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Thanks Chris, Desespere and Debbiec :D ;D 8)

This young mother was driving taxis to support her family when she was discovered murdered in the back parking lot of the City Centre Mall.

I understand someone may have been convicted of this crime, please post any information you may have.

14 year old Heather Mallett's body was found by her sister on a trail in their community, Wabowden Manitoba.  She was reported missing and a search of the community, revealed the young girl deceased.  RCMP are asking the public for their assistance.

All these missing and murdered people need justice.  There is almost no mention of the October 1986 murder of Kerry Ann Brown anywhere.  We need to keep the hunt for justice at the fore front.  For all the victims of crime.  It should be on bill boards, it should still come on the news from time to time.  A lot of us beleive more than one person is responsible for this childs demise.  There are certainly those that know and I say it is time to do the right thing.  Come on people the RCMP released a clue several years ago, the air mattress, this must resinate with someone.  Make the call! Do the right thing!
The arm strong of the law needs your cooperation.

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