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UPDATE: On Sept. 20, 2019, Grande Cache RCMP said Harrington had been found dead. Police said they were not looking for any suspects and that no further updates would be provided to media.


Thank you, July,  for adding this very important info to this thread


The OPP are a disappointment. :(   /jb

quote Have Faith

"Cold, dead silence is cruel and unnecessary."

Her mother has stated that they know nothing - not even if she was stabbed, or what have you.  They seldom contacted her.  I know this is not always the case.  Cops while tight lipped, will tell family, at least something..  In SV's case extremely little - other than the amount of blood loss - as per forensic folks from Toronto, that she was deceased when she was removed from her townhouse.

I agree, it appears to be cruel an unnecessary, especially at this late stage.
Everything I have added today, I got it from the newspapers online- way, way back then.

Have faith - I agree with you.  Whomever did this, had knowledge of the neighbourhood, specifically the townhouses. 

If you look at the backyard, you will see a spade sticking in the ground, and clumps of soil, that looks like someone, perhaps an employee of the site, was doing some digging.  I wonder if his dna was ever collected?

The property managers at that time, also managed buildings on Jane Street, in Toronto.  A violent neighbourhood. Can't recall the company name, but did some research on them a long time ago, but did not post it - for obvious reasons.


If so, the killer is someone the family knows well. How did he evade the dna dragnet? hmmmm all the stuff no one speaks of.

So very true D1/jb

Edmonton / Re: DYLAN KOSHMAN, MISSING OCT. 11, 2008
« on: September 09, 2019, 09:30:58 PM »
Some one  has the truth. But will never speak up.


I just saw a clip on my Facebook newsfeed where they interviewed Sonia’s mom at the memorial set up for Sonia on Beechgrove sideroad...
Heartbreaking, her mom knows nothing...She said the police haven’t told her anything.
The police need to touch base with that poor woman at least every two weeks, a phone call....perhaps during those talks...something will tweak an idea on a path to investigate.  (Seems to me they know nothing and are relying on tips)
Sonia’s mother said something to the effect: everyone loved far as I know. 
Someone (or somebodies) didn’t, unfortunately

Is it possible her mom may know the killer, although unaware of it?  Police would not tell anything to the family in case the killer is inadvertently tipped off?


They live on the northern tip of Nfld. They have already gone through one brutal winter, because she has been missing for 18 months. I believe her husband is guilty of her disappearance. He is a fisherman, I do not believe they would find her body on land. I doubt if they ever will find her remains. He is as cool as a cucumber, talking about how strange it is she has disappeared. I believe they have to bring in special investigators and make this guy sweat. She should have never stayed in his home. She was afraid and she did not follow her gut feeling and she should have. I do hope they find her, but a year and a half gone by and not a trace of her anywhere. A botched up investigation at the getgo and just horrible police work on this case. The RCMP have to step it up on investigations such as this. If a spouse is missing and they know there is marital trouble there, they are not doing what they should be to solve these cases. There has been no comments on this site about this case and maybe some persons in the area do not know of this thread.  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
I am with you on this one.  He may have dumped her in the ocean.  They need a Mr Big for this one.  Get him drinking..... and he may loosen his tongue.


Edmonton / Re: DYLAN KOSHMAN, MISSING OCT. 11, 2008
« on: July 17, 2019, 10:18:30 PM »

The 21-year-old moved in with his two older first cousins, brothers Nick Koshman and Colin Demasson, who were renting a house on the city's south side.
On Thanksgiving weekend, Dylan was feeling homesick. He invited another first cousin from Moose Jaw — Cameron Koshman — to visit. These were his cousins, not his brothers (clarified to correct error)

(see witness statement in the link)

In his statement to police, Colin wrote that when he got home in the early morning of Sat. Oct. 11, 2008, "I confronted them [Dylan and Cameron] and told them to leave. We argued and a fight/wrestling match broke out."
Colin went on to write that after the wrestling match he continued to argue with Dylan and told him to "get out, he didn't live here anymore. Come back and get his stuff later. He left out the back."

His brother Nick, who also declined to speak with the program, prepared a nine-page account of what happened after his aunt asked him to write it out several days after Dylan's disappearance so that he wouldn't forget anything.

Nick wrote that he heard Dylan and Cameron planning on fighting with Colin when he returned home and he texted Colin to warn him. 
After Colin came home, he and Dylan "went at it, pushing each other around. They make it to the floor and Dylan's been throwing punches and Colin looked like he was going more to restrain Dylan rather than hurt him."

Nick says that he turned around "to get a drink and when I came back to see, Dylan had left and Colin said he went out the back."

He said in a telephone interview that after Dylan was kicked out of the house, he hurriedly grabbed his things from Dylan's bedroom in the basement and went out the same door that Dylan left from.
According to Cameron's phone records, someone used Dylan's phone to call Cameron at 3:30 a.m. several times in the span of one minute. Cameron says he missed all the calls because he was simultaneously calling 911 to report that he was hiding from Colin, whom he alleges was trying to beat him up.
At least two neighbours also called 911 to report fighting, which moved from inside the house onto the front lawn.

In addition to the four first cousins, Nick's girlfriend was also in the house that night. There is no indication that she was involved in the fight.

A lot of questions here.  No mention that the fighting spilled over to the front lawn.

Edmonton / Re: DYLAN KOSHMAN, MISSING OCT. 11, 2008
« on: July 16, 2019, 06:27:47 PM »
A witness report was shown on this site, written by one of his cousins. It was hand written by him.  I cannot locate it...… is it still here?

In it the cousin said - and this is important, I have never forgotten it;

"I turned around to get another drink, and when I looked up, Dylan was gone."

and yet - in the news report, he said "I left the room to get another drink, and when I returned he was gone"

Big difference.



Edmonton / Re: Missing - Nadia Atwi - age 32 - Edmonton ab
« on: July 16, 2019, 05:54:29 PM »
How far away was Rundle Park from her home.

This reminds me of a woman who went missing, her husband made pleas for her return etc. I believe their last name was Smith.  She was found a few miles away, and it was determined "you know who did it."  He walked home.


Thank you very much, July, for this update.  Hoping friends and relatives will help her children through this very tough time.


I have a thought.... The solution might be quite simple. Drug dealers,

I got to thinking about the area.  College, high school, student housing..... and woods as a meeting place to do the transactions.  Lunch hour - they would be
 waiting in the woods  for their customers.

A perfect set up for a drug dealer or dealers.

Valerie might have seen it take place, and she was turning back to college and was hit on the head to stop her from reporting it.

With this in mind, even the rest of the story now makes some sense to me.

Students would be afraid to "turn them in", so they kept quiet.


First thing the police peruse are face book sites.   Everything is done on face book, and other electronic communications. 

Facebook is putting us "out of business". Food for thought.


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