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Windsor / Re: Cassandra Kaake (31) murdered December 2014 in Windsor
« on: August 23, 2017, 10:53:05 AM »
Wow! What a horrible and despicable crime this was. And OMG that poor woman and what she endured and that poor little baby girl too. She would have been a completely formed viable lil human at 7 1/2 months. I'm so disgusted with this. I hope where ever they have housed that twisted $hit in Canada that other inmates get wind of his crime and do something about it. Any old school inmates would not stand for this type of crime at all and see to it that this scum  is taught some lessons.

I've been wondering too if she was indeed pregnant. Nothing that I can find thus far that says whether she was or wasn't. And nope not in Canada jobo.. All babies in the womb regardless of gestation,regardless how much they were wanted or planned for etc..etc..  doesn't matter in our criminal code or laws. They don't count as a life harmed or taken when a crime was or is committed against the mother against her will - so no charges to the perpetrator at all. Our laws say that while a baby/fetus is in the womb they are not a human being until they have exited the birth canal - therefore no protection under our laws regardless of the circumstances. Not only was the judge and idiot in this case - our whole criminal code & justice system is a god damn mess imo.

Hi all. I'm a newbie in here so please bare with me. First I would like to say that I am sorry for your loss Kelly & Greg Melanson and family & to any of the Harrison family who may read this.. I am a bit miffed as to why there has been no updates & or arrest this case after all these years. I have a particular question(s) to ask and hope I am not being insensitive or offending any one by asking ( as that is not my intent) I would like to know if Theresa Melanson was in fact pregnant at the time of her demise or if it is hearsay. And if she was, how far along was she? Would anyone know this? and or maybe have a news link/old article, that says that she was pregnant? I ask because I have been compiling a list of murdered pregnant women in Canada ( and there are dozens)  but I am hesitant in adding her name without confirmation of this.  I hope someone can help as it would be much appreciated. Thanks

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