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Well I have had my meeting and trust me this was very hard. But so glad I did! The stories that are in the Star phoenix and internet are not accurate by no means. I understand the issues behind David Threinen but by no means forgive him, and he was told that. My family needed closureand I beleive we have that now! Just a word of advise, dont always beleive what you read, or what you read from other people. He did not prey on theses kids!

Actually Threinen is not in Kingston but Dorchester New Brunswick and has been since he left Mountain Institute in 2007. I am Samantha's only sister and actually going to meet and interview him tomorrow. There is questions and answers that only that man can tell me and has agreed to do so. My mother died last year and has never spoken about it to me. Most of my information was from my brothers who were older. Samantha was 8 when she died and I was 4. I dont want people to get the wrong impression, I am not going to forgive him, lets face it... how can one actually forgive someone who took a family member from you, but to close a chapter in my life. He agreed to speak with me as he beleives he is on a place that he deserves and will never get out. So if anyone would like to know more, please feel free to contact me. I will discuss what I can, but bear in mind, some thing I may not be able to

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My name is Tanis and the younger sister of Samantha, that was murdered with her best friend by David Threinen. I am as we speak going to interview David tomorrow to finally have some closure and find out what happened that day. People ask me if I am crazy but the torment he put my mother and the rest of my family through,... I beleive I have every right to ask the questions I need to and closure. I am not there to forgive him, like many paople have asked me... really how do you forgive someone that has taken a family member away, but I do beleive he owes me and the rest of the families answers. I would like to have any family members from the children that he killed to contact me if they choose!!

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