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USA & Other / Re: Delphi Indiana Murders
« on: October 27, 2017, 06:33:55 AM »
Thank you Sap1! 

USA & Other / Delphi Indiana Murders
« on: October 25, 2017, 09:52:30 PM »
This case has been breaking my heart for 8 months now :'(  Not sure I've done this post and link correctly but I really just want to help spread the word here.

The girls heroically we're able to take video of the murderer and police have released a couple still pictures and audio of the man's voice, telling them "go down the hill."

I pray God brings justice to Libby's and Abby's family soon!

Gotcha.  Yes I'm anxious to see what if anything comes from that cigarette butt...

Tomorrow?!  On the podcast?

I JUST finished listening to all the episodes they have posted so far...As soon as I finished I jumped right on here to see what I do was available.  It's a pretty interesting case but like to many when years pass it just gets harder and harder :( I'm praying for Roberta's family, that they can have peace and answers, looking forward to all the episodes.

Thank you jelly bean, it worked and its as awful as I imagined :( 

Please come forward tipsters!!

Yes, if you have a link! Thank you

I hope that someone takes this tip seriously, that commenter sounded very sure.  This case is haunting for sure...I never have used a link that would allow me to actually listen to it unfortunately, but hearing what all of you have described just chills me to the bone.  Praying for progress!

My thoughts exactly jellybean.  God bless her!

If Canadian foster care and group homes are anything like ours in the States, she may think taking her chances on the streets is worth assured abuse at an unsafe home/group home.  Maybe she's on WiFi trying to find a way out/resources?  This is assuming that is the case.  I know a handful of people who grew up in the system, some even being adopted into families, that endured so much abuse, at every turn in the system.  These predators know how to work the systems.

Unfortunately there are also a lot of young people who don't wAnt any rules or authority; hard to know which is the case, but she is certainly determined to keep leaving for whatever reason

It's just incomprehensible when you think of all the victims...and their families who trusted and relied on these institutions.  The hardest thing for me to come to terms with is that nothing can take that pain away. It happened.  They could take him out back, shoot him today, or torture him for the rest of his won't change what they endured.  :'(

God bless every single one of them

This just makes me insanely upset!  As civilized society, we should be protecting the most vulnerable among us (children, elderly, handicapped) so that disgusting pieces of garbage like this man cannot have access to them...

114 INNOCENT SOULS endured this man's abuse! Not a one time system fail.  Sadly.  And a one year old?  Sick monster.

And the statute of limitations has run out on most cases? Please remind me why we even have statutes of limitations on these crimes??? Whose brilliant idea was such a concept!

Thanks debbiec  :) I've read many of your comments across the boards and threads, funny how I feel so acquainted with so many of you admins and regular commenters, although we've never met lol!

I get online  on my kindle, so may have been a weird glitch on my end, no worries.

I somehow stumbled upon this website, months ago, when looking up information on Cape Breton, as my husband's now deceased father was originally from Nova Scotia, still has family there, and started a a ferry that still runs?  I'm born and raised in Ohio and was just curious  ;) any rate, Claytons story was the first that I read...and I didn't stop for 80 pages.  My heart breaks for this family and community, I'm literally haunted by what must have happened to this sweet boy and what everyone who loved him must have faced for all these many years.  I'm part of the Facebook group, so I will be able to follow the recent events.

I've read on this site religiously since I discovered it, but it would never let me register before today.  I'm so happy to finally be able to pass on deepest sympathy and an encouragement to never give up...your family is incredible and so it the community here at unsolved canada.

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