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Thank you D1 for the info.  I guess Mr Big did not include Kathryn in their sting?


About her car. 

 When a vehicle is involved in a potential crime, the cops open the trunk and doors to take pictures of same.  By that time, the press had been alerted and took pics of the car with trunk and doors open.  According to onlookers, the car doors and trunk were closed when they first spotted it.

About her bike. 

When pics were published of her car, one of her neighbours who was being interviewed by the press, asked the question, where is her bike?  It was always on her roof rack during summer months?

I am assuming that her Dad removed it when he washed her car that day.

The police have never answered this obvious question and her mother has never mention it.
Is this bike a hold back by police?

She had a bike rack in her own garage, and it was empty. Did the killer remove it from her vehicle parked behind the tac shop, and bike home?

Re - sexual assaults
quote Police Chief Kalinski

According to a national investigation by the Globe and Mail, the OPS cleared 38 of 145 cases, or 26 per cent, as unfounded from 2010 to 2014.
The data shows Orangeville police officers cleared 25 per cent of allegations in 2010 (nine of 36),

What about those that were not cleared (27) in 2010 and onward?


Yes, well well * the same effect.


Peeping Toms, can turn to rape.  Nothing was taken from her home. See my post 1466.



I think the killer knew her, albeit in a casual way.....I believe he watched her townhouse to wait until her lights went out for the nite.
.  I also believe he has been practised at b&e', as well as a peeping Tom.  May have been slapped with fines. 

Saw an interesting program about how a person can open a locked sliding glass door.  I say this, as it is thought that she did not lock her door when she let the cat out.

Police should look at the perps in the area that might have been charged with something similar in the past (b&e's, Peeping Tom, etc.)

I believe he may have moved on, when he learned that the police were doing dna testing.
I never believed that this murder came from a dating site.  He knew the area very well, including the townhouses.  Also had confidence that the cops would not be patrolling the areas at that time of nite, early a.m when he removed her from her townhouse.

Was familiar with the routine of the neighborhood/ and the patrol times of the  cops.  If he was also involved in drugs, he surely would learn police patrol times in Orangeville, and hwy. And  there were not any patrols in Caledon and area at the time.  Police began patrolling that area after SV was murdered.  S0, perhaps he wasn't such a risk taker,as we were lead to believe. 

If he was part of the criminal element, he could have had a partner to come and help him, with a simple phone call.... ie moving her around.  She weighed 125 lbs so her mother said.....try and lift that unresponsive weight on your own. Frankly, judging by her pics, she possibly weighed a little more than that.  Faster and easier with two people.  With two people the exposure time would be far less, compared to one person struggling with a body.


WOW....Thank you very much for that article and link debbiec.  So, the man with the tattoos stepped forward and is not a suspect.  This is a must read..... and her behaviour is most unusual that day.


re red object placed in bag.  Dennis claimed it was an empty beer bottle that he placed in the bag.


I really believe that she knew him. Since she appeared to be distressed, according to the witness, why did she not yell out? They were seen walking together crossing the street. She probably knew him, and did not want to make matters worse by doing so.  She did not realize that he would murder her.  Perhaps thought she could handle him.

The family obviously did not recognize the person via the sketch.  Am beginning to wonder if he had a relative who lived in the group home. I hope police are following up with group home where Thelma worked.

Is there a reserve close by where the body was found?

Just a theory of course.


Thank you Ruby Rose.  Yes, I believe you are right.  Ah  ….that is how it went.

Am wondering …….I believe in Thandi's camera there is a view of Dennis walking across the street to get to Dicks office.
He was carrying a Sobeys bag and his walk was brisk. I don't recall him walking with a limp then.

If he did, it certainly was not visible.


Thanks DI and sap for the updates.  The sketch looks like he could be related to Thelma.


I recall that Dennis walked with a slight limp, and he told the detective that he hurt it while on his wife' s boat.

The back stairs for the back entrance to the bldg. were oddly built, and I wonder if he hurt his leg jumping down from the back door.  He did not have a limp when he went into the bldg.
Don't know if he had a limp when he went to drug store with wife etc; hopefully someone on this board might remember more about it than I do, and will be able to clarify.


I think the last anniversary announcement by the police was directly related to the organized/disorganized nature of the crime scene, which can be a sign that more than one person was involved in committing a murder. Surely this occurred to them back in 2010? Seems that they're grasping at straws.

Whatever became of that DNA they said they had?

Good questions  There were three crime scenes, and it is still not solved.

Apparently, they do have DNA, but so far no match.  I have often wondered if others were involved.
ie: Help in removing her from her townhouse, etc.



Lead investigator grilled at Dennis Oland trial about mystery sticky notes, other leads
Dennis Oland's retrial on a charge of second-degree murder heard new details Thursday about evidence found in a wooded area on Saint John's west side more than a month after his father Richard Oland was killed.
A man called police on Aug. 24, 2011, about some pieces of paper he found beside his residence with the victim's nickname, Dick, written onDefence lawyer Alan Gold raised the issue during his pointed cross-examination of lead investigator Const. Stephen Davidson about the adequacy of the Saint John Police Force's homicide investigation.

Davidson met with the man and searched the property for any other evidence but said he didn't test the weathered notes for fingerprints because he didn't see the value, given their deteriorated condition.

The yellow sticky notes also included the names of his father, Philip Oland, brother Derek Oland, the executive chairman of Moosehead Breweries, and his great-great-grandmother Susannah Oland, the matriarch of the beer-making family, the courtroom heard.

Gold suggested a hair was stuck to one of the notes and asked Davidson it was ever forensically tested. Davidson argued it wasn't clear it if was hair or lint, but said it wasn't sent for testing.
He acknowledged he didn't show the papers to the victim's secretary, Maureen Adamson, or business associate Robert McFadden to see if they recognized the handwriting or to ask if the multimillionaire used that type of sticky notes in his daily work.
"There was absolutely no followup to these pieces of papers that were found, correct?" asked Gold.
"Correct," replied Davidson.


London / Re: Irene Francis Gibbons - Strathroy, ON - Murdered - 1975
« on: December 26, 2018, 02:38:32 PM »
But Arntfield criticized the OPP for their track record of not releasing enough information to the public in the early stages of death investigations.

“Unfortunately, with this agency, the public is never kept in the loop during the initial, critical, first phase of the investigation. These pressers, 10, 20, 30 years later, are often the first piece of information that they’ve ever publicly confirmed,” he said.

So very true.  Even today, with new crimes./jb

wellwell…..unafraid to be seen covered in blood in a public place [/quote]

The murder of SV took place under the cover of darkness, and neighbours were in bed.

so if he parked her car and walked or drove his vehicle home no one would be all the wiser. ???

I agree with the rest of your thinking.


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