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Body is identified as 20 yr old Ajay Mathur missing since Dec 24th 2011.

As I recall from attending kindergarten in 1972/73 there was only half day classes, you either went in morning or afternoon.  All day kindergarten didn't start till sometime in the late 80's here in Ontario.  Schools provided juice and cookies back then (atleast until 1981 when I started highschool) so a bit puzzled at taking a lunch or snack.

Toronto / Re: Toronto's Unsolved missing/murders (Part 1)
« on: April 16, 2012, 08:09:15 PM »
I came across this link regarding  the murder of a missing woman from Brampton on Feb 5, 2009  27 yr old Poonam Litt.  Her remains were found in Caledon in February 2012.

will post this also on the thread for Other Locations regarding the unidentified remains found in Caledon

Here is a link to the article regarding the judge's ruling to have the boys remain in mothers custody.

and a Q&A with Stephen Watkins

Found this update online.  Still disturbs me that he had been missing two months before even being reported missing!

Just wanted to comment on the banking discrepancy May 30/31,  back in 1995 many banks at a certain hour (usually 4-5 pm)begin posting the transactions on the following business days date.  So in fact **** could have actually cashed his cheque on May 30 but the bank records it on the 31st.  I recall this because my workplace stopped allowing employees to pick up paycheques early as they were taking them to bank day before cashable.

Found the following unsolved cases on the NB RCMP website

Gagnon, Claire - Homicide
On May 24, 1970, 16-year-old Claire Gagnon of Gould Street in Dieppe N.B. did not return home for Sunday dinner at 5 p.m. This was out of the ordinary for the teenager and concerned her parents. The last confirmed sighting of Claire Gagnon was sometime between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. that same day. On May 25, 1970, some 24 hours later, her body was discovered not far from her home. Follow up investigation confirmed Claire Gagnon was the victim of a homicide. Over the 40 years since her death, there have been numerous leads and investigators assigned to the file, however, to this date the person or persons responsible for her death have yet to be identified.

Redmond, Mary Beatrice : Murder - File 1996-083

On March 24, 1974, the body of 56-year-old Mary Beatrice Redmond was found in the entrance of her residence located on the second floor of 88 Bridge Street, in Chatham Head, N.B. The investigation revealed that Mrs. Redmond, was at the 7:00 p.m. Catholic Mass. She then stopped at the Henderson Convenience Store to purchase cigarettes and a newspaper. It would be the last time she was seen alive. Her leather purse, cigarettes, the newspaper and her light brown leather jacket have not been found.

Wedge, Michelle : Missing Person
On July 2, 1975 7 1/2 year old Michelle Wedge of Dominion Street in Moncton left her residence at approximately 8:30 p.m. on her bicycle. Witnesses reported that she was last seen riding her bicycle in the area of John and Dominion Street in Moncton. She has not been seen or heard of since. Her bicycle was found late that evening on the southwest corner of John and Dominion Streets. At the time of her disappearance she was wearing navy blue shorts, navy blue knee length socks, navy blue sandals and a red and white T-shirt. Michelle Lise Wedge was described as being: 4' tall (122 cms), brown eyes, slender/thin, light/fair complexion and light brown hair.
Dallaire, Philibert : Murder - File 2007-454275
On May 14, 1977, between 10 p.m. and 10:20 p.m., 57-year-old Philibert Dallaire of Cormierville, N.B., was viciously attacked with a baseball bat after getting out of his vehicle while he made his way to his house. Mr. Dallaire was later found unconscious and bleeding just outside his back step with severe trauma to his head. The culprits removed his wallet and its contents except for personal papers and then threw the wallet in the ditch in front of the house. It was fairly common knowledge within the community of Cormierville that Mr. Dallaire regularly carried a substantial amount of money. Mr. Dallaire never regained consciousness and later died in hospital on May 23, 1977 as a result of the injuries he received in the attack.

Swanson, George Edward : Murder - File 2007-454294
A few days before December 21, 1977, George Edward Swanson went to the Hub City Lounge, located at 636 Salisbury Road in Moncton, N.B., with a few acquaintances. Swanson and a friend sat down, and were joined by others. After midnight, Swanson and others are believed to have visited other locations in the city. Then, sometime during the early morning hours, Swanson was driven toward Turtle Creek, N.B. The vehicle turned onto the Dewey Road, and drove almost to the end where the snowplow turns when cleaning the road. Here, Swanson was removed from the car by more than one person, and shot to death with a 12-gauge shotgun. Swanson's body was found in the snow, on the Dewey Road on Wednesday, December 21, 1977.

Ferguson, Dora : Murder - File 2006-124115
22-year-old Dora Ferguson of Island View, N.B. was last seen alive as she was walking along the Trans Canada Highway at Island View on August 22, 1979. On April 21, 1996, skeletal remains were found in a garbage bag by a man out walking along the Valley Trail just outside Fredericton, N.B. The remains were later positively identified as being those of Dora Ferguson and it was determined that she had been murdered.

please add: 1988 July 17  Owen Sound/Woodford ON Lisa Leona Maas age 22 (no body recovered)

I am wondering if this was this B.C. murderer that was recently apprehended in Collingwood!  How long he has been in the area is not known.

I had stumbled upon this website a week or two ago while reading some news online.  I was pleasantly awed to find the determination and compassion of posters to finding justice and perhaps even solving cold cases.  I began reading the threads of cases in my surrounding area.  Sonia's case really hit home as I recognized her as someone I had seen before when she skiied and perhaps even lived in the Blue Mountain area a few years back.  I have read this thread all the way through.  While reading another thread I ran across this link regarding military court martials that listed an accused sexual offender had been charged at CFB Borden on Aug 26, 2010.  Be prepared to be shocked at some of the cases rulings!

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