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Other Locations / Re: Brian Thorpe - Murdered - Feb.08, 1967 - Trenton, ON
« on: November 23, 2011, 05:57:48 AM »
amIam, thank you for your interest in this coldcase. I had to do many hours of research at the Trenton library to find the news articles on Brian. Much of my research indicated the Police were searching for the vehicle in the wrong area. As mentioned in my earlier posts the imagery on google earth shows a very distinctive image of what appears to be a vehicle in the Wellars Bay area near Consecon. In therory the vehicle was positioned on the ice at a location near an open body of water, produced by currents, and pushed closer and eventually went through the ice. This would allow the individuals time to move away from the vehicle and safetly get back to the shoreline.
I have come to the conclusion that I need  different perspectives on the imagery, and that is why I am going to reveal the location to all who may have interest in this case. I am still a private citizen and google is a public domain site for everyone to observe, I can legally post it.
 Please respond with your Perspective on the imagery by going into the members area of this site and looking up my e-mail ( you must be a member, or join as a member to get my e-mail) and send your replys. Thank you all for your interest.
Google Earth position- Wellars Bay area
                                    43 degrees 59' 42.57" N
                                    77 degrees 31' 32.92" W
                                    Elevation 250 ft
                                    Eye Altitude 300-500 ft
P.S. Play around with the different angles and eye altitudes, you may be surprised.

Other Locations / Re: Brian Thorpe - Murdered - Feb.08, 1967 - Trenton, ON
« on: September 15, 2011, 08:01:51 PM »
Hi Tev, thanks for the information. I know what DND has been doing in that area but the location of the vehicle is in a different location that is adjacent to Wellars Bay. I cant disclose the exact location but the imagery from different altitudes on google earth strongly suggest a vehicle. I appreciate the input and I believe it is a matter of time that arrests will be made.

New information has been slowly trickling in, and now with the information posters, of the abduction and murder, scattered around Trenton and the surrounding area we are hoping that a key piece of information or a key person will come forward. There are still people reluctent to talk about this case as they dont want to get involved with the police and this makes it very hard to seperate the facts from the hearsay. My God people it was an 11 year old boy. What if it was your son?
I have put together a couple of theories about what happened that night in 1967 and feel I am close to the truth, but I need the facts. Patience will prevail !!!!! 

I am glad I am blessed with great patience as explained to me by the Detective this case is not going to break overnight.  There are pieces of the puzzle that still need to come together before charges can be laid, and right now some of these pieces are still scattered, and as far as the vehicle is concerned it takes coordinated planning and resourses to do the search of the area without raising to much attention from area folks and the media.
 My personal financial resourses are running short so I must focus on my paying job and leave the case up to the Detective to follow up on information trickling in.  I am committed to this case and if it does take 1 year 2 years to solve the puzzle then so be it.  Justice will prevail.
Thank You BCID for your input, and yes they did do side-scan sonar in the Bay of Quinte, but that is not the body of water it is located in, somebody gave a wrong tip. I also checked out those links you mentioned and believe the technology out there today has greatly improved and may play an important factor in the recovery of the vehicle. I will keep posting non-confidential information as it comes in and Thanks to everyone for your support.

Update.  I did a search on google earth of the areas relating to the statement from the witness.  I saw imagery that is suspicious and have forwarded it to the Detective.  He could not say for sure that it was an outline of a vehicle, as it has been 44yrs since the event, but did say that it needs further investigating.  I viewed this imagery from different altitudes and different angles, from the look around button on google earth, and the imagery surely defines something resembling a vehicle.  I was a navigational captain of a vessel for 14 years and I know how things can be distorted underwater, and the build up of sediment from a current over that many years, can play tricks with your eyes and the imagery, so right now all I can do is wait for the Detective to call and let me know when they are going to send in the divers.  I've asked to be there when they do the dive and he agreed that he will pick me up.  My hopes of that image being the vehicle are running high as it cooraborates the witness statement.  I will keep posting as information becomes available.  PLEASE IF THERE ARE ANY REPORTERS OR PEOPLE THAT THINK THAT THEY CAN GIVE THIS TO THE PRESS, PLEASE THINK TWICE AS THIS IS VERY SENSITIVE TO MYSELF AND MY FRIENDS THAT HAVE WAITED 44 YEARS FOR CLOSURE. RESPECT THIS SITE AND THE USERS ON IT.  GOD BLESS       

New information has been brought forward by way of a statement by a witness that provides information as to where the vehicle may be located along with the implication of an individual that may have been involved in the disposal of the vehicle.  In talking with the cold case Det., and providing him with the statement, I think this case will get some priority and hopefully some long awaited closure.  I'll keep you posted. Srog

Concerned, thank you for the reply. I have spent many hours of my time doing research at the library, talking with people and doing some static surveilence. The POI'S still live in this area so I must be discreet with whom I talk too. For them, the guilt that they have been harbouring for many years may be taking a toll on them psychologically as I am sure that they know by now that, from word on the street, this case is going to be re-opened. The vehicle ( white station wagon) needs to be found. I am going to Kingston today to get a signed statement from a witness, that may implicate an individual of being an accessory after the fact in the cover-up of the vehicle. I will post any new information ( excluding names ) and again if anyone out there can provide any information it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You 

Does anyone remember the Brian Thorpe murder?  Brian went missing Feb.08, 1967 after leaving a house on North Murray St. Trenton, Ont @ approx. 8:45 pm.  He was observed getting into a white station wagon possibly a 1963-65 Ford Country Squire with wood grain paneling on the sides.  The person that observed him getting into the vehicle beleives that Brian new the driver.  Brian's nude body later washed up on the shore of Lake Ont in May of 67 approx; 3 miles west of Port Hope.  There were POI's that were questioned and in the end two of these POI's became suspects.  Hearsay being the two knew each other and recruited possibly one or two other individuals to establish alibies and dispose of the vehicle.  This case has been revisited by the police a few times but nothing conclusive has come of the information.  I received information in 2006 and relayed it to the Detective in charge at that time.  Again nothing came of it.  In December 2010 I received another peice of information that cooraborated this first peice of information and this time I think the Detective is taking this a bit more serious as the information received related to the POIs' of 1967.  I beleive that if the vehicle can be found, first beleived to be somewhere between the mouth of the Trent River and the east end of the Murray Canal, it may give some vital clues.  The car was never found then and now new information came forward  that the car may possibly be in Wellers Bay.  You are probably wondering what my interest is in this coldcase.  I was at the house Brian left that night and he was a freind of mine.  I really got interested in the case when I received the first peice of information in 2006.  The last 2 years I have spent my time at College in the Law and Administration Program of Investigations and Protections Services.  I know there is someone out there that knows about this case and knows the exact location of this vehicle.  Please e-mail me or post something that can be helpful.  There is no one alive in Brians family and closure for myself and all his friends is needed.  Thank You

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