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Oh I know it can't be rushed. Its just hard.

They granted his request to appear by video next time.. just the one of them.. not sure what he used as a reason.. unless its medical there shouldn't be a reason good enough in my opinion.

They have not showed even their pictures. I know what Devin  looks like because I knew him.. but I have to idea what Darak looks like.

I am really really sorry for your loss. We recenty lost a friend to murder... and I can't imagin even after 30 years not missing him every day.

Thanks so much.
He was a really good person, he didn't deserve this at all... I know nobody that knew him will forget him... but don't want anyone else to either...
They two being charged with his murder.... one requested to appear by video next time.. I don't think he should have that option. They deserve what they get, and we are getting ready for the long process of waiting for that to happen...

I really believe that the police did a fantastic job, and we are really lucky that it only took 4 months to find him.. even though those 4 months were horrible.. and seemed to take forever... and I also think the amount of media attention really helped in bringing in tips and getting Robs name out there... His name should be remembered before his killers...


Men accused of murdering Rob Vicente return to court

Two men facing first-degree murder charges in the death of Bladworth resident Rob Vicente returned to Regina provincial court Tuesday.

In addition to being accused of murdering Vicente, 22-year-old Darak Andrew More from Saskatoon and 20-year-old Devin Riel Joseph Schmit from Fort Qu'Appelle are charged with robbery with a firearm.

Defence lawyers are waiting for disclosure from the Crown. The case was adjourned to April 13.

After a four-month search, police discovered the 25-year-old victim's body on a rural property near Davidson on Feb. 16.


Bladworth's Rob Vicente remembered during funeral Saturday
Two churches and high school auditorium filled with mourners
The funeral for 25-year-old Rob Vicente brought the community of Davidson to a standstill on Saturday.

The young man from Bladworth had been missing since October. His body was just recently found on a property outside of Davidson. Darak Andrew More and Devin Riel Joseph Schmit have been charged with his murder.

Vicente's service was jointly held in three locations in the town -- two churches and the Davidson High School gym, where about 250 people came to watch the service on a video screen.

Principal Jason Low says Vicente's death has been hard on everyone.

"It's been a long process with (Vicente) being missing for so long and then finally being found. Everybody's just trying to find their own little piece of closure I guess," said Low.

Cody Stianson grew up with Vicente in Bladworth and knows that pain firsthand. He broke down as he remembered one of his good friends who is no longer here.

"He was just a really nice guy and didn't deserve this and had a lot to live for."

The service was filled with music, a slide show tribute with pictures from Vicente's life and a heartbreaking speech by his mom, Pam Vicente. She said she will miss his kind heart, brown eyes and beautiful smile.

Roberto (Rob) Joseph Vicente It is with great sadness and heartbreak that we announce the death of Roberto (Rob) Joseph Vicente of Bladworth, SK, at the age of 25 years. The Funeral Service will be held on Saturday February 26th at 1:00 p.m. at the following venues in Davidson: Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Parish, 415 Lincoln Street, Davidson United Church, 315 Lincoln Street and the Davidson High School Auditorium, 420 Government Road. Rob is survived by his loving parents Pam and Ferd Vicente of Bladworth and brothers Daniel (Megan) and Michael. Rob also leaves to mourn his grandmother Audrey Hutton; aunts and uncles Craig (Jean) Hutton, Judy (Don) Love, Carol Hutton, Barb (Ray) Homeniuk, Barry (Brenda) Hutton, Sandy (Jon) Hofer, Jeff (Shannon) Hutton, Jose (Debbie) Vicente and Luiz (Kim) Vicente, along with numerous cousins, relatives and friends. Rob was predeceased by his grandparents Dallas Hutton and Joe and Connie Vicente. Rob will be remembered as a loving son/grandson, a loyal brother and friend with a great sense of humour who enjoyed music, dancing, animals, loved having fun and making people laugh. Rob's engaging personality, smile and heart warming laugh made it easy to love him. For those so wishing, memorial donations in memory of Rob may be directed to the Celebrate Rob's Life Memorial, with funds to go to charities of the family's choice in memory of Rob. So in honor of Rob, cherish your family and friends, be extra kind to people and animals, give a hand to someone in need and if you get the chance, make someone laugh who needs laughter in their life.


*We are organizing a Celebration of Robs life to take place in the next couple months... if people here want more info.. I can give it to you when we know more. Thanks.

''How are people like this created?''

Well.. going to be honest that at least one of them didn't have an easy upbringing.. HOWEVER doesn't give him an excuse. Others in his family with the same background are great people.

Rob did not deserve this.
I am terrified to learn what really happened.. yet we all NEED to know.!/pages/For-The-Love-of-Ferny-Justice-for-Rob-Vicente/155983764457601 ... this is a group... JUSTICE FOR ROB...

Please join and share. Thanks so much.

Yes... well the only people charged right now, Are 20 year old Devon Schmit (his grammas property is where Rob was found... I really do believe his gramma is horrified by this) ... and 22 year old Darak More (lived in town... but I had never even met him, he was not from here originally) They were the last people Rob was seen alive with... and I don't want to be the cause of gossip or anything but even though a lot of us knew Devon.. thinking he may have had something to do with Robs disapearance was not at all shocking... when his name came up... I just was not at all surprised... that just the truth... :(
And Darak has obviously had trouble with the law before.. I've heard from both rumours and just the fact when he was charged with Robs murder he was already serving time in jail for a totally unrealated thing.

As searchers.. it was just us... Robs friends and Family, and residents of our town and near by towns... we searched as much as we could, and posted for people to check their properties and so many people were helpful... but ya... we were told to stay off his property.. rumours were that people were told by his family, I believed that but was not told directly... but I think it also had to do with the fact that we were all pretty sure of Devons involvment, and were scared that we would do damage to the investigation... the police got a warrent for Daraks house first in November.. then searched Schmit properties in December, January and again in Febuary when they finally did find Rob... all of those searches they had warrents for.

...Even though we believed he was involved... I don't think we really thought they would find Rob right on the property!... its actually horrifying... he was right there... many of us walked probably very close to where he was without actually being on the property... and literally... its right across the tracks...

The other burned car was just a car that had been there a long time. It was an old farmyard... had lots of old building on it, that were left unused... nobody lived there is was just somewhere where people used to have... many many years before... so many of those kinds of yards around Saskatchewan... and when they burned Robs car there.. the other car burned too and so did a lot of the old buildings on the property... the fire had started spreading to the feild when it was noticed and they were able to get it out...

Robs body was found on another property still... another farm closer to town.. and acutally on the opposite side of town as this farm was... and the farmyard he was buried on one of the accused grandmother, actually lives on that property... so when we were conducting all the searches... we were not aloud to search there. Like before the police started searching.... we all did... we walked feilds checks old farmyards, slews... any grouping of trees... we searched 10 hours a day for a couple weeks... until the snow came...

This is no listed under solved cases... they haven't been conviceted yet... I really hope they are.

Rob was the kind of person you only had to meet once, and you'd never forget him.

He is very hard to describe... :) I used to tell people stories about him and then say.. ''oh you just have to meet him!'' because he is one of a kind... he had a wicked sense of humour, he loved women, and was always using the funniest, corniest sweetest pick up lines.... He was just a sweetheart. He loved music... he loved LOUD music... and he really loved animals... dogs especially... he was never the kind of guy who would fight... never... he was always looking for a good time, and his laugh and smile were just the best.

I'll remember all those things.

He was in all my best memories... and a lot of times, him being there is what made them my best memories. He was never dull.

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