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I have lived here in Trenton (also known now as Quinte West as of Jan 1, 1998) for over 30 years.  I drive by the spot on the Base (just off Curtis Road) where Kathleen was found and I often think of her and wish that progress was being made in finding her killer.  For those of you who were wondering earlier, Curtis Road is a straight stretch of road that runs east/west through the PMQs (married quarters) area of the Base - it starts where Dixon Drive ends - right on the boundry of the Base - and ends at RCAF road.  It is maybe 2km long.  It is not a dark, lonely stretch of road and is very well travelled with a 2 parks and 2 schools right off it.  The area she was found is a small treed field directly behind the back yard area of these PMQs - an area where there are many paths that have been well used over the years and lead to the Zellers Mall off highway 2.  The night of June 20, 2001 was quite warm and a lot of us locals have always wondered how it was that no one heard or saw anything going on.  We figure some of the residents of the PMQs must have had their bedroom windows open that night so surely someone must have witnessed something if she was attacked there?  The Quinte West PD and later the OPP have always refused to provide ANY info as to what exactly happened - COD, whether or not she was sexually assaulted, where she was attacked, etc which has lead to a lot of fear over the years as to what exactly happened.  Most of us feel that the OPP have failed big time in this investigation and the killer has gotten away with it.  The local media brings it up every once in a while especially on the anniversary of it happening and all we ever get is that it is still being investigated.  The only thing we know is that she was visiting friends on the other side of town and they were able to catch her image on store security cameras in the downtown presumably walking back to the Base.  Most locals feel she was probably attacked off the Base and then placed where she was found later.  Most locals also feel she was picked up and attacked by someone she knew and trusted and maybe worked with?  I hope this does get solved one day soon to give her and her family and friends some peace.  We try to keep her memory alive here and there is a cross on the spot where she was found and people often leave her flowers.

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