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B.C. Coroners’ Office has released an interactive map of those missing in B.C.  (200+ people).

You should try you say, it’s been over 20 years and they will most likely have you on file.

It’s hard to predict how a perp will react...Lets just say, if you fight back...they may kill you, but if you comply, they won’t harm you. Or, you may fight back and they may take off running.
i am Of the opinion Sonias murder was more personal...but that’s just my opinion...and we just don’t have enough info.

Thanks, RubyRose....Hmm. This logbook...jellybean, maybe he already took it with him the second time he left the office...had it in his bag, or left it in his car.  I think he STILL mixed up in his sequence of he is saying he went back the third time for the log book.
I would’ve questioned Dennis as to the exact time that morning he left the log book at his mom’s.

Sorry...but what was Dennis’s original reason for visiting his dad for almost an hour?  There is no way in hell they didn’t have words over money....the trading error and/or Dennis’s debt.
 Speaking of debt, his lawyers must be taking a huge chunk of his (family’s) money.

Don’t “successful” men use briefcases anymore?

I urge you members to contact:
I’m writing again as my last email was forwarded, but they gave me this (above) email address.

Legebokoff should not be given any special treatment...he belongs in Max security for the rest of his life.
I’m wondering, trying to read between the lines...if he was being threatened in jail.

I’m wondering if the regular dry cleaning process will remove blood spots...without the customer pointing them out to the cleaner.
 I googled the answer...but I still don’t really know.
The blood up Dennis’s cuff is damning, in my opinion.
I also wondered that about the log book.
I can’t get over the fact that Dennis dropped the log book off at his mom’s...but didn’t visit, unless she wasn’t home.
 Not sure if I know when Dennis actually went there.
He owed all that money, but didn’t worry?  I hadn’t heard there had been words over a trading error....Dick must have been fed up with his son’s financial isssues.  Bailing out a 40 something year old child is no fun.

Oh yes, I’d forgotten that Dennis wife was sick with a cold that night. Never heard where his kids were...

Yes...this crime was up close and personal...
The blood on Dennis’s coat is damning evidence even if there’s only four spots..
And the cell phone forensics is important evidence...I agree.
Problem with liars...the story always changes.

I’ve read a few articles, now, on the re-trial.
The (so called) witnesses admit they are struggling with concrete memory of the day Dick was murdered...and yet...Dennis is easily explaining away his movements that day and he “forgot” what jacket he was wearing and “forgot” how many times he went to Dicks office....he was very busy...was all over the goddammy town that evening.
I am more apt to forgive these witnesses than I am to Dennis for lack of accurate memory.

The cell phone evidence is interesting...last ping in Rothesay...only thing taken from Dicks office.
Probably has been destroyed and hidden, with the murder weapon...and whatever was used/worn to protect clothes from blood spatter.
Wonder if forensics ever confiscated the secretaries clothes to see if she ever got blood on them from Dicks head scabs...that’s how blood got on Dennis jacket, according to Dennis.

Did they search mom’s property? A sniffer dog would have been able to trace Dennis’s steps...he says he returned the log book...but he left it and didn’t visit....
Instead of wanting to clear his name....Dennis (and his mom) should be yelling loud and clear that the killer is still loose.
Haven’t heard that...

Here I go
Was it normal behaviour for Dick to not come home at night and not check in with his wife?
I know he had a mistress, but he didn’t communicate with his wife every day? 
Did she NOT expect him home that night?  I guess I can answer that and say that she did not expect him home that, then, no one would be wondering where he was.
behind mansion walls are some very strange marriages....

Edited to add:  I understand lie detectors aren’t admissible in court....but who, close to Dick, had lie detectors done?

I just came across this post..AWEsome idea, GSAR_Mbr.
Looks good....and I like geography, so a map of the missing is right up my alley.
Never know...some of our missing cases could be connected, and geographical profiling works.

Thanks, Have faith....Dennis never gave his mom the log book though, did he? Didn’t he just leave it in the sun porch or something? Sorry, but I can’t seem to find any pertinent articles when I look back through this thread.
One big problem is that Dick’s body wasn’t found until the following morning, by his,No one was aware of any wrongdoing until the next morning...except the perp.
So no one suspected anything...

Thanks, RubyRose!
I’m still concerned about when the log book was returned though, because there is no definite answer...Dennis should be able to answer that question...I hope they ask him.
I think it’s an important question too...because if Dennis was out late that night returning the log book, (unbeknownst to his mom until the next morning)... then in reality, he could have been hiding the murder weapon, and any blood stained items...he could have been doing anything.

I was trying to find the info about Dennis’s mom finding the log book in the back room of her home, the next morning....but when I found a post where I referred back to REPLY #197...those posts are all messed up.
How did the log book get there? 
Where did Dennis go after he went shopping with his wife the evening of Dicks murder?  Did he go home and stay home?
How did the log book end up at moms? Didn’t Dennis have it at the office?
...have to go with the forensics because the witness accounts are too they very often can be.   Even Dennis can’t remember what jacket he was wearing that night.
But there really wasn’t that much blood on Dennis’s coat...granted....but could he have had some kind of shield?
A towel?
And if some of the blows were struck when Dick was on the floor...there really should have been blood on The perps shoes and pant legs..
It is puzzling due to the lack of blood on Dennis...but enough to wonder how blood can get up his sleeve.
Did he follow a certain schedule, whereas the dry cleaning was taken in the same day each week...or was it more random?
The cleaning was taken in on the next day or two (depending on what article you read).....and Dennis couldn’t remember what suit jacket he wore the day his father was murdered? 
And, we expect others to remember details?  Or...did Dennis lie?
Too bad there was not enough precautions taken to secure the crime scene...

I see that Caribboo Prince George MP Todd Doherty is challenging Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodall..regarding Legebokoff.
Keep up the pressure. I shall write to each one.

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