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ok. Lori That sounds Awsome. maybe post it on my Facebook page. please send me a picture OK.

I agree with you whole heartly. there should be a statue of limitations ware a family member can get information from a COLD CASE, asking a minor question of WHOM, did they talk to back then. why wasnt there any follow up yrs after.. re-interview the folks that was talked to back then, DOJ and etc has ways of contacting folks, now.. with technology and media.

Do you realize the # one song back then was Michael Jackson 'Ill be there"

well I hope Im still here/there when its all over.!!!!

Maybe the Canadain News media can assist me in getting her story out there also.  Please

I was informed that names cannot be given from the case files. I know of people, that are still alive, but not the folks that worked there, I will ask once againe, If I talk to the folks it can compermise the INVESTGATION (thats a joke) i know, after all these yrs. Ive made flyers taken them out to the establisments there in town, Ive done news media, newspapers and TV..Yes by talking to the bar tender back then (if alive) if he/she can come up with any information.    If memory serves well.   

I have came up with so many sceniors in my head myself and its amazing how many there is. and I will contact the city and see who owend the the place back then. if he or she is still alive.

I totally agree. and it hurts and fustrates me. even why no-one came forward. from the night she left the bar. after she was found. STILL no one came forward. SO I know there is folks living with some kind of remorse or guilt or the would of   should of !!! sometimes I cant even concentrate on the simple things, cause i dont understand. what, who and the WHY!!!

Walking is to. Far. That is and was the questions who waste fAmily friend. Who befriended her it just does nof make sense.

Hello. Im sorry fr not getting back to you. But to answer yr questions. This happened yrs after they were married. And living here in the states. Not living near the base. Dad was out of the service. This happened 1970.  .

no DNA. back in 1970 they did not have the technology we have now. she was violated in a very bad way, and left fr dead, then weeks later she was so decomposed. when found. I maynot get justice, in my life time, but i hope if the person is still alive he is or has suffered mentally and if others know of anything they to have carried a heavy heart.and a burden.

WOW Thanks for the suggestion I will do that. Yes I still live within 10 minutes from French Camp, and work within minutes also. Its been so hard to get any information, It seems folks are still quiet. WTH!!! Its like a big mystery and intrigued of WHY!! no one has ever came forward. What more can I do to rattle some minds.. ?  I will go back to FC and talk to others.   

I was able to get our 2 local newspapers and a local TV station to do a media on her case which is attached above, or in her facebook. I found out though there is a person that lives in Oklahoma this is still alive that I think may still knows somthing. trying to get some media there.

Yes, I do believe she trusted in the person, we didnt live to far from the establishment, to ware it was out of the way to bring her home. I Wish I can get a PI, But I cannot afford, so my only was/is doing media and trying to get her story out there, IM praying that someone will recall a conversation one had in the days, years, weeks, decades later.

If anyone has suggestions in helping in getting her story out, Please suggest.   

Please open up her Facebook page and listen to the CBS 13 Media I did, this is the  the bar... as it is still open.. how small it it and was. .... and 'LIKE her Page"

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