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Serial Killers In Canada / Dana Fash - serial rapist on the run
« on: December 04, 2008, 10:59:39 AM »
Edmonton Sun...Dec 4, 08

A man once described by a veteran city cop as one of the two "worst sexual predators" he'd ever dealt with is on the loose in Edmonton.

Yesterday city police warned the public to be on the lookout for parolee Dana Fash - also known as the Mill Woods rapist - who ran away from his halfway house Tuesday night to avoid going back to jail.

Last month, Fash was let out of prison on statutory release and sent to a local halfway house.

The Edmonton police high-risk offender unit, which keeps tabs on potentially dangerous convicts living in the city, was notified by Correctional Service Canada that Fash was back in Edmonton.

But Tuesday, corrections officials suspected that Fash had violated his parole conditions by using alcohol or drugs and reported him to police.

When police arrived at the downtown halfway house's front door at 8 p.m., Fash bolted out the back door and slipped away.

When asked what kind of risk to the public the notorious rapist poses, the high-risk offender unit's Det. Doug MacLeod said it is difficult to say.

"There's certainly a risk that he could reoffend, as with any individual," said MacLeod. "That was why we released his information so quickly (to the public yesterday)."

Members of the unit checked out Fash's known haunts yesterday but didn't find him. MacLeod said they'll continue to keep an eye on those places until he's back in custody. Cops in surrounding communities have also been warned to look out for Fash.

In 1997 Fash, now 30, was sentenced to 12 years for two horrifying sex attacks three years earlier - when he was just 16.

In November 1994, he forced his way into a 65-year-old woman's southside home and threatened her with a knife. She escaped, but Fash followed and raped her in her snow-covered backyard.

The following month he was armed with scissors when he raped a 44-year-old school janitor in a staff washroom.

Police used DNA evidence to secure the convictions. Psychiatrists who assessed Fash testified in court that he was either a psychopath or manic depressive.

In 2003, retired city police detective Rob Kittle, a 32-year veteran, described Fash and River Valley rapist Terry Mousseau as the two worst sexual predators he'd ever dealt with.

Fash has brown eyes and brown hair. He may have a shaved head and a short goatee. He is about six-foot-one and 270 pounds.

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