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well, my friend emailed the police (she got the email address from the Mistie's missing poster?), and she didn't receive any response for about a week or two.  Then she got a response saying that this tip was being forwarded to the investigator in charge, and that they would go and check it out.  She hasn't heard anything back from them since.  She didn't figure she would, but she's curious and I am too, to find out if they ended up contacting this person.

This person that's on facebook, was under the London, Ontario network.  I'm actually going to look right now, and see if she's changed her picture etc.

I'm sorry, she actually found someone by the name of ****. She's changed her picture, the picture she had last time, was a close up, and it really looked like her!  unfortunately, the picture was too small to be able to determine if this person had a mole on her right cheek, as well as the gap in her teeth.

I will email my friend and see if she's heard anything from the Police. 


My name is **** and I live in London UK (rather eerily I do have a mole on my right cheek). I'm the only person who ever shows up in Google searches with my name... so when I was just doing a Google search to quickly link to an article I had written, your thread came up as a search result and, having read it, wondered if it was me you'd mentioned... especially as I am  the only **** who comes up in Facebook searches too and I did change my picture at that exact same time you mention. I just wanted to log in here to let you know if so I'm not your friend (I've lived in England my whole life) so you were not wondering. I'd also like to send you my love and best wishes in finding Mistie. With love, Donna x

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