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I would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt hello to Trever and Tanis also along with Donnie.  You are like long lost family to me.  My heart aches for us.  My number is ****I live in Saskatoon, just in case.....Take care my friends.

***edited to remove personal phone number. Anyone wishing to contact DonnaS can do so via private message.

Hi Donnie, my name is Donna.  I was 10 when sister Kathy was 7 and Samantha was 8.  This year does mark 40 years and you are so right that the memory is as painful now as then, very painful.  I think of your family every day, as well as Robert and Dahrlyne, every day when I think of Kathy.  Tomorrow, July 26th, will be 40 years since the day our lives changes forever.  Please feel my heartfelt love now and forever to you and your family.  Maybe one day we can have coffee together.

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