hopefully we've trained ourselves that they won't get away with it again.

Technology, past relationships, days off work, reasons for days off work, habits, new behavior, patterns, likes, all are things that with today's technology, profiles and psychologists should be able to be easily broken through. And, if their privacy is protected, their behavior is allowed because we don't have the right procedures in place or the right laws, the correct punishment...shame on us. The price we pay is too large, and the burden of the heart unbearable. We need to help eachother get better at getting these people off the streets.

I think so, too.

Why are women over 30, 40, 50, 70 missing, without a clue?  From their homes? When nobody is around? Uncharacteristically.

Why is it so hard to find out why? To stop it?

Nobody, at any age, should go missing.

How many could have been prevented?

Will we be asking these same questions, a year from now? And forever after?

Thanks for checking on the weather. That is good to know.

It appears Penny made it home from work and was after she was in sleep wear because her work clothes were not missing. Her car was in the drive where she normally parks. He purse, wallet, cell and coat were inside as if she had thrown them where she normally does when she enters the house. It appears she was in comfortable sleepwear. It sounds like her housecoat was that very light flimsy cotton button up type you throw on for a light cover up you don't necessarily want to be seen in. Way too light to wear outside, much less be seen outside in since it is likely there was not much underneath. She was a vain person that didn't like to be seen without make-up and semi flattering appropriate wear. She certainly like to curl her hair before company arrived. The part of the property she takes the dog to for potty is not in the immediate pathways around the house she lived it, it is on the far edge of the property. There is a road with a line of lightly scattered trees and the dumpster is by the sidewalk/roadway and easily seen by many other house/cottages in the area and where many park to enter their residences. She takes the dog there so she can easily scoop the mess up and place it in the dumpster.  I don't think she would likely wander that distance, in that kind of clothing, in clear view of many houses and passing vehicles without covering up for vanity, as much as warmth.  She surely wouldn't tie the dog on a leash halfway, what is the purpose?

I question what made her come to the door?  Was the dog barking? Was someone at the door? Was she putting on her boots on and trying to grab her coat to address the person at the door and cover up? Was she going to take the dog out for another potty run but only got her boots on and not her coat yet? It seems if she was not in a rush she would have put her coat on before grabbing a leash to put on the dog. 

It just appears to me that the answer lies in the coat, boots, and when/how dog was put on a leash. If the dog was never put on the leash, chances are she was just answering the door. If the dog was on the leash, she was taking the dog for a potty run. She just doesn't leave the dog on a leash outside by herself, there.

Having said that, I'm also wondering how many woman that live alone, live a semi-private life, go missing while at their house? No sign of break-in. What is the profile of a perpetrator that does that? Who in that area fits that profile?

February 11 was a Wednesday, and the co-worker didn't notice her missing until she didn't show up for work on Friday and Sunday. Sunday the co-worker went to her house. I'm just curious, what was the weather like in those days after February 11? What type of weather was the dog in outside by itself for those days?

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