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Burlington / Re: Marianne SCHUETT (10) - Missing (27 April 1967)
« on: May 26, 2009, 10:45:36 PM »
Marianne is a relative of mine. She has not and will never be forgotten by our family. Many of us still hold onto hope she will be found alive and well even after all these years. The worst part is not knowing and not having any closure. I live near Woodstock, with the Tori Stafford case all the memories , questions and unanswered questions all came flooding back. We only hope Victoria or her body is brought back to her family so they may have the closure we never received. I wish the people that have done this to Tori get their just desserts. The person that abducted Marianne chickened out before justice could be served. There is hope other people may know information to bring her home to us one way or another. Thanks for keeping her memory alive with this forum maybe someday we will know where she is.

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