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General Discussion / Re: Is anyone in Ontario willing to help?
« on: March 27, 2010, 11:37:20 AM »


Police want to learn more about accused
Published Saturday March 27th, 2010

Police investigators are interested in talking to anyone who has information about the man accused of abducting a Moncton woman.

"Investigators are still trying to find out a lot of information in this case, in particular everything they can about Romeo Jacques Cormier's activities before and after Feb. 26," says Codiac RCMP Const. Chantal Farrah. "They're interested in speaking with anyone who may know him or had past dealings with him."

Feb. 26 is the day a 54-year-old Moncton woman was kidnapped after leaving Highfield Square around 8 p.m. Police investigated the missing person case for almost four weeks before the woman flagged a motorist down in the St. George Boulevard area Wednesday afternoon.

She told police she was held captive in a basement apartment on Sixth Avenue but managed to escape. Cormier was arrested a couple of hours later and is charged with kidnapping with the intent to confine the woman against her will, unlawful confinement, theft of money using violence, assault with a knife, sexual assault and uttering death threats.

The woman can't be named because of a court-ordered publication ban.

As the investigation continues, police want to learn more about the accused, which is why they are putting out the plea for information on him.

"He's been residing in this area a long time and we don't want anyone to discard any information," says Farrah. "Let the investigators decide if that information is worth following up on."

Police have had dealings with Cormier in the past, but Farrah says those dealings are "dated." She can't discuss whether or not he has a criminal record because the matter is before the court.

Anyone with information that could be of value to police should call Codiac RCMP at 857-2400.

General Discussion / Re: LASER LIGHT REPORTS -CAPE BRETON MAR 25/10
« on: March 25, 2010, 07:21:23 PM »
Can be very damaging. This damage was reported from a cheap laser pointer.

"You can't miss it. A sharp green beam of light shoots up from the ground, flashing around the helicopter, dazzling anyone on whom it scores a 'direct hit'," said Mr Briggs....When it is right in your eyes, you simply can't see anything else. We are 1,200ft (365m) up, but the beam is strong and sharp.  If we were within 500ft there would be a real possibility of eye damage, but at our altitude the risk is of distraction and disorientation - not helpful when flying a helicopter.

Has anyone Googled the perps name yet. Could there be two individuals by the same name that live in the same area?

General Discussion / Re: LASER LIGHT REPORTS -CAPE BRETON MAR 25/10
« on: March 24, 2010, 07:16:51 PM »
As I understand it, there is very good technology to succinctly identify the coordinates that this activity is generated from. It shouldn't take them too long to find the person. They say the culprits are usually bored youth with newly acquired lasers.

"The police have new devices designed to record and analyse laser "strikes" on their aircraft, tracking their source and leading to arrests of attackers." 

1 Police helicopter is targeted by laser pointer on the ground
2 Helicopter crew use hand-held Laser Event Recorder to locate pointer. It records wavelength to match beam to pointer - like matching bullet to a gun
3 GPS details enable helicopter's thermal image camera to find suspect and police patrol on ground is directed to address

The Laser Event Recorder not only takes a picture of the attack and logs where it came from using GPS, but also analyses the wavelength of the laser being used.

It can also warn the police if the laser is powerful enough or close enough to cause physical damage to the eyes.

This can be compared with the specifications of the device used in the attack, providing vital new evidence. "It's a little bit like matching a bullet to a gun," said Mr Briggs.

We turn in the sky and circle the house of the "suspect", with two observers on board to track him.

The rear observer has two large screens, one showing the image from the aircraft's camera, the other a moving map.

The camera uses thermal imaging to clearly show people and warm objects standing in gardens or on open ground. Even when the warm laser pointer is thrown into a bush it can often be seen from the air.

The rear observer can zoom in to show a glowing image of an offender, and then look at the moving map, where a cursor shows the spot on which the camera is focused.

The "offender" outline appears full screen and we watch as he tries to throw the pointer away. A dog team is called in and an arrest made.

To Donna, my prayers and wishes for strength, peace and all you need to get through this situation. I am so glad you found your way home. So, so happy you are home. To those who didn't give up, it is so nice to know so many people have other's backs. You cared enough to pray, to dissect videos, search, look, share ideas and genuinely care. Way to go group! We need to make sure he makes it to jail and stays there for quite some time. That any others he may have now or may have taken come to rest.  To the purolator driver, thank you for being aware, and for stopping and for helping. You put yourself at risk for another in need and it is so appreciated by so many. You set a great example. We need more of you. And, to the Donna's loved ones, I am so overwhelmed and happy for you to have the opportunity to face many holidays, many milestones, many minutes and every day with Donna in your loving arms. Take wonderful and gentle care of her.

General Discussion / Re: Is anyone in Ontario willing to help?
« on: March 23, 2010, 06:37:54 PM »
Very well spoken Lostlinganer.  I, too, have silent tears and unbearable heartache for the loss of a very beautiful woman in my life. I can't explain how much my heart hurts for her children to wear the weight of not being able to see their mother. The milestones missed. The fear, the tears, it doesn't really go away. The smiles remembered. And a future with her never to be. A genuine sweetheart with a pretty pure soul. She would never hurt anyone. And, I can't imagine anyone getting enjoyment out of hurting her. For all you would have to do is look into her eyes and know she wouldn't harm you. How could they harm her?

I read the stories about self gratification, power, and awards of $900 per person to make a person disappear. I hear serial killers responsible for putting bodies on hooks and skinning their victims who have been asked what they would say to family members and they reply, "Shit happens." I've had to learn about people that go through their daily lives acting one way and behind the scenes doing unbearable things to others. I've heard of towns being stigmatized by others causing such great fear that no one says a word, yet they live amongst them. I hear of the tricks that can make those accused go free. How those incarcerated receive pensions and privileges those on the streets can't even afford, surely not the victims families. I read about sentences of a few months for the life of another. How people don't know who to trust anymore in uniform, to those in power, to those just living one street over and those you come in contact with every day. I see air patrols and water investigations, with ground patrols only to hear that that one making the decisions of where to search becomes accused of serial rape and murder. I've learned the terms human trafficking is different than trafficking in humans. I've learned that some say Canada is one of the largest transporters and some think it is their national industry. I've read reports supporting such claims. There are pig farms, and protected unofficial buried bodies, snuff films, unwilling sex trade workers forced to pay off debts after debt in countries that don't speak their language, underground organ trades and drug industries with turf wars. But more than that, there is the market for these. A MARKET FOR THESE! And, all I really wanted to know is where did my loved one go. How can I bring her back. I fear we will never find her. I will never be the same. Nor will anyone else in which their lives she once touched and she no longer can bless.

And I wonder, what is it going to take? When do those living in fear have enough? When is someone strong enough and in a good enough position going to do what is right? When does a victim say to hell with it, and just go down in glory? When is God going to come?

I'm sure you have asked yourself the same thing in the past, and for that experience you have had, I'm trully sorry. No child should live anything but a blissful innocent existence. I hope, itdoesntmatter, on this journey you will find truth, honesty, strength, resilience, and pride in not being those that overcame you. I hope you are liberated by the experience. And, I applaud you for your courage. I hope you will find joy, and love, and beauty now that you deserved all along, but was robbed. Walk strong. Do good. Be brave. Overcome. Go beyond. Become something your childhood didn't try to define you to be. Put them all to rest. And, in doing so, bring those missing, harmed, loved, tortured, murdered, abused, and raped some dignity. Make them beautiful again. Give them worth. Give them a voice. Prove they matter. Help them fight back. Make them rise. Give us insight we can act upon. Give them peace. Bring them home.

One matters to many. One small step, matters.

For that, I can only thank you, for what I can not provide, but with all I have to give. Thank you.

Russell Williams / Re: Russell Williams: Timeline
« on: March 21, 2010, 09:38:38 PM »
It just occurred to me, that if a military system and/or civilian system continue to reward its members with such title, services, pay and benefits while being charged and even after being found guilty (pension) then the incentive is on being the criminal, not the proper member of the force and society. In a screwed up way, if you were going to be unsavory, you would do it in the system that pays and benefits you to do so, wouldn't you? If you get your military pay, lets say, while being in jail then you have better money than a regular citizen who would have lost their job and their pay, to spend on lawyers and the best of everything. If you don't have pay, then you don't get access to all the military's finest representation and assistance. In my opinion, the emphasis needs to be on not rewarding and compensating those that don't deserve it. For the benefit of those who are serving honestly in the military, we owe it to them not to incentivize the bad to be alongside of them, putting their lives in jeopardy while they are working so hard to protect us. Let's start protecting them, too.

There are a lot of cases on this site that report that the individual just disappears without a trace. No sign of struggle. No sign of assault. Out of character. No sign of robbery. ATM's not used. Large sums of money not missing before they were last seen. No computer or trace. No phone activity. No drug debt. No friends or loved ones contacted. Prescriptions cease being ordered or used. It is for all these reasons I think it is important that we assume the missing person needs our assistance not that they ran off by themselves and don't want to be found.  People are usually not that good at just running away without leaving a trace. Makes a good story to help make it go away by setting the seed in people's minds that that may be so, though, doesn't it? Bodies not found. Judging from the large number of these individuals, I believe there is a bigger crime of a more serious nature that absolutely requires serious attention before your loved ones are next. Or the country is ruled by fear and not justice. I don't mean to sound scary, as much as frustrated. People have learned to take people without leaving a trace.  Why aren't they being found? Why aren't their bodies showing up? It all points to crimes that are unspeakable. The very fact that no one is being caught and no one is being prosecuted leads to the fact that for some reason the priority is not on keeping people safe. The priority is not on properly training and supplying effective investigations to successful prosecution endings. The priority is not on cleaning up the streets. It is in allowing this crime to continue to grow until it blossoms beyond control with key people in very dangerous positions. Could it be that they can't be found because people are too afraid to pursue them, or people in the right positions are choosing not to look in the right places, or once they do the people aren't really being charged and made to pay for their crimes for any significant length of time so then, why put everyone at risk in the process? Can it be that those who have some answers, don't even know who the good guys are to talk to about it? Can it be that the victims that survive who are frustrated with the system who take justice in their own hands, get more time than those that commit the crime against them?  If any of this is true, then it is a very, very sad day for the country and the country's beautiful people. The injustice comes when we stop looking. Stop caring. Stop believing in the system. The missing still need us, and many more down the road it seems like. It starts with all of us. Why is there a market for this activity? Why isn't there a bigger market for irradicating it? People don't walk out of malls and disappear. And if they do, we need systems that find them, alive, within days. That is where the priority should lie.

Victoria / Re: ROBINSON, Carmen - missing (1973-12-08)
« on: March 19, 2010, 05:01:39 AM »
Wonder what the bus driver knows. Thinks. Remembers. They tend to know people and patterns and the types of things that seem odd.

General Discussion / Re: Is anyone in Ontario willing to help?
« on: March 16, 2010, 09:54:02 PM »
I can't help but think that maybe that watch has DNA on it that could lead to the identity of the person who needs to be identified. I hope someday, it will provide the proof of your story, the perps and the individual that  owns it. Someday maybe the right opportunity will arise. In the least, I wonder if it is possible to identify the type of watch and the style so that maybe that can be posted and gain attention.

Perhaps we should press more and more businesses to provide more security, cameras and lighting for the privilege of shopping comfortably. Not only that, but the appreciation the public would have for them when the authorities have to have footage to piece investigations together, would be reason to shop at those stores that cared more about the public welfare. Enough cameras around and street access, parking lot crimes, in-store injustice would be curtailed. I have to say, I would gladly give up my public privacy, to have a person like Donna or any of the other beautiful missing individual back home enjoying their families.

Ottawa / Re: Tina Smithson 51 Missing (January 26, 2010) Pakenham
« on: March 12, 2010, 09:23:55 PM »
Funeral held for Pakenham woman whose body was located last week
Posted March 12, 2010
Arnprior EMC

"The latest search was organized due to improvements in the late winter weather conditions. It was officers in the helicopter who made the discovery, an OPP spokesman told the EMC Monday. Officers on the ground were directed to the location and were able to make the recovery.  Family members had been conducting their own search. They requested further assistance from the police which was offered when better weather allowed an aerial search to be carried out, the police spokesman explains.  Mrs. Smithson had been the object of an intensive search in late January. At the time she was reported missing her husband Raymond Smithson told police he had last spoken to her at 12 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 25."

..."It is unknown what she is wearing or what direction of travel was taken," an OPP news release explained. Police reported her vehicle was still at the residence and said she had not taken her purse or any form of identification with her.

She was described as 5' 1" tall and a slim 100 pounds. Full details of her appearance were made public on Jan. 26 with police first hoping someone would locate the missing lady.

Ottawa / Re: Tina Smithson 51 Missing (January 26, 2010) Pakenham
« on: March 12, 2010, 09:09:24 PM »
OK, so this is getting even stranger. I guess I'm not the only one that is curious. Here a few comments posted from the following site:

Notice the date of the post is February 4, 2010, (but the announcement of the body found appears to be March 3, 2010 and the memorial posted last, states she was found close to home March 3rd).  The editor  reports on February 4 that police "thought" she fell through the water and called the search off. The mayor felt the editor "should not delve into the story." Here is the post, then a few posted comments follow: 


Feb 4, 2010

Missing woman

We were surprised to hear this week the OPP called off a search for a missing Pakenham woman. Tina Smithson disappeared on Jan. 26.

We called the police to confirm the search was over and learned they believed she fell through the ice of a nearby stream and was swept away.

We called the mayor of Mississippi Mills to learn how the community was dealing with this tragedy. We encountered a second surprise.

Al Lunney reacted with some hostility when our reporter reached him. To be fair, the mayor may know this family and was acting out of grief.

He felt we should not delve into the story.

I had hoped he would act as a spokesperson for his residents who undoubtedly are trying to come to grips with this loss.
Given we reported the OPP were looking for a missing local woman, we felt it prudent to tell our readers the search was over. And as I'm sure readers have many questions about this incident, we feel it's our role to try to find the answers.

We had a reporter visit Pakenham yesterday to talk to residents.

I hope to post a story online early next week.


"Could she be linked to the William's murders??? Petewawa and Ottawa are not that far away... It is hard to grasp that she had fallen through the ice. If she lived close to the water and was familiar with the area, do you really think she could have fallen in??"

"I agree with that comment, I knew Tina and something doesn't sound right about her disapearance. Someone is hiding something."

"...I live on the water and I sure no where to walk and where not to walk..... Tina seems to fit the profile of the other two women, and all her belongings are at her house. Who's to say she wasn't out for her daily walk and walked into the path of the accused, that is where my concern originated from.. I hope if there was no evidence that our police are looking into maybe there is a connection."

"I smell a rat! Tina was not the type of person to put herself in jeopardy, she would not gamble with her own life. She loved her children! ... Tina deserves nothing less than our best efforts; we need to discover the truth about what happened to her. She was a wonderful, trustworthy, faithful and sincere woman! I miss you Tina."

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