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I wasn't quite sure where this thread could go; but seeing as the boys' bodies were found in Maine, USA I was hoping that readers and members from our sister site, living in the northeastern USA, might catch this topic and be able to help.  Please listen to the story.

... beautiful logic faith!

sorry Deb;  no, it was meant for a response to Concern's post.  I made the mistake of addressing wellwell.  I'll edit my response there.

good post wellwell!
...... sorry here;  I meant that for Concerned.

You guys;
I've always wondered if, once it was considered possible that the poi may have first set his goal for a figure skater - the blonde in the newspaper prior -did the investigators go back and question all possible people involved in any way (no matter how little the involvement) about the poi asking the first girl to babysit ... I mean, did he target a blonde girl? etc.   I wonder if this guy asked anybody at all, what Kelly looked like etc.   ... just a thought!  There is always the possibility that what this guy had perceived or fantasized what his blind date would be like, was not what he got... she wasn't his type.  (propensity for blondes?) He couldn't just return her home.... no cell phones back then, so he couldn't fake a phone call and make up an excuse that the baby sitting had to be called off for whatever reason, and he must take her back home.... it was too late!  he had to kill her anyway at such a point.  :(

makes sense wellwell!

Why, oh why, have we never heard details of the specific kind of rope used in Kelly Cook's murder? Kernmantle rope was first manufactured in 1953.

Good research wellwell;  and good question, also.

There's a lot of questions unanswered in Kelly's case... and tho the case remains open because it is homicide,
 it seems holding back information at this point has gotten nowhere.  I could be wrong about that, because keeping back a detail or important fact that only the killer would know, is logically the wise the right thing to do. However, describing the rope, the cinder blocks etc. might just turn on a light in somebody's head. ... as something they always noticed at a particular place or purpose of use. 

I still have haunting thoughts about the claim that Kelly wasn't raped.  .. meaning did a well meaning doctor in a town full of heart-broken children, teens, and parents, think it might be the best way to handle it , sparing the pain of at least one gruesome act on this innocent girl?  .. or perhaps "no rape" was just an educated guess that was due to extreme decomposition and/or less than adequate forensic tools at the time?  :-\  ... or is it possible that police hoped at the time, or were determined at the time, that they might find where Kelly was held and murdered, ... perhaps confiscating hair or fiber that could be traced to Kelly by means of blood match technique at the time - and that could have also had evidence of her killer with it.  That is a fact I've always tried to figure out.

Point taken JB;  but most facebook pages seldom include a link or proof of facts.  Therefore; I think the police would not take such pages as seriously.  I could be wrong because there are many, many well-laid-out facebook pages, which I hit on all the time.  ... pages used by serious people with organized articles and blogs;   but the majority of facebook is personal pages with no logic or organization.   :-\

This thing about the site host change and all of the lost information was a terrible thing to have happen. I do wonder if there is still more to it than we know. Zero new members here on the site for all of 2019 ?? Something seems way wrong with that. Posts are dwindling to near zero on most days. Before it fades entirely, perhaps we the last surviving members could mention that we are willing to consider doing some fund raising in order to take over the site in the future instead of just killing it off?

I must confess that I always expect the "powers that be" and the many site vendors out there, are definitely in the position to "take out" whatever may be displeasing to them.... or in the case of police, whatever is not sanctioned by them and/or whatever makes it look like they are "missing the boat" when it comes to cold cases and suspects.  Grant it;  the police have unlimited access to throw out a net and troll for suspect matches that suit their cases ... whereas, we hobby sleuths can only research and dig into the news, facts and tips we find online. 

However, it is uncanny how much we expose, that police don't ever get to.  For example:  Bill Christensen, serial killer from the US.  He traveled much the same path as Terry Arnold down south.... could have easily been an acquaintance of Arnold while in Florida.... and/or may have "rubbed off on Arnold"... but Christensen was very pragmatic and into planning and dragging out "the ruse".  ... It has always struck me odd that the suspect who abducted Kelly used that name... and carried out a typical "Bill Christensen" murder. :-\  I'm still not convinced that Christensen was "on ice" in a Montreal jail those weeks that Kelly's murderer drifted in and drifted out~~~  and Christensen's old man was well practiced at getting little Billy magically in and out of jails and country boundaries.  ... access to money, plane flights, passports and other documents at the drop of a buck .. or an order!
- Point being:  Police almost never dig up all the stuff we dig up on murderers and serial killers....They never even considered the "real Bill Christensen" as far as we know.)  ... nor, all the individual facts and details only found through months and years of dedicated digging.  So if I was in the shoes of these police, I would certainly use every tool at my disposal to eliminate great details such as mug shots and little-publicized facts that us amateurs reveal on sites like this.  Shame .. Shame~   ::) ::) ::) ::)

Hi D1; 
Will you refresh my old failing memory as to the validity of Terry Arnold's confession;  I can't recall without digging again, as to where and when it was considered a confession.  I know it was publicized more than once, he was looked at for Kelly's murder.   ???

On the other hand, although the suspect I am entertaining was never looked at by police because in all these years, they claim the RCMP staff involved could never actually get to address the case because the revolving RCMP members kept changing every few months ... ergo, not having the time or getting "rooted" long enough to dig into the massive case  .... even though, that suspect's own family members suspected him way back then.  It doesn't seem as though they were trying to get even with him;  to the contrary, it seems that once he was convicted of molesting his own little daughter for years, they finally could stand up to him, and go to the RCMP with what they knew and long-feared about how he looked just like the suspect composite (not generically, like most other suspects) and he had the motive (obsession with young girls) and plenty opportunity to have been there at that time, and the exact cocky, over-confident behavior, attitude, and tenacity as the original suspect.  .. that is something I cannot ignore.

.... D; I know we spent too many pages on this thread already going back and forth about Arnold .. that's fact.  and we all have our own "prime suspect/s" for Kelly's death. 

As far as Arnold, I see him as a great candidate for the crime except for two things:

-I can't perceive him as planning and calculating consistently for the number of days Kelly's abductor/killer stuck with, in order to get his hands on what he hoped might be "a duplicate of one particular figure skater he was obsessed with".  I can see Arnold have the same obsession, but not being stable enough to put in that much time to achieve his goal.... and Arnold would never have finished with the girl without raping her... that's Arnold!!! 
-Also;  I cannot imagine Arnold being in the position to be driving that splashy car (which he would have needed to know for sure he had access to it, prior, while he was putting the baby sitting ruse in place.... and I think Arnold is more the type that would just stalk and grab his intended victim all at once, not drag out the plan.  ... and if the car was "lined up, and stolen) just for that night, I expect the owner of the car would have reported it missing and/or come forward with some suspicion that it could possible have been their car.
However; I do think Arnold was/is a very likely
 suspect for scooping up Joanne Pederson in Chilliwack that rainy night outside the candy store. 

I still maintain that I've come across no better suspect for Kelly's murder than the one I've been entertaining since a few years now.
.... a guy who had access to that same type of car,
... an appetite for a young woman,
... frequented Standard and Hussier,
... was an avid lake fisherman and back-roads guy,
... was bold and cocky because he came from a "big business family" and had a powerful father (who had that same type of car) etc. etc. 

A few of us know who this guy is and also know from photos of him at that time, that he looked exactly like the composite photo.  We cannot display the mans photo, nor name him, because RCMP have already been informed since 4 yrs. and they still have not looked at this man for Kelly's murder.  His family background and his late father's heroic reputation in the community have kept him from being investigated all this time.

Just as is the cold case of Alexandra Wiwcharuck (The Girl From Saskatoon), when the authorities already know the most likely suspect and have been forced to consider them above the law, the case always goes cold!

It was a waste  when so much of our research idea's, including pictures, vanished off this site... We have entertained different suspects over the years showing what they looked like.  For the sake of D1's post above, here is a reminder of Arnold's handy work;  the following extensive write-up/s say it all.  Arnold spend a long time around the Alberta area... very active in 1981.

I'm here listening to part 1 of the podcast (thank you Nancy Hixt) ... I know it's been years that we were working on this topic, but I find myself in disbelief to just hear that none of the family attended the funeral palour (that is how bad in shock and pain the family members were .. they were strongly advised not to attend).... and it seems the funeral home was in Calgary (not Standard) ... guess I missed that detail way back when!  and the name of the funeral home was  Garden Chapel Funeral Home (where the unknown guy showed up brazenly expecting to view her body... imagine how far from reality he was with her body decomposed.. closed casket!) ... and the funeral service was held at the church in Standard.

Sex Crimes / Re: serious risk from sexual offenders shown here
« on: April 14, 2019, 12:30:50 PM »
People can view and study what National Post has gathered Sap;  fore-warned is fore-armed, if nothing else.   :-\

Sex Crimes / serious risk from sexual offenders shown here
« on: April 13, 2019, 09:58:42 AM »
This list (including images and details) was publicized by National Post, for the safety of us all.  It is being distributed largely on facebook and other sites.  It really belongs on the unsolved site as well.

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