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Edmonton / Re: Tania Marie Murrell: Missing from Edmonton (1983)
« on: January 29, 2009, 09:23:22 AM »
It's reassuring for me that a few others vaguely remember this little boy out at Elk Island.  I haven't been able to find anything online, but, perhaps I'll get a little more creative in my searches.

Edmonton / Re: Karen Ewanciw - April 24, 1975 - Age 11 - Edmonton - KARE
« on: January 29, 2009, 09:17:00 AM »
Hello hills.  I still live in Forest Heights.  Though she was a friend of my sister at the time of the tragedy Cathy and I became close friends and cohorts as adults.  To have 3 of 4 girls in the family not make it to their 50th birthday has been quite the tragedy for the family.  The ski jacket is vaguely familiar.

As for justice, I don't know that anyone will ever be punished for killing young Karen.  Even though new officers pick up the case every few years I can't imagine them ever finding resolution.  The family survived and lived their lives.  They never let Karen die in their hearts or the minds of others.  She is still present in this community.

The 'McNally Bush' area has nice walking and biking trails through it, but, once you're off the path it's just as wild any other part of Edmonton's ribbon of green.  I think the daycare moved to St Kevin's, but, the convent is still there. 

Solved Cases / Re: Emily Stauffer (14) Murdered | Edson (sept 28 2008)
« on: December 11, 2008, 09:57:13 PM »
So, his family says he was raised by his mom, but, the newspaper articles have said that he was raised by his grandmother in Quesnell?  Wonder who the papers are getting their info from?

Edson, one thing that Findlay says that Ross said was that, during his last hospital visit, he woke to find his whole family around him.  Did that include anyone that your contacts know?  Is there a 'whole family' locally to show up at his bedside?

You know something that's missing?  Findlay is so close to Ross, yet, Ross has a 2 week (?) long stay in hospital and Findlay doesn't mention having visited him during that time?

Edson, my Mom and sister have told me that Margaret Findlay dyed her hair blonde right  before going missing.  Do you hear the same or otherwise?

Solved Cases / Re: Emily Stauffer (14) Murdered | Edson (sept 28 2008)
« on: December 10, 2008, 11:02:35 PM »
Are these cousins for sure talking about his mother and not his grandmother?  One of the articles said he was raised by his grandmother in Quesnell BC.  I had assumed, from the way his first wife spoke of his mother, that he had been taken from her to live with his gramma.  I wonder if his gramma was the religious blonde nutcase?

It's odd that this snippet I remember so well was only in the Sun the day after the arrest.  It was the article headed "He's no angel".  By the time I came looking for the article online, that portion of the interview with his ex-wife had been removed.  Perhaps it was unfounded and the paper took it out to protect themselves.  It could be that or it might be part of a psychological profile to be used later in court.

Solved Cases / Re: Emily Stauffer (14) Murdered | Edson (sept 28 2008)
« on: December 09, 2008, 10:53:31 PM »
I'd asked the same question a while back.  Of course, it's only his exwife saying that.

His ex also said somewhere that her son was afraid of him.  (I think I read he's been in therapy).  Findlay says that the boys adored Ross.

I was exaggerating about it being a semi-coma.  I think there's a good amount of bullshit going on with these medical issues.  So much of what we hear about his condition is from Findlay, and its all preceded by "he said" (meaning, Ross told him that).

Wow, you were brave to contact a cousin.  I was looking at his friends and wondering how many really knew him.  I was thinking how I would feel if I'd just found this sort of thing out about someone on my list.

In the very first article that quoted the ex Mrs Klemam, she mentions his mother.  If I recall she was blonde, mean, overbearing, fanatically devout.  I thought right away that he might be trying to kill his mother.  Heaven only knows what she did to him.  Has anyone here seen "Carrie"?

Solved Cases / Re: Emily Stauffer (14) Murdered | Edson (sept 28 2008)
« on: December 09, 2008, 08:20:20 PM »
Last week I apologized for my thoughts about the boys.

Hi Edsonmom.  Here I am wondering if I know you.  I've been getting the local news from my Mom, who is also in Edson and my sister who is out of town.  (You'd know it if I said it)

I'd just talked to my mom tonight and came to pass on the word of how and when they acquired his DNA.  I'll add that they got the first specimen on his DNA from under Emily's finger nails.  She had scratched him.  Unless he wore gloves he should have left skin cells on the rope.  I'd bet they found more of the same rope in his garage.

Edsonmom, there are a few things I forgot to ask my mom. 
-when he was hospitalized, did he come to Edmonton or stay in the Edson hospital?
-I haven't heard anything in the papers about a current relationship with his family.  Yet, Findlay relates that ROSS TOLD HIM that when he woke from his semi-coma he was surrounded by his family.  Church family or some ghost family that nobody is mentioning?
-My niece knows kids that were in Deana's dayhome from before the touching incident.  Do you know if she stopped babysitting when after the touching occurred?
-That they got the DNA specimen from under Emily's nails leads me to speculate that she wasn't sexually assaulted.  None of my family has heard anything about sexual assault in this case.  Have you heard any different?

Here's a thought.  I had thought that the touching incident was years old and thought that she might not have applied for a 2003 license to avoid Child Services scrutinizing him.  But, Margaret Findlay disappeared 'five years ago'.  I wonder if he was getting out of the government spotlight long ago?

Solved Cases / Re: Emily Stauffer (14) Murdered | Edson (sept 28 2008)
« on: December 09, 2008, 03:37:04 PM »
Adrian...I was being a wiseguy at the thought of the fake victim being in kahoots with Klemen.  Hence, fruit + nut = cereal killer. 

I agree with you that Ross Klemen smells like a serial killer.  I believe that Ross Klemen is responsible for at least Margaret Findlay and a few from the streets of Edmonton. 

So much speculation and so little knowledge right now.  We're just going to have to be patient and trust that this has been thoroughly investigated by competent officers and that a trial will lay it all out for us. 

In the meantime, I'll let you know what rumours or knowledge come via my family in and near Edson.

I'm sorry, I don't know where Catholicism comes into this or what Manitoulin Island is about.  If you're polling, I'm one of the Catholics that laughs at the thought of the Pope being considered infallible.

Solved Cases / Re: Emily Stauffer (14) Murdered | Edson (sept 28 2008)
« on: December 09, 2008, 02:44:55 PM »
It's entirely possible that they had a lot of evidence against 'someone', but, only found out that 'someone' within days of arresting Klemen.

The article states that Deana ceased to be licensed as a dayhome in 2002.  She was private after that.  Wonder if 2002 is when this 'touching' incident occurred and he convinced her to NOT draw attention to the home by reapplying for her licensing.  So, where you read "dayhome' insert 'babysat'.

I believe a recent article said that it took 5 weeks for DNA identification of Margaret Findlay, so, I would imagine i would take that long again to get results on recently collected evidence.

The police don't have to answer anything right now.  Everything they have is going to be presented in court as evidence.  The less in the paper the better.  Does anyone want to see a mistrial?

The woman with the frivolous charge is known to most of the town as a flake.  The people I know there sort of laugh at any theory of connecting the flake & the nut.  (nix the cereal killer theory)

Solved Cases / Re: Emily Stauffer (14) Murdered | Edson (sept 28 2008)
« on: December 07, 2008, 01:31:49 PM »
 I hadn't read that Klemen's arrival in Edson was fairly recent.  Real estate there was escalating before the tarsands caused the explosion in Edmonton so, I'm trying to figure out how he managed to get from the streets to owning two homes there while working at odd jobs.

I must have misunderstood his ex in the tv interview.  I thought she said that her son was afraid of him.  She also mentioned in the newspaper that her uncle (Findlay) virtually arranged her marriage to this stranger so he would take care of her.


Yes, it takes just under an hour at 110kms to travel from Edson to Hinton.  Then another hour to Jasper townsite.  There are also a few small towns off in the bush along the way.  Around there coal mining and logging is the big industry.  My sister hasn't heard of any mystery disappearances around the smaller places. 

There are several decent size towns on the way from Edmonton to Edson.

Solved Cases / Re: Emily Stauffer (14) Murdered | Edson (sept 28 2008)
« on: December 07, 2008, 01:19:09 PM »
Most of the articles that I've read that make reference to heart attacks or brain tumours are attributed to Findlay.  Most begin with "he (Ross) said/told me".  Sure, Klemen could have been in the hospital having his noodle checked out, but, have we yet heard a quote from a medical professional who KNOWS that there are tumours in Klemen's brain or lungs?  Today's article referred to his facebook page and people asking about his tumours, his MRIs and upcoming surgery.  It was ONE person who asked those questions and I felt that she felt things weren't adding up.  His weakness, his blackouts, all of those can be faked by someone who has investigated the symptoms and plans to vanish and play dead one day. 

I'm going to wait to hear from a real medical professional involved in diagnosing him before I cut the guy any slack. 

Solved Cases / Re: Emily Stauffer (14) Murdered | Edson (sept 28 2008)
« on: December 06, 2008, 04:36:51 PM »
I'd said that the home WAS a dayhome.  I'm going to assume that came to a screeching halt when he was accused of touching a child. 

It's my opinion that wives 'know' things that they don't want to believe, so, they choose not to believe it.  Afterall, if it was true who would take care of them?  Especially in the case of a foreign born wife, she could fear deportation.   Has anyone here seen the movie "Loyalties"?  I think any woman who knows her husband's turnons would notice if he had an odd 'switch'.  Does he love your hair in braids?  Does he ask you to dress a certain way?  Is it your fault if he's dysfunctional? 

"The video shows a vibrant active woman, who enjoyed her work. It shows Stephanie completing her weather reports, office chores and climbing the lookout tower, which she did many times a day."

This snippet from the one year update on her disappearance confirms that Stephanie more or less lived on the ground and climbed the tower for observation purposes.  I didn't think they had to live in the sky.  It's an odd assortment of bedding that's missing, along with the watch.  The kettle is certainly odd.  If this is homocide I wonder if it was meant to boil dry and create and 'accidental' fire that would obliterate evidence for miles?

Solved Cases / Re: Emily Stauffer (14) Murdered | Edson (sept 28 2008)
« on: December 06, 2008, 11:29:06 AM »
My sister is well acquainted with Forestry practises, when she gets back from Christmas shopping, I'll ask her about that.  

Sorry, I hadn't read about the bedding.  Was all of the bedding gone, including pillow cases?  (I just found the article on that.  All very interesting) Had the mattress given any evidence?

Mother nature does a bang up job of returning people to the earth.  Scavengers can spread remains for miles.  It wouldn't take too long for an unburied body to be reduced to remnants.

But, hey, we're all just speculating, aren't we?

Solved Cases / Re: Emily Stauffer (14) Murdered | Edson (sept 28 2008)
« on: December 06, 2008, 10:56:42 AM »
You know, I don't think Stephanie Stewart is at all linked to Klemen or any other human, for that matter.  She'd worked the tower for years and loved the outdoors.  I'm only in my 50s and find my footing isn't as great as it used to be when I was in the woods.  Stephanie was 70.  My theory has always been that humans had nothing to do with her not coming back to the tower.

Now, Margaret Findlay is a different story.  My family knew her and my niece went to school with some of her kids.  She's known locally as a hard living, hard drinking and drugging, risky lifestyle kinda girl.  For her to have 'dated' in the local oilfield camps wouldn't be a stretch, according to them.

I'm curious how common it might be for a girl, or a couple of them, to be taken from the streets of Edmonton to Fort Mac or to some of the other oil camps to serve the slobs there?  Is Mr Klemen that kind gentleman evangelist that offers a girl a ride home, since he's going that way anyway?  Does he dispense punishment when he can't 'save their soul'?  I'm sure KARE is opening a lot of files this week.  I'd suggest that Vancouver have a look at him as well.  He was raised in Quesnell, which, I think wasn't far from Vancouver.

Oh, Margaret Findlay died shortly after dyeing her hair blonde.  I don't quite know what to make of that part.

I wonder if the comments that his ex made about his mother are no longer appearing in print because she's no longer here to challenge, or that it might become part of a psychiatric profile to presented in court and potential jurors can't learn too much ahead?

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