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USA & Other / Re: The Smiley Face Killers
« on: July 07, 2015, 11:33:38 AM »
 :) The Smiley Face Killers  :)

There is a theory about a vicious network of serial killers called The Smiley Face Killers. They are responsible for 80 mysterious murders of young, white males. They drown all of their victims to rid them of physical evidence and they usually leave a smiley face next to the murder site.

We've recently completed a truly terrifying documentary that proves the existence of The Smiley Face Killers gang and we're hoping to make more people aware of it because it could save lives. It has played at several film festivals, received a lot of positive reviews and won best documentary last year at the Los Angeles Thriller Film Festival. We've made it completely free to watch on youtube here:

We're an independent production so our hope is to get the film seen through social media shares and blog posts. Below is a one minute trailer/clip from the film and I've attached additional information on the movie and The Smiley Face Killers themselves if you're interested in learning more. Any help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.

Tweet your own using #smileyfacekillers @newdawnfilms or retweet:
Check out this terrifying documentary on #thesmileyfacekillers by @newdawnfilms

1 minute clip

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