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USA & Other / Nancy Cooper- Murdered
« on: July 18, 2008, 10:01:53 PM »
I was watching the news a few days ago and the police, (I think), had just found a woman's body.  I'm not sure at what time, but apparently she was missing for about thirteen (13) hours and the husband didn't even report her disappearance.  She was in North Carolina.  EDIT: The husband also bought bleach at a convienence store at 4;00 A.M.,  if he were to use bleach to clean some of the blood up, if he did murder her (not saying he did), then it wouldn't clean all of it, just some of the material of it.  But he could also poison her with the bleach, all he would have to do is trick her into drinking it or put it in some other edible thingy, but with the way things are said that went on at their home, I don't think she would fall for it.  Anybody could poison a person, not just one particular individual.  But if he did, then he could bring her body out on the route her body was found on.  There could be millions of possiblities, maybe he's a person that can't stand having a non-clean house?  But I think what the police and investigators should do is think and try out all the possiblities of how she could've been murdered, but obviously with a test dummy, and then eliminate the all-too-obvious things that was stuck from the beginning, and then after they're done that, which they probably won't be done until they finally solve the case, is then focus more on the people that she had conflicts with and people that were close to her, question them about major and MINOR problems and things that happened in her childhood that might have effected (every little detail will help this case), after that, narrow down the suspects and take them in for a polygraph if they agree and take them to more advanced questions, but still tail on the small ones.  This could take up to three or four years, but in my mind the husband is a bit suspicious, here's a list to why I think this:

1: They had problems, I believe it was most with their marriage and that's why they were probably getting a divorce.
2: The husband did not report her after ten (10) P.M, but instead decided to report her disappearance thirteen (13) hours after she left, which is a bit odd to me.
3: He bought bleach at a convience store at 4:00 A.M., bleach can be used for cleaning up a lot of things (I think it's bleach that can be seen where it was used by using an UltraViolet light).
4: The husband, in my opinion, might have some health problems because of the fact tha he tried to commit suicide this winter, which could make him a bit dangerous to the children, I would think.

Now, I'm not saying that it is the husband that murdered Nancy, I'm just saying that he's, in my opinion, a bit suspicous because of all the stuff that had happened during this year that could relate a bit to the murder.  Sorry if I offended anyone, but this is just mostly my theories that I just posted, I'm open to hear other people's opinions and theories also about the murder: EDIT

Here's a link, a lot of information

Her death is quite unfortunate, my heart goes out to her family, I especially hope her children will be okay.

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