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   I am a newbie to this world of missing and unidentified people,I wish there was not one .But, the sad fact  is there is a need for sites like these and I thank God people do use them.I have always been a true crime buff, but what has led me here is that there is another mother suffering the horrendous grief  of not knowing if her son is alive or dead.Even though he was 27 years old when he became missing,he is her baby,and she has been the fighting force to keep his case alive and active and has had to fight just to get it the attention his case deserves from authorities and news medias.We all know that it seems that if you are an adult and is not a rich kid or a blonde blue eyed middle class woman who is missing the media seems to forget you awfully fast.But,she is not letting this happen without a fight.Her sons name is William (Billy) Disilvestro and became a member of the missing on February7 2011.He was 27 at the time.He has not been heard from since.( I feel her pain and the pain of every other person who is missing or worse as much as I can from not directly experiencing their situations.I am just wanting to help her get the answers she is seeking and the ones every parent deserves.

 I know this happened a while ago but,I find it strange that they are saying Shannen's death may not be connected.But,stranger things have happened.I wonder how long it would have been before they found any of the bodies if she would have never gone missing and her family did not press the issue?That in its self is a very scary thought.At least her family can look at her death as not in vain because with her death so many families found their missing children,mothers and sisters.I mean no one wants to lose a loved one but when something good comes from their death it does help make it a small small small bit tolerable.

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 Hello,I am also a newbie,I have been a true crime reader every since I started reading my Grandfather's True Detective magazines as a teenager and they would scare the holy s*** out of me.I am also a victim of crime.My oldest daughter's father was brutally murdered by a for sure would have been spree killer if they did not stop him after the 2nd murder in 1 week. He had a list of people he was wanting to kill somepeople even went into hiding until they caught him.So I can understand some people's feeling's about murders and the need to have them solved.I will spend weeks reading the site I am sure.So, Hello again everyone!!!!!!!!

  Hello Chris this is my first Another reason that some people do not tell is because their significant other is the killer.So many times have we read that an old girlfriend or an ex-wife did not tell until they were scorned.I know some say they were legitimately  afraid of them, but, I do not believe that because if I was being brutalized by a killer what better of a way to get rid of my abuser. They sure will go to jail for a lot longer than a domestic violence charge would hold them and with them in jail is the best protection order I could ever dream of getting if I was in that position.And then I think there are some people who do not believe in snitching on anyone,some people that believe in not telling or getting involved are decent citizens in every other aspect of their lives except the refusal to tell.To those types I hope the shoe is never on the other foot.But that is my thinking about the one's who don't but could tell.

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