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General Discussion / National Missing Children's Day
« on: May 25, 2010, 12:17:16 PM »
Hello all,

Just thought I would remind everyone that today is National Missing children's day. Please wear your green ribbons and spread the notice of today through twitter/ facebook encourage others to look at posters of the Missing children on variou sites.

Cheers all!

Hi gang,

I did this a while ago and wanted to bring it to light again as there are new members and I'm sure we've all lived and read a little more.

I am all ABOUT True crime books and Missing person stories. I know Max Haines is the best in the biz in Canada but any book suggestions
I've read all the Karla/Paul books anything else True crime I should read. I'm about to order the Devil's knot:Story of the West Memphis 3

Also any fiction stories you couldn't put down? Here are my fav's
The Deep end of the Ocean
No time to Wave goodbye (sequel to Deep end of the ocean)
The Face on the Milk Carton

Thanks in advance!

Hi gang,

The Walk Wal Mart Walk for Miracles is comming up on June 14th and I am proud to participate this year, I encourage you to walk as well but if you can't please consider sponsoring me 100% of the proceeds go to support children's hospitals nationwide, please message me for the direct link to my team's donation page (secure donations online)

Or you can look us up on the Walk for miracles website at  we are "The Monster Bob Posse"

Thanks so much!

Taken from The NFLD Telegram

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is hoping that age-enhanced pictures will help to find Adam, Trevor and Mitchell O?Brien.
The RNC is working with Child Find to distribute new missing-persons posters in an attempt to solve the 11-year-old case.
The three children went missing in November 1996 along with their father, Gary O?Brien.
Anyone with information should contact the RNC at 729-8000, Child Find at 1-800-387-7962, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Taken off Reader's Digest Website

Adam, Trevor and Mitchell O?Brien, Torbay, Nfld.

Diana O?brien feels closest to her boys when she?s dreaming, and able to hold, hug and comfort them. Reality sets in when she wakes to three empty bedrooms.

Diana?s world turned upside down on November 9, 1996, when her ex-husband, Gary O?Brien, allegedly abducted 14-year-old Adam, 11-year-old Trevor and four-year-old Mitchell.
She remembers the beautiful fall day as if it were yesterday. Gary had visitation with the children on Saturdays. He called that morning to say he would be late picking them up. Diana told Gary that Mitchell wasn?t feeling well and that she thought it best he stay home with her. Gary became angry and insisted she have Mitchell ready when he got there around noon.

Gary picked the boys up at their mother?s apartment in Mount Pearl, Nfld., then called that night at around 8:30. He told Diana the children were not coming home and that the family house in nearby Torbay was rigged to explode.

?I asked to speak with the children, and he told me ?later,?? Diana says. ?I screamed at him?and the phone went dead.?

Diana called the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. When police went to the family home, they defused a propane-rigged bomb they say could have levelled the neighbourhood. A nationwide hunt for Gary and the boys began. Gary is listed on Interpol?s web site for abduction and attempted murder.

Diana believes the planting of the explosive was Gary?s way of enabling an escape. ?He knew I would phone the police and that they?d rush to the house,? she says.

Since the disappearance, the story has been featured nationally as well as on America?s Most Wanted. Over 200 sightings have been received from across Canada and the United States. Police say some of the tips came from people who knew Gary and knew what the children looked like.

But ?we?ve had nothing where we can say, categorically, ?That?s them,?? says Staff Sgt. Robert Johnston of the major crimes unit.

One year after the O?Briens went missing, the waters off a cliff near Torbay were searched. Cars are sometimes driven over the 90-metre drop there into the ocean. The search located an engine assembly from a 1989 Ford Tempo.

The serial number matched that of Gary?s car. Because there?s no indication anyone was in the car at the time it plunged over the cliff, police still consider the case an active file.

Diana believes that, like rigging the house to explode, Gary got rid of the car to mislead police. She is adamant that the boys are missing, not murdered. She describes her ex-husband as a good father who would never physically harm his children.

?I live for the day when my boys will come back,? she says. ?That?s the day I?ll feel complete again.?

Link TO THEIR Posters

Case number:
Num?ro de dossier:    10,000-P

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