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How many other Canadian Police are sexually assaulting disadvantaged Aboriginal women?   Quebec is not the only province that should initiate an inquiry.  These abuse allegations go back twenty years.  My instincts tell me that the Quebec allegations could be merely the tip of the iceberg.  I hope that more Aboriginal victims speak up and have the courage to report past and current abuse.  I hope that decent police officers have the courage and moral conviction to help weed out the bad apples.

General Discussion / Access to the Members Lounge missing
« on: August 16, 2015, 07:06:44 PM »
With the recent revisions to the forum page, apparently the topic "Site News, About Us" replaced the topics that were listed for members while logged Members Lounge.  Site News should be at the bottom of the page.

This topic, and access to the other topics (eg Justice System etc) do not show up when I am logged on.  Is anyone else having this problem? 

The worst mass killing in Edmonton since 1956.  I am hoping that we discover that any reported threats the killer made, were taken seriously by LE, and that the killer didn't fall through the cracks of our dismal mental health funding.  Hopefully, this case might cast light on how to prevent similar tragedies.

RIP to the children and adults who died senselessly.

General Discussion / Merry Christmas 2014
« on: December 24, 2014, 06:47:40 PM »
I want to wish Chris a Merry Christmas and thank him for providing us with another year of his Unsolved Murders/Missing People Canada site.

Merry Christmas and thanks to Debbie who spends uncountable hours managing the UC site.

Merry Christmas to the each member and guest who cares enough to contribute their voice to the cases.

At now at Christmas, I wish peace of mind and justice for family and friends who have lost their loved one, and hope for those who are still missing their loved one. 

Have Faith



Video:  Dr. Mike Artnfield, Professor, Criminologist, Forensic Lexicologist and former Police Detective

This is not working for me.  Does anyone else have this problem? 

When I do get an email notification, I always click on the appropriate link, but that doesn't guarantee that I will get another email alert.  I am always surprised that posts have been made to these threads and i only discover that if I check "recent posts".

I have resorted to going to the threads that I have clicked on "notify" and unclicking that, and then re-clicking "notify.  That seems to work for a short while only.

Any advice--is it just me--or am I doing something wrong?   ???

General Discussion / Shocking "Bystander Effect"
« on: January 09, 2014, 08:20:19 PM »

It took hours before someone finally acted to stop a child abduction on a busy New York Street.  The child and abductor were actors.  The "bystander effect" happens when there are many witnesses, who either do not want to get involved or who figure someone else will help.  Smarten up people!

General Discussion / Parents victimized by murdered and missing children
« on: December 31, 2012, 09:33:00 PM »

It is called "hallmark evidence".  It is the basis upon which the vast majority of murders are solved. Hallmark evidence refers to certain aspects of evidence which are unique and case sensitive.  Police forces aren't going to share hallmark evidence info like they did in times past.  They think that doing so can compromise the nature of the case, and in certain circumstances may prolong the extent of the investigation.  Therefore, hallmark evidence must be protected and not released to the public.

Examples of hallmark evidence:

-the manner and cause of death
-the mechanism of death
-the time of death
-the motive
-who last saw the deceased, and when
-post murder conduct (of people) although this is "not exhaustive". 

Reasons to protect hallmark evidence:

-to prevent false confessions
-to prevent a person making false or misleading statements to police (which can result in a significant loss of police time, effort and resources)
-to potentially protect the reliability of any witness who might come forward

Reference: Affidavit by lead investigator S. Davidson, Saint John Police Force
                  see Richard Oland, New Brunswick thread, post # 143
                  CBC news link

When we consider the above reasons to hold back information against the fact that Canada has unsolved murder cases going back decades, does there come a point in time when police should release further information to the public?

Have faith

Loujack Cafe is pictured below.

Re: Robert Hall, pedophile
I'll post this on this thread until we figure out where to put Hall.
 Hall is a brazen, prolific sexual abuser who came across as a friendly young man. There are a few of us who wonder if he was capable of murder.  Here are some of the red flags that made me suspicious of this.

-he was violent in an attack on a young boy, as far back as 1965
-In 1971 his finacee suffered a nervous breakdown shortly before their wedding. They never married.
-His good friend and boarder from the 60's and 70's apparently committed suicide, after police questioned him about the recent trial victims
-He owned "cool" vehicles, including a Jag, VW van,T-bird, Isetta, Amphicar (also goes in water) as well as a truck and motorcycle. "Kid Magnets" possibly. Strangely, all ownership documents were destroyed in a fire, where they were stored.
-He took some of his victims camping

Members on this site seem to be very interested in the locations of abductions and the locations where the bodies are found. These are considered to be the killer's "comfort zone", meaning he knows the area well and feels comfortable disposing of bodies there without detection. The fact that Hall was a camper led me to expand my research on Robert Staplyton to also include Frankie Jensen (9), Scott Leishman (16) and Robert James Brown (11). All 4 boys were abducted in 1968 or 1969.  With the exception of RS, the other 3 were either picked up, or dumped at, locations that were close to campgrounds.

I've tried to make connections between Hall and these victims, as outlined below.

Robert Bruce Stapylton, age 11, London
Disappeared June 1969, from Piccadilly St. home (2 blocks from Adelaide St. N)
Body found in a woodlot on Sunningdale Rd., just W of Adelaide St. N.
Cause of death: undetermined
No evidence of sexual assault (decomposition)

-Hall and RS lived 2 blocks, then 4 blocks apart in 1969
-Bruce was an avid camper
-Hall had a woodworking shop in his garage
- Robert S's father owned a Home Hardware store on Adelaide St. N.
- The local lumber store was 4 blocks from RS's home, on Adelaide St. N.
-Hall's backyard faced a park/field where young neighbour boys played. This was 2 blocks from RS's home.

Stapylton could have known Hall from the neighbourhood, or from hanging out at his father's store.

Scott Leishman, age 16, Thorndale
Disappeared March 21,1968 from Thorndale
Body found May 15, 1968 in Port burwell harbour
Cause of death: undetermined
Sexual assault: unclear
Some clothing was disturbed.

Scott spent the day with friends (school holiday) in Thorndale.  He was last seen getting into a cream coloured, medium compact car.

Campground in Thorndale:  River View, 22164 Valleyview Rd. Apparently the main intersection in Thorndale is Valleyview Rd. and Thorndale Rd.

Saunder's Auto Parts, Thorndale:  Hall was a mechanic.

Campgrounds in Port Burwell:  Big Otter Marina and Campground, Port Burwell Provincial Park

Frankie Jensen, age 9, London
Disappeared Feb. 9, 1968 from London
Body found April 9, 1968 In Thames River, Thorndale
Fractured skull, sexually assaulted, partially dressed

Frankie disappeared on his way to school in west London.  His body was found, as far as I can tell, very close to the River View campground at the Thames.  Valleyview and Nissouri roads run parallel with the Thames River between them.  The campground would be closed in April, and the two roads would be familiar (safe/comfort zone) to a camper or fisherman.

Robert James Brown, age 12, Wilfrid, On
Disappeared Aug. 3, 1968 from Pefferlaw, On
Last seen walking from a youth camp to his home in Wilfrid
Body never found.

Pefferlaw is a resort community on the SE shores of Lake Simcoe (York region), with camping, fishing, boating and many beaches. York Regional Police received a tip from "Western Ontario" of a possible connection of Robert to missing children in London.

I assume that Robert Hall's DNA is being processed, so time will tell if he was involved in any abductions. 

(I have phoned River View Campgrounds and left a message, and I also e-mailed them to ask if the camp, or another one was open in 1968. I have no replies, as yet).

Modify Jan. 4/11
River View was, and is the only campground in Thorndale.
Frankie Jensen's body was discovered north of this camp, which precludes it as a point of entry in the Thames.

Modified: July 3, 2011
Additional info re Bruce Stapylton being an avid camper

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