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The trial is still on-going. The judge had retired so the case was but on hold. Unfortunately the judge was later assassinated by two thugs on a bike in front of a local restaurant. There was a new judge (a female) assigned to the court and the defense was suppose to present the firsts of their witnesses. Each of those hearing dates, for various reasons, were rescheduled for later dates. That newly appointed female I was told has left, for what reason I do not know. Nor do I know when a new replacement will be assigned to the court. Once the replacement judge has been assigned and hearing dates rescheduled, then I will update this thread.

I wonder if there are  some very powerful people, who do not want this trial to go forward?


Wow! I just caught this now as I wasn't around very much last year. However, Jellybean, I immediately had the same thoughts as you.
So no further news on trial dates.

Sex Crimes / Re: serious risk from sexual offenders shown here
« on: April 13, 2019, 12:32:29 PM »
Thanks Lost for posting that.

Something that caught my eye this past week was a mention of the count of 25 convictions per person/perp before more can be done. I have no idea what will happen after 25 convictions but meanwhile the general public is fodder. This was in regards to only one deviant pedophile recently released into Edmonton society.

Another walk and no forthcoming info that could solve the case.
Who killed Lindsay Buziak? Family of murdered realtor seeks justice
11 years since Victoria realtor killed
The family of a murdered realtor is seeking answers on the anniversary of her death.

CTV Vancouver
Published Saturday, February 2, 2019 6:47PM PST
It's been 11 years since a young realtor was brutally murdered during a showing and her family has not lost hope that the killer, or killers, will be brought to justice.

Lindsay Buziak, 24, was showing a Victoria-area home to a man and a woman on Feb. 2, 2008 when she was stabbed to death.

Her father, Jeff Buziak, tries to keep the case in the spotlight by holding an annual Walk for Justice in her honour.

"What I miss the most about my child is her lively spirit, her great personality and of course, the love she had for her family and friends," said Jeff. "Just hearing her say, 'Daddy,' which she did, right up until she was executed."

He openly criticized the Saanich Police Department over the years for allowing those responsible to walk free.

"The police are not cooperative. They tell you nothing. They want you to go home, be quiet and let things happen. Well, as you can see we are 11 years in and nothing has happened."

Saanich Police said the file remains open and active, adding the case stays with the same three officers for continuity.

"Whenever information comes in though, we are resourcing it appropriately and pulling in additional officers to really pursue any leads," said Sgt. Julie Fast.

Buziak's death prompted industry-wide changes, including tighter security measures to protect real estate agents.

Other Alberta Locations / Re: Lyle and Marie McCann part 2
« on: April 11, 2019, 10:45:37 AM »
YW Solvy. Dang Vader is going to be a thorn in the justice system forever and it's worrisome that he has such a good lawyer. People wrongfully accused don't even have such good representation. 

Other Alberta Locations / Re: Lyle and Marie McCann part 2
« on: April 11, 2019, 01:49:15 AM »
Hi Solvy. It looks as though the appeal court has reserved their decision, but the lawyers of Vader want a new trial. I didn't find anything more on that.

Lawyers seek new trial for Travis Vader in deaths of missing Alberta couple

Defence attorneys claim mistakes were made by original trial judge
CBC News · Posted: Nov 30, 2018 11:50 AM MT | Last Updated: November 30, 2018

Travis Vader was given a life sentence in 2017 in the deaths of Lyle and Marie McCann. (CBC )
Lawyers for a man convicted of killing two Alberta seniors whose bodies have never been found have asked for a new trial.

Travis Vader was sentenced in January 2017 to life in prison for manslaughter in the deaths of Lyle and Marie McCann.

'Terrifying for all Canadians': Travis Vader gets life sentence for killing elderly Alberta couple
The lawyers have asked the Court of Appeal of Alberta for a new trial on the grounds that there were a number of errors made during the original one.

They argued in court Friday that the trial took too long and say the convictions should be stayed.

The lawyers said the judge mistakenly used an outdated section of the Criminal Code, and later substituted manslaughter for the original verdict of second-degree murder.

The McCanns, who were in their late 70s, vanished in 2010 after leaving their St. Albert home to go camping in British Columbia.

The appeal court has reserved its decision.

The twins Lyle and Cyle Larsen seem to have a continual revolving door with the justice system and nothing changes.


"Larsen was most recently convicted of breaching a peace bond. In February 2018 he was sentenced to 16 months in jail and 12 months of probation. An email from Alberta Justice detailing his criminal history did not indicate why he was let out early in connection with his most recent sentence.

After all that deviant history, still let out early!!

Seems as though nothing is done by the justice system until there are 25 convictions. See video below.

The Justice System / Re: Feds still eyeing tougher pardon rules
« on: April 10, 2019, 05:14:51 PM »
This last article is from 2010, and (9) nine years later the Feds are still viewing tougher pardon rules. We have come/gone absolutely NOWHERE.

Hi ::Anna. So nice to hear from you again. We messaged years ago but that was under my nick "SAP" so I don't have access to them anymore.

One thing keeps going through my mind ... regarding a few people who tried to lead everyone astray with misinfo ... one may have just been for attention as having "insider" knowledge but he has since deceased and let him rest in peace.
However another one seemed to really try to derail any conversations and I do wonder if police interviewed/interrogated him. I'm hoping since they did dna swabs on everyone including family and friends, that they also got a hold of the fellow who meddled.
So many people to find and so little information forthcoming.

General Discussion / Re: MMIW Inquiry 20160803
« on: April 07, 2019, 04:39:39 PM »
Government did that with people from Europe when they were escaping Hitler's wrath. My father's and mother's names were changed. Many kids I went to school with (from European countries and mainly Germany) said their names were changed as well. I always thought it might a problem with deciphering by English speaking government officials. Most of the paperwork foreigners had with them was foreign language and in Latin script. I don't think that way anymore.

In the case of the trust fund for FN people's, it seems that the Brits were the only ones to stick with their agreements with treaty indigenous people. Then government takes over. None of programs come from Canadian taxpayers.

General Discussion / Re: MMIW Inquiry 20160803
« on: April 07, 2019, 12:26:59 PM »
After some research, I believe I have come full circle. Much has been reported,stated, researched by those in power, but why does government not set us straight. Why do reporters and media in general not report this.

If I have offended anyone with previous comments, I apologize now.

There are more articles on the Net but I will include one piece here following if anyone wants to comment.


General Discussion / Re: Bruce McArthur's killing fields
« on: January 29, 2019, 12:43:21 PM »
McArthur pleads guilty on all 8 counts of first degree murder.


Graphic content: This story contains details that may be disturbing to some readers
Kate McGillivray · CBC News · Posted: Jan 29, 2019 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: 13 minutes ago

Bruce McArthur, second from left, pleaded guilty to eight counts of first-degree murder when he appeared in a Toronto courtroom on Tuesday. (Pam Davies/CBC)
A year after his arrest sent shock and anger through Toronto, Bruce McArthur on Tuesday morning admitted to killing eight men from 2010 to 2017.

The self-employed landscaper was arrested in January 2018, after years of speculation within Toronto's Gay Village that a group of men who had gone missing from the neighbourhood were somehow connected.

From then on, McArthur, a stocky, bearded man who had worked part time as a mall Santa, was referred to as an alleged serial killer. The case has been covered around the world.

From Project Houston to Bruce McArthur's guilty plea: A timeline of what we know so far
'This is still very raw': One year since arrest of accused serial killer Bruce McArthur
Ultimately, McArthur was charged in the deaths of Selim Esen, Andrew Kinsman, Majeed Kayhan, Dean Lisowick, Soroush Mahmudi, Skandaraj Navaratnam, Abdulbasir Faizi and Kirushna Kanagaratnam.

On Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to all eight counts of first-degree murder.

Appearing before Justice John McMahon in Superior Court, McArthur looked gaunt, with his beard and head shaved. As the name of each of his eight victims was read out, he replied "guilty" in a quiet voice.

McArthur admitted to killing these eight men: Top row, from left to right, Skandaraj Navaratnam, 40, Andrew Kinsman, 49, Selim Esen, 44, and Abdulbasir Faizi, 44. Bottom row, from left to right: Kirushna Kumar Kanagaratnam, 37, Dean Lisowick, 47, Soroush Mahmudi, 50, and Majeed Kayhan, 58. (Toronto Police Service/CBC)
Michael Cantlon, a lawyer for the Crown, revealed some details of the killings, telling the court that each murder included planning and deliberation, and that six were sexual in nature.

He said that during a search of McArthur's bedroom, police found a bag containing duct tape, a surgical glove, rope and zip ties.

Canton also said McArthur "staged" some of his victims after they were murdered and kept some of their items as souvenirs, including jewelry.

According to the Crown, sentencing will start this coming Monday, when more details of the case will be revealed.

More at link.

She did work at a group home at one point so the perp could be an ex-client. Could be a low functioning person like the case we had in Camrose a few years back.

This one is also very bothersome and similar has happened before. If he got out and walked he would have been seen; so who was he seen by that caused him to vanish?

This so reminds me of a case in Grande Prairie but that was quite a number of years ago. That case was attributed to possibly Clifford Olson.

Great idea,GSAR_Mbr and it looks good. Perhaps that will also give people the incentive to find out what was happening in those areas when the persons went missing ... what was going on besides every day normal living. Like constructions crews going through, persons out of jail etc.

I hope someone here can help you. I'm not here that much because I tend to aggravate people with my bluntness. So presently I am working on stolen and missing dogs, cattle etc.   

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