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Thank you for the further clarification. I'm still wading through the threads and it may take a while. I didn't realize that BS was also murdered. How long after the confrontation do you think? That would insinuate he kept grudges. And, didn't always take it out on others but may have gone back when focus was off the heat of the moment.

It makes me curious of TA's life story. What happened in early life that he felt the need to do these things. Or, was it just a condition. I'm curious but hate to read up on these perps and their demons.

Again, thanks. I'll probably have more questions when I get up to the point I'm not asking silly questions.

I hope your life kept you away from these monsters and demons. It doesn't sound like fun. But, then again, it doesn't sound like you back off from it either.

D1, I can't believe you were exposed to all that. I'm trying to wrap my head around it. 

You new BS, she wanted help confronting TA. When she did he ran raucous and a person was raped that night. Did BS break up with him that night?
What do you think kept him from going after you. After all you came with her when she confronted him. Odd when he gets disgruntled he takes it out on innocent others and not BS the person who confronted him.

Then if I read correct when you met up with him years later he was bragging about all those details and on that night at that night at the bar you gave him a hassle about bragging about harming little girls. and more happens... thus your theory on the pattern and way he picks. Why do you think he may have picked the church lady.

So how did he say he got on the lake.. walked on ice? boat on water?  i just can't see someone tie someone up and put on blocks in the hole others may use.

How did Barb rid of him without getting hurt?

Regarding your experience with GW, again i'm sorry you went through that. The knowing, the witnessing, the not being able to do anything about it. I bet that made you feel helpless to believe there would be any reprieve or justice.

Did TA know he was being followed, studied, protected to some extent I wonder?

Thank you all for your patience as I try to read through the threads. I'm away at the moment, but when I get back in a few days I'll try to educate myself more. Your insight is very helpful. In my mind I'm trying to make a timeline, a map and a list of the known facts. So much information in these threads. I can tell you all have really cared. I'll try to get up to par in the next few days. Thanks for all the information. Just trying to figure out what was important, known and what was speculative and in which ways.

Thank you WellWell for the summaries. Here is where my mind has been going upon first review....

- I feel the guy was somehow connected to figure skating, or an obsession with figure skaters, or an attraction to that.
- He was 30-40 and described as heavy set of sorts. Possibly rejected at some point in his dating life.
- At 30-40 he could have had his own family with perhaps a daughter in figure skating where he goes to the competitions, skating performance, etc. Or, a hockey player that would see the performance before or after practice or games.
- I get the feeling like a girl in graceful and revealing outfits was something that struck his attention, enough to spend time trying to find a way to get alone with one. Why would that be? Did he attend figure skating events? Have children in figure skating competitions? Work at an ice rink?
- That's why the timeline of the 40-60 minutes after he picked her up, he may have been with her at the ice rink across from the phone. He may have taken her there to fulfill some fetish. Could he have made her perform? Ice skate? Spin? Twirl? Dance on the ice? Did he take her in the ice arena? Or, the parking lot? If he was heavy set, perhaps she tried running. Perhaps she was faster than him being more physically fit. The phone would be her destination... but timing wouldn't allow her a conversation, but hope.
- The fact that she was fully clothed, and possibly made the phone call could mean that he was having her "skate" for him, but had not touched her yet. She ran perhaps and then he had to murder her (in his mind) without finishing his original intent.
- It wasn't necessarily that he was following the original figure skater he saw in the newspaper, but a skater if he didn't mind being referred to another one. That's why I'm wondering when he asked the original figure skater of interest and she wasn't available, if he asked if she know of other "skaters" or another skater on her team who babysat? That's why I really wanted to know if the conversation was ever fully disclosed.

- It's interesting that city folk may not know how phones work like rural folk. That gives us a clue that he may have not lived there. Confirmed by others not recognizing him in the small town. But, yet familiar enough to be around the ice arena with an abducted ice skater. What is the ice skating connection?
- One of the reasons I was interested in knowing about the laundromat is that would also confirm that he did not live around there, but long enough to need his clothes washed. More transient then, perhaps rather than living near or living there. Still don't know if it was confirmed that he used the laundromat.

- The river Kelly was found in is of interest. It would seem rather easy for him to dump her over a bridge, but if the distance signifies that could not have happened, I'm really wondering how he would have had access to a boat to take her into the lake. He had a car, but where did the boat come from if he wasn't from the area?
- If he was a fisher, do they typically keep their boats in the area somewhere? Who checked out their boat around that time.
- If you are not from the area how did that spot become viable? How did the means become available?
- I get the feeling he lived away from the area, but in a bigger city atmosphere. He perhaps fished in the area. He somehow went to ice arenas... was he a hockey player, parent of an ice skater who went to competitions? Worked at the ice arena and had access in?
- When younger did he have a crush on an ice skater that rejected him?

- The fact that he contracted her for babysitting, he knew he had limited timeframe before someone would be searching for her. That makes me believe that he may have had children himself, found it easy to hire a babysitter, knew the timeframe... because lets face it, disposing of her body in the river when a search was likely would be risky at best, unless he was on his own self-imposed 1-3 hour timeframe for all to be done and he be back home.
- Did he have the boat in waiting as part of the evenings events? Perhaps with cinder blocks in it?

It feels like the ice arena, the ice skater, the fishing locations have an odd connection. Far enough away to be unfamiliar with phones, close enough to be known to find a boat and rid of the body fairly quickly before all were searching for her. It feels like the events would happen all in one night because it would be too risky to try to dispose of her in the days after, in the area of question.

Just some first impressions. Open to them being picked apart.

For the many years I've been on this site, I don't remember looking at the information on this case file. But, being a new reader to the information a few items came to mind when reading over half the file so far, but I need clarification on a few items:

- it was mentioned that he called from a gas station, what location was the gas station?
- he tried to find the girl's name that was pictured in the ice skating picture, was that the same girl that was a waitress?
- the girl he spent days hunting down, what were the details of the conversation he had with her about babysitting... type of girl he was looking for if she was not available?- - if he had gone to great lengths to wait for and try to find the identify of the girl in the photo... why would he just give up and look for a babysitter she recommended? It would seem to me that he would have waited until she got off from work and just messed with her... if waited several days to find her identity and talk to her. It seems odd he would move on to another that babysat. Then the focus becomes more on someone who babysat than on the girl that ice skates.
- was he seen at a laundromat? did I read that anywhere, if so what laundromat location?
- was he seen at a hotel, or was that just the hotel bar he was at to ask the girl if she knew of babysitters?
- Was the girl pictured in the newspaper ice skating the same girl he was asking about to the principle and the first girl he approached to see if she could babysit?
- and can someone confirm that the phone call of the screaming person they think is Kelly... was that near or across from an ice arena?
- of the three girls he asked to babysit, were all three ice skaters? Was Kelly an ice skater?

Site News | About Us / Re: Posting Links
« on: May 12, 2018, 09:17:09 PM »
I didn't realize that people didn't want the whole article. I started doing that years ago when people were looking back over long cases and wanting clarification on new items of relevance. At the time, only links were posted and they no longer worked. I'm guilty of posting similar articles from other sources, but only if they have a different view or new information, which I bold. I've always been a person who didn't like the snippets as they can be misconstrued sometimes without the full article or read out of context when you are really trying to make sense about details of a case. With a full article people can choose to read it in its entirety or only pieces of it. I wouldn't think it would make a person not come to the site any longer as you can always choose what you want to read and what you don't. It provided me with the way to read it for myself. I do, however, bold items in the article I think are relevant if someone merely wants to skim it.

Should I do this different from now on? I wouldn't want to offend anyone.

General Discussion / Re: Just in Case You Need Some Hope Today
« on: May 09, 2018, 10:27:22 AM »
Sometimes the social security number pops up.

Richard Wayne Landers, Jr., in 2013 at the age of 24, lived in Minnesota under a different name. He disappeared when he was five, back in July 1994. Authorities think he may have been abducted by his paternal grandparents who were upset over pending court proceedings even though their son, Landers' father, was reported as "never involved in the boy's life." They pushed for felony charges for interfering with the custody proceedings, but charges were dismissed in 2008.

For 19 years, Landers was listed as a missing person until police ran his social security number and birth date. They found Landers using the number under a different name.

Lander's mother Lisa Harter was ecstatic, as one could only imagine.


General Discussion / Re: Just in Case You Need Some Hope Today
« on: May 09, 2018, 09:38:22 AM »
Sometimes it takes a storm.

Lt. William Thomas Barry Troy, 29 and a native of New Brunswick, disappeared without a trace on February 25, 1958. He was flying a F2H3-Banshee fighter jet in dense fog for the Royal Canadian Navy along the Florida coast headed for a naval station in Mayport, Florida. He was part of a four-aircraft formation. The other three aircraft landed, but he fell out of formation at some point with others unaware.

The U.S. Navy recovered a helmet and a wheel from his jet, but all were surprised that his body was never recovered and substantial aircraft debris never surfaced. They listed him as "buried at sea." His parents and siblings didn't stop in their search for answers. However, answers finally surfaced nearly six decades later, after Hurricane Irma dispersed on September 13, 2017, that is.

Days later on September 21, Zack Johnson was surveying the damage done by the hurricane. As he drove along a northeast Florida beach a "ball of stuff" along the high water line caught his attention. He says he must have driven by it at least five times without noticing and other rangers drove by it, too. At first he thought it was just jumbled debris until he noticed the military gear - a parachute rigging, a parachute harness, a float coat, bits of metal and survival supplies. Then he noticed the lieutenant's stencil on the back of a coat. He turned the items over to the Mayport NAS.

"It was traumatic for us and we really had no closure," said Dick Troy, 80 at the time of discovery. "My mom and dad grieved for many years. We all did, but a mother has a close attachment to her children, as you know, a special attachment. So they went to the grave without getting anything."

Johnson believes the items were buried for decades beneath sand dunes. He also says it appears that the pilot's parachute didn't open during the crash which brings comfort to brother Dick in that his brother's death may have been quick.

"Thank God the person who discovered it was good enough to do something about it," said Sandra Berry, Troy's younger sister. "If they had just not cared we could still be in the dark." The family hopes to obtain the discovered items for the family to keep as a reminder of their brother. They also look forward to hearing more details from the authorities, when available.


Russell Williams / Re: Russel Williams: crimes and victims
« on: April 27, 2018, 12:27:38 PM »
Vice story claims that forensic psychologists contacted by VICE say Williams wasn't a psychopath. Instead they say he was a man with powerful sexual deviances coupled with a lack of empathy for his victims, who was able to control his urges in order to avoid detection when necessary. A good-working frontal lobe and a simmering cauldron of sexual deviance. Paraphilia. Is this consistent with what the authorities found?


Russell Williams / Re: Russel Williams: crimes and victims
« on: April 27, 2018, 12:10:25 PM »
The story behind the movie of Russell Williams' interrogation

Fatum: Room 216, a movie about interrogation of Russell Williams.

Other Alberta Locations / Re: Dustin Paxton torture case
« on: April 27, 2018, 11:59:21 AM »
Supreme Court of Canada denied Dustin Paxton bid to appeal conviction for torturing his roommate.

Roommate torturer Dustin Paxton denied bid to appeal conviction to Supreme Court


Here's another story worthy of posting about Constable Scott Aikman. Again, thank you belatedly.

Risking Life Undercover


This story was published in December 2016, but I didn't read it until now. Sincere appreciation for people like Toronto Police Const. Scott Aikman for risking his life to go undercover to find answers to the Alexandra Flanagan case. While undercover, his father passed away (he dedicated this award received to his father) and his life was threatened during the trial.  We have to remember these are "jobs" for these people and they do it under such difficult circumstances. Just wanted to say, "thank you."

Undercover officer honoured for work in solving Barrie murder case


I just read this story and find it so odd and unusual that so many people were connected to several cases on this site.

Robert Twiss, 45, who has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder after his roommates, Alan and Matthew MallinsonAlexandra Flanagan, who went missing in July 2007 and was later discovered dismembered throughout wooded areas in Barrie.

Andrew Keene Cindy HallidayFred Shapcott, Ellsworth Beers, Pamela Constable and Scott Seabrook.Eric Ross Katherine Janeiro Roel Ofreneo (Flight) and Christian Petricca,Cindy Halliday.


Toronto / Re: Jay Boyle | Missing | PICKERING | 1995
« on: March 25, 2018, 09:39:51 AM »
...still waiting on DNA testing from 1998. I hope that's a typo.

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