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Sex Crimes / Sex crimes Rising
« on: April 30, 2009, 06:41:34 AM »
In the past two years sex crimes have risen more than any other crime. The government pass unnatural laws but when it comes to protecting the innocent victims they do very little. Predators hurt and kill women and children and they are practically ignored. The R.C.M.P can do very little except arrest them but the laws are so weak they only get less than two years while the victims suffer for life. Judges say they can do little until laws are made stronger. Canada has become a hiding place for the worst criminals on earth and the government knows this but only argues with the rest of the political parties on changes. If people demand more from the government then maybe they might make changes to protect our children. 

 Recently a man was up on charges of attempted murder he was accused of trying to kill young women with wood chair leg the judge let him plead to lesser charge of bodily harm. This man was known drug dealer but with smart mouth lawyer whom said if he wanted to kill her he would have. If we let justice be change by judges feeling instead of law we are going to see a lot of predators and blood suckers poisoning our children. This recently in Daily Gleaner there are drug dealers out there that know how to manipulate people they do not have touch drugs or money until after it is cleaned. Police try to put these predators away but with no evidence of them as leader they get to keep living high and getting addicts to do their dirty work for them 

 In 1945 Percey Doak ran a general store one night around midnight unknown man came to his home and when he opened the door the killer shot him and he manage to close door and killer shot through the door and killed him. The RCMP has the rifle but not the killer he has never been caught

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